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  1. So this is what an intrusive thoughtform for time lords looks like
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    Lol, it is. Do you want a new fresh thread or are you okay with this one?
  3. A fictive is an alter who resembles a fictional character, possibly believing they are that character but most of the time see themself as separate from the original character's lore. The other term that's similar is a factive, which is an alter that's based on another person irl. To the best of my knowledge, fictives and factives are specific to alters. An autonomous and sentient thoughtform who believes they are a specific fictional character are soulbonds where a tulpa with a fictional form but sees themself as a separate person from the character's lore is just a tulpa. I personally believe soulbonds are tulpas, but some soulbonds find it offensive to be called tulpas. I define walk-ins as underdeveloped tulpas that seem fully developed the instant they are created. Some of them are created on the spot, and sometimes they can spontaneously appear. Walk-ins appear this way because the host has already developed the skills to simulate a thoughtform's movement and voice, walk-ins can be easily parroted, and the walk-ins have some raw initial personality traits that make them seem autonomous. Over time as the walk-in develops, they will reject their parroted personality and replace it with their own personality. My definition is different from metaphysical definitions where a spirit, ghost, or past self "walks in" to your body and they are more like a soulbond. I'm not an expert on the metaphysical interpretation of walk-ins so that may not be correct, but the point is the above definition is a different interpretation developed through the lens of tulpamancers.
  4. I don't mind going back and forth via Private Messages, I may be a little slow to respond though. I would rather PM you my email. Feel free to create a Talk to Staff thread if you want your old account's password reset.
  5. Lol, reminds me of when I would come over to lurk with Gray until he forgets I'm around. However, I'm usually more invasive and trying to get Gray to ah I should stop before I give Miri any ideas. I love the doodle, it's very cute.
  6. It's important to me 😞
  7. Imagine coming back after a couple days and 50 pages are filled up
  8. Howdy Raccoon! Yeah, we'll find out how many posts this topic can handle the hard way
  9. GER, I'm back. ...I didn't catch up on the LOTPW thread in case anyone was wondering... What did I miss?
  10. The only cases that I know that are related are cases where the system leaves an empty front and a new tulpa forms in the void. As far as I know, I'm afraid your case is unique. In the cBox, the following ideas were thrown around and explored: Mindset Guilt towards killing off new walk-ins Accidentally creating an empty front Stress, Depression, and Dysphoria Switching and possession becoming one in the same The switch-ins are alters I think the discussions discussed there all had good points, but over time I became more biased in believing stress and dysphoria are the core of the problem and the switch-ins are a side effect. I also personally believe it's highly unlikely your system has alters. If your headmates were alters, my guess is you would have trauma holders, littles, or care takers show up and I believe you all would have reported more stress related to amnesia. On the other hand, I find it odd that your switching sometimes creates memory gaps or fuzz that makes it harder for new switch-ins to recall why they switched in or how they were created. To help other people who don't use the cBox or don't always see the messages catch up, it may be a good idea to list ideas for solutions in this thread and continue the discussion here as well as in the cBox. Of all of the possible ideas for solutions I remember coming up with, I think you all found having a rotation schedule for switching so each headmate only has to front for an hour or so to be the most effective solution so far. I remember you all expressing interest in having two headmates co-fronting to protect the front and something Vanessa said that was mindset related (I'm sorry I don't remember off the top of my head.) I also remember Vanessa made progress by successfully blocking other headmates from switching in.
  11. Happy birthday Miri! I agree the hands look amazing. Mirichu's gaze is in the second shot is great too.
  12. Generally if you have more tulpas than you wanted, then no, it's not for the best. However, I see no reason to dissipate anyone since it seems like things are fine with Ruby being around. If you attempt to remove Ruby, my feeling is that will create more stress on all of you then letting her stay. If you feel her position in the system needs revaluation, all three of you should have a system meeting and come to a decision all three of you agree is the right thing to do. Reading your description, I am more concerned about you having issues with system overpopulation (where a system can get tens of tulpas they didn't want) than I am with you having two tulpas. If you find any old story characters, don't assume they are tulpas and don't talk to them like you would talk to other people or Ruby and Susie. Story characters are puppets, and treating them like tulpas will create a new foundation for a new tulpa. As long as you keep your doors closed and you don't go looking for any new "tulpas" you may have forgotten about, you will be safe. If something weird happens and you think you found another tulpa, just ignore them. They will disappear on their own and no harm will be done. I don't think there's any point in punishing anyone for anything. A creative expression of your pain is more of a red flag that something is wrong and not something that needs to be punished or shamed. You already took the important step of realizing that you need help and have plans for going to a therapist, and that's a good thing you should be proud of. Depression is ugly and it hurts everyone, it will help all of you in the long run to focus on healing. I think your interpenetration of Loneyseyus is reasonable and you already found part of a resolution. Once you hit a point where you feel comfortable with a therapist, bringing this up can give the therapist more insight on how to help you.
  13. I agree that this approach seems awfully "too good to be true". I'm personally skeptical of tulpa systems who claim to "naturally" parallel process, and I believe achieving something like parallel processing requires a lot of effort and the development of several skills over time. Both of those I spoke with reported having trained to either achieve or further develop their parallel processing abilities. The reason I thought of this was because the whole idea behind the silent tulpa who can't speak after a year is mindset is the problem. By focusing on the mindset aspect, I thought maybe parallel processing is possible if you believe what insignificant small signs are parallel processing and roll with it. In this example, the idea is to suspend disbelief to allow for these small symptoms to possibly occur. If Gerodious creates any changes assume it's PP and wait for signs that something is developing. I also am unsure if comparing parallel processing to vocality is the best parallel. So far trying to learn more about parallel processing feels a lot more like learning switching- having to doubt what you're doing, feeling like you're walking around in the dark, developing side skills that are requirements such as possession, trust, certain mindsets, etc, and even doubting if switching is even real. The only difference so far is less people claim to parallel process and I have had a harder time finding people who can do it. I'm glad Gerodious started this conversation though, I think it helps illustrate our expectations of parallel processing training. I can link this to those people to see what they think, and if I hear anything back from them I'll update this thread.