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  1. It is a meme, I'm just too lazy to link the video right now
  2. 4 hours for a heart emoji? Come on
  3. It's entirely possible she is a tulpa. When I and my host were debating the sentience of our other headmates, one of the things my host realized is she felt uncomfortable with the idea of replacing them with a brand new tulpa. When I was younger, I had no interest in possessing the body. It wasn't until later I warmed up to it. Some tulpas have no interest in controlling the body and feel most comfortable in wonderland. It can. Having another tulpa to look after can create friction and competition for time. If she turns out to be a tulpa and after you have given her at least a couple months of time, ask her how she feels about having another headmate. Being able to make that choice together would make introducing a new tulpa into the system much easier.
  4. I thought Henry was a rooster.
  5. Oh, for some reason I thought that was a thread.
  6. Hey @Breloomancer, remember that conversation we had about the wonderland blob mystery? Was that a thread?
  7. Welcome to the forums Jin and Kawwaiiwitchboi! The Last One to Post Wins! thread is a good place to chat.
  8. Your headmates criticizing your anime builds character ;)
  9. It's easier to visualize though, however we managed to perfect the art of imagining inconsistent things for what's supposed to be the same suit.
  10. For some reason, we always thought Flandre's pfp had two daggers and the hat was more of her hair. I can't explain why we thought she had daggers, but zoomed out the edges of her hat look like highlights in her hair.
  11. Usually I find them in dark theme first, but every so often I'm asked to check the light theme as well. Before we switched to Invision, Goopi blew up the footer testing something but fixed for Dark theme and not light theme. While I was testing something else I was surprised by the huge footer text. With Invision, it turned out the WISYWIG icons were different on both themes. It was fixed so both match.
  12. I only use light theme for glitch hunting.
  13. All I can think is either a lot of the people around you expect you to be somewhere you're not (the people interested in the house were quick to jump to your house is haunted and your ex-wife/wife would probably assume you are around in the house with them), some kind of illusion like Lumi suggested, or there was another person in your house, but people first assumed it was you rather than a burglar or someone else. I agree with Lumi that it's probably unrelated to tulpas. However, it could be related to imposition. People expect to see you and see you but in reality they are looking at something with dim lighting or another person with some of your basic features. Their mind's expectations fill in the ambiguous visual information and this overrides what they really see, causing them to hallucinate you in places you're not.