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  1. Basically, tulpas can be active while not focused on them but they can't really focus on anything?
  2. I thought it was something like parroting but with false memories, without the tulpas actually believing it.
  3. Holy shit, 47 pages! guess I'll be busy today, thanks!
  4. I understand, but even if they created false memories, wouldn't their tulpas say 'hey, that's not us'? or do tulpas also fall victims to this?
  5. To Apollo: What do you mean by wishful thinking? how does it affect you whether your tulpa is conscious or not? To Tewi: That makes sense, does that mean that if, for example, I'm focused on something and my tulpa grabs that focus temporally for herself, my consciousness would fade for an instant without me realising?
  6. I would like to read some of them. Could someone send me a link, please?
  7. I thought parallel processing was something that comes once you have a fully sentient tulpa? You mentioned they fall asleep when the host does, what about dreams? are they conscious there?
  8. When I first heard about tulpas, I immediately assumed they couldn't be active (or conscious) if the host was asleep, for example. Today I woke and felt still asleep, you know, when you're kinda awake but still dreaming, I don't know what to call it. I was talking to my tulpa in this state, obviously I was talking nonsense, typical dream stuff, then I heard her say 'But what the hell are you saying, talk properly!', she was completely conscious and lucid (not lucid from lucid dreaming, I meant, her mind was awake and could think with clarity). Maybe I'm making a fuss out of this, but, why could she think with clarity while I couldn't? I thought that because we share the same brain, she would be subjected to my own state of consciousness.
  9. Alright, thank you so much for your time!
  10. So, basically if something might have been my tulpa, I just need to assume it was them, right? Isn't it weird for your host to see Touhou characters in real life? Of course none of you are dead, I mean the ones who have it permanent, I heard about a guy who tried it and ended pretty fucked up. When I said I was scared about not being able to take back control, I meant by accident, not because the tulpa doesn't want me to control it. Also, my tulpa is gonna be based off Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony, will she be able to control my body properly? I mean, the anatomy is completely different. Thank you for all the answers Tewi! Completely unrelated question, I heard you guys love Undertale, what are your headcanons for Frisk and Chara?
  11. 1. Yeah, should've read that post before. The thing is, how do you know if that was Lucilyn or just your host parroting her? I'm scared of accidentally put words on my tulpa's mouth. I've read there's no such thing as 'subconscious parroting' but, what if you want them to talk so much that you brain is like 'Ok, let's fulfill that' without you knowing? 2. Got it, gonna read it in a few minutes. 3. Does it take a lot of effort to keep their presence? shouldn't they dissappear once the one imposing focuses on something else? 4. I knew you were fronting. I've heard you can let a tulpa front forever, what??? wouldn't that kill you? I mean, what's the difference between that and killing yourself? who the the hell would want to do that? It sounds way too creepy. I'm interested in possession but am scared about not being able to control my body again, is there a way to do possession safely? About my question of not being able to distinguish them, I meant their voices, for example, if someone says 'hi, can you tell who said it without asking them? What was Lucilyn meant to be when your host created her? did she change a lot? Sorry, I'm retarded and don't know how to quote posts.