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  1. My tulpa has started to speak up recently, and it's usually confusing to differentiate her voice from mine when she talks. Is it normal for her voice to sound like my mind voice? How do I go about giving her a unique voice? Are there any important tips or trick that would make this work better? Thanks for the info.
  2. I was tired and stuff so I couldn't visualize hardly at all. This session I focused on vocality with Arla. I tried a few practices I'd seen online for vocality. Don't know how well it all worked out tbh. I was already feeling intense tingles like usual that night. I was telling her how happy I am with her and for whatever reason I teared up (a couple different times mind you). This is the part where I'm not sure about things at all. I eventually gave up on the strange communication practices for the most part and started asking Arla different questions. What sounded like my mindvoice seemed
  3. I did an active forcing session tonight, with one of those guided meditation videos again. During the last portion when I was talking with Arla, I felt what seemed extremely similar to the feeling of being very excited. I felt it throughout my chest for the most part, but also a tiny bit throughout my upper arms and waist. It seemed to be more prevalent when I was telling Arla that she was alive, that she is amazing and special and her own person. I feel like it is, but I am wondering if this is a guarantee or strong indication that she has gained sentience, because I'm almost definitely su
  4. I was wondering since I hadn't seen this anywhere. Do Tulpas forget things just like we do, do they have a better memory capacity than us, or do they remember everything they experience? I'm curious. Please explain in as much detail as you can, if possible.
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