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  1. Me: grr the quote formatting messed up. I don't trust mobile to fix this, I'm lucky I can write outside of the quote
  2. Ranger

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    Now that we upgraded to the new forum software, I'm curious if we can utilize the background color feature to give Moltosha and maybe Exabier colored names. [Moltosha] test, simple white on black [Moltosha] test, simple black on white Both look fine on both themes, I think including the brackets would make it look less weird. [Moltosha] test, w on b [Moltosha] test, b on w [Moltosha] I like this one the best.
  3. Banned for eating jellyfish? Isn't that something you shouldn't touch, much less eat?
  4. I like winning too, let's win together
  5. Banned for dismissing being a jellyfish as lame. Being a jellyfish is... never mind, its only fun when you sting people. You should have banned her for not mentioning any stinging!
  6. What the hell Lumi, You got 5 and then 3 hours. I will remember this the next time you call someone out for getting 5 hours overnight lol
  7. I have yet to overcome the tiredness, but I have been rarely switching for the last month. I only switched 6 or 7 times now though.
  8. No, I have never played Minecaft before [Cat] I have seen footage of Minecraft and I may or may not have played it, but I don't own the game.
  9. I guess you will need hover boards instead.
  10. A response to your pizza machine response