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  1. I feel like there's a lot of new people suddenly, and I can't bring myself to post because I know I can't keep up. I feel tempted to bump the thread where I explain I don't read PRs, but I'm not sure if I can handle 3+ people PMing me in a short time span. Weirdly enough, that's never happened to me before.
  2. That's one way you can do it. I'm bitter about not spending my free time wisely, but Cat seems more bitter about it...
  3. Not in this thread it isn't 😛 edit: curse the auto conversion to smilies, I can't get rid of this thing once it's converted. 😛
  4. I have spent many hours writing and researching tulpamancy... I need to actually finish an essay, I have 3 or 4 ideas that are holding water but haven't been polished yet. I'm holding back most of them because they're controversial...
  5. Howdy Ashanti! Welcome to LOTPW where at times it's slow and other times you get 200-500 posts behind after 24 hours. All cute animal posts welcome!!! It actually wasn't, I stopped merging double posts a little while ago. I didn't think it needed an announcement.
  6. It sounds like you guys were switching and the transition wasn't clean. When I blended with Cat while possessing, she took over, not get stuck in the back. I recommend having a symbol, ritual, or ruleset for switching. Putting these in place will make it more clear who's fronting when and hopefully avoids the blending. This also reassigns the switching trigger to something else so you thinking doesn't accidentally cause a switch. The other thing is you may need to correct a broken switch. If you're supposed to be switched-in, doing affirmation "I, Desmond, am switched-in, I am the host, etc." Will help correct a switch. I have also found Cat confirming that I'm supposed to be switched-in also helps. Worst case scenario, you may be better off doing a formal switch just to enforce who's supposed to be switched-in.
  7. I missed that post Desmond, please make a thread about it. This thread is moving quickly
  8. If Bre responds to that, I can't blame her because you said you didn't want to talk about it but you brought it up anyway. I don't want this to go on forever either. If you two need time to work it out then please do so in PMs. Cat and I are playing catch-up, we have a bunch of stuff going on and we're trying to figure out what to do next.
  9. @ IPA examples... Yes please. I have a really hard time figuring out what the sounds are. When I hear the sound clips for individual characters, I still don't understand what's what and mix up symbols. Having an example is also nice because sometimes I can't find the symbol at all. @ Therapists and tulpamancy... Honestly, I don't care if my therapist reads up on what I do. The only thing is I don't think she has time to read stuff unless I showed her something. I think there are bad things about being in the community, but usually they all boil down to grouping up with the wrong people and stressing over people's problems you can't fix. I felt a little uncomfortable Mirichu's therapist proposed and then it sounds like pushed for integration (please correct me if I read that wrong). Even if Gray and I have our issues, us integrating is not a solution either of us could live with. Tulpamancy does significantly eat into your time, but honestly, I kind of wonder if it's much different from committing to a church group. Different subject by a long shot, possibly similar time investment and volunteers work, just maybe not on the same scale? @ Telling friends I'm a tulpa I wouldn't want to tell people irl I'm a tulpa. Gray is paranoid telling people this will bite us in the butt at the wrong time. Both of us understand eventually someone will figure it out or I would probably eventually say something, but us not being in the closet within the next 10-20 years at least seems like a bad idea. @ Dating history I'm sure lots of systems have dated, just maybe didn't publicize it. If I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't want to be super public about it. Before it was different because I was a young tupper that didn't know better, but now that stuff can easily turn into a drama firestorm and no one needs that. [Gray] It hurts deep down to see people close to the brink of going insane because of not doing well in online classes. It makes me angry because I lived that, that's why I'm here, and I don't want this happening to other people. There's this one guy who made a Ted Talk on the "procrastination monkey", the "dark playground", and the "panic monster". I shit you not my English teacher played that video in class. I hate that stupid video, the bullshit it teaches, and the carelessness/self-blame. I want to put the angriest YouTube comment explaining what this shit does to people. But is it worth it? Would it actually help or would it do more harm than good? If it's just going to hurt people just because I'm wrong or I'm a "special case", what's the point?
  10. I was about to say, if the 3 hour post was "I see" I was going to be disappointed. I don't think I can answer, I have no idea what the upside down r with a dash means.
  11. A tulpa doesn't need a form, feel free to focus on narration. If you still want to visualize your tulpa, you can start with something really simple like a sphere or a ball of light. The other perk of doing this is your tulpa can decide what their form is later. Having unstable visualization starting out is normal. I recommend practicing visualization skills if you're interested in doing that. There are a bunch of good visualization and wonderland guides out there.
  12. ... because I don't think that way? I didn't think to post the definition of disapproval.
  13. .Disapproval, I don't care enough to fix that period I misplaced. I'm going to go on Reddit, there's an essay I want to write about being overly validating and I want to see it for myself. The last several times I was there I missed it.