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  1. That's a pretty funny coincidence. I assumed you were referring to some paper that cited the study or something.
  2. I'm not sure if human magnetism has anything to do with keeping blood in your veins. Edit: Huh, yes it does. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2011/06/magnets-keep-blood-flowing#:~:text=The magnetic effect%2C the researchers,of Tao and Huang's electromagnet. I thought of a more extreme case, like you're a giant walking neodymium magnet.
  3. Luckily, no one in this system has a reason to go after anyone else, with the exception of some wanting to mess with Gray. Given our system size I think we're lucky it's peaceful.
  4. Who wants to be a giant magnet in 2020? How are you supposed to work from home?
  5. I don't know what to talk about, I'm tired.
  6. It's one of the tye-dye shirts, so it's not completely blank.
  7. I meant to type more in my previous post, but the emoji made it impossible for me to type anything after the emoji on mobile. Bre, you win a prize! I'm just not sure what it is though... "Survived" maybe? Turned off, absolutely. 4chan is not a place I want to be, so Cat would probably not have stuck around and after I started to engage I probably wouldn't like it. If Cat found tulpa.info in 2013, she would probably want nothing to do with tulpamancy and not even check out the community. I don't think she made anyone by that point yet, most were made 3 years later.
  8. That's good to hear. Cat found a way to remove the "T" from the merch (The package would be seen by Cat's parents), and there's a shirt I want. Edit: And I bought it! It's quite a bit cheaper without the logo, but having the option to remove the logo is nice because I can now have my secret ".info shirt" without having to worry about people asking questions.
  9. Oh huh, I'm logged in. I'm not writing a huge post with quotes and I don't feel like pinging people. I'll just vaguely talk about what I remember. At first I was pretty surprised by Vos' post, but then after I thought about it, it makes sense to me. I imagine Vos saying everything with a straight face, and I can hear her saying that as a joke. I'm also assuming that's just her style of humor, I could be wrong. But otherwise, I thought the conversation got weird, I'm sorry Tewi. If someone talked about licking my ears I would be squicked out too. Humans actually can dream in ultra violet colors, but not exactly and definitely not naturally. There's this one guy who had a condition where he can only see in black and white. He collaborated with scientists and they built him a device that creates a sound or sensation of some kind that's unique to colors. This allows him to not only perceive colors, but also colors outside of the normal visual light range. Towards the end of the documentary, he stated he started to dream in "color". We made a lot of progress today. Fish may or may not post an update about it. So far, I've been pretty surprised by how things are going. In retrospect, some things make sense, but there are other things that still make me confused, like how grieving applies to tulpas.
  10. Ranger

    Ashley's Lounge

    There are three images I have that I would call my "favorites". They are all my favorites for different reasons. This first one is one of my favorites because it's a picrew I really like. I have different versions of it as my cBox avatar. The second one is the one Bear drew of me. Despite everything else, it's a work that deserves respect and it's the highest quality work anyone ever did of me. The third one is a sketch Yukari drew for me. I really like this one because I feel like it looks pretty close to what I actually look like. Plus, it's super cute!
  11. I think I'll fall asleep when the sun comes up
  12. I doubt it was anything more than a coincidence, it's fine. There was a short several day long phase of cult jokes on Discord, people were really losing their marbles