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  1. That's terrible Bre, hopefully you will get a chance to see your mother soon.
  2. Does Giovanni look like your pfp? If he does, it's cool to see another Sans tulpa. [Gray] I also have issues with hypnopomic hallucinations, but they're rare. One time I had full blown sleep paralysis, but aside from that the scary part is the loud buzzing noises.
  3. They work for me, are they still broken for you Yuka?
  4. It sounds like you're making some good progress, good job you guys. System stuff can absolutely feel like that. Some of the biggest changes in our system happened really quickly.
  5. There was bad stuff going on in 2018/2019 for me that blew up in my face in 2020. I spent a lot of time struggling with the fallout of that, but now I feel better than I did. As for the system overall, we made a lot of progress in 2019 and in 2020, the sleep issues hitting hard since the summer. I'm optimistic having this sorted out will make 2021 a lot better.
  6. I think there were good things about pre-corona life, but there were things we needed to work on too. I don't really feel the need to go back in time, even if I was "happier" back then. I'll probably be a lot happier once 2021 roles around. (The corona stuff will eventually get sorted out, hopefully sooner rather than later). Oh, I thought that would be universally more annoying, but I stand corrected.
  7. How are we going to break the flip flappers curse? I don't want "I see" to get replaced with "I hop".
  8. Did Lucilyn turn you into a frog?
  9. I agree that zone of the vibes isn't my place. I like the people there, but it's just not a place I want to spend lots of time in. At first I thought it was because of the fact I needed to figure out VR chat, but after unconsciously choosing to avoid it, I have to come to terms and say it's just not my preferred environment. I also agree that it's not a good cBox replacement, but personally I felt icebox was never a great cBox replacement either. I'm sorry Lumi, that sucks.
  10. It had it's charm, colored names and my headmates could open up their individual accounts (Firefox tolerated up to 7 of them I think, after that things start to lag) And my server, the dead one? No thanks, I don't want to run that. I'll reconsider if someone helps mod, but I'm not that interested in doing that. The server is private just because I can't always be there to moderate and I don't want it to spiral out of control. If I had enough mods, I could make it public. I realized that I can create a channel where I can have people post links to interesting discussion. I can review the comments and post copies in a lounge thread or something. That way if the server remains private, the tulpa talk™ gets viewed by the public.
  11. We have kind of the opposite problem- all of our progress entries took the form of other threads or got pushed aside to another place. Now it feels weird to say they should all be in one place? [Bune] Good evening.
  12. The temporary log in my sig is old (and so is the original PR), but that's not something I want to fix nor take down so people can't access it. Otherwise my sig shouldn't be outdated.
  13. It won't be me either because I'm broke.
  14. I still have the link, I don't want to remove it
  15. Write it anyway, all of the more advanced tulpamancers lurking in the shadows will thank you. There are not many guides for "advanced" tulpamancy. Even with something like merging, the only guide I can think of is bduddy's guide. I also think someone needs to write a possession guide for systems that learned switching first. I don't think that should be me though. But most of all, we should probably write guides on how to share a body- not the literal switching, but social stuff like how to negotiate. The advice is shared anyway, it's just never materialized into a guide format.
  16. I have a feeling I'm going to ramble a lot in my first draft and when I get to my second draft, shave off a bunch of pages because I have a stronger thesis.
  17. Aww, I don't like scolding people who don't post enough. If you post and ping me I'll give you a hug (I don't always read PRs, I'm trying to get over my fear of reading them). Lucy reminds me of my headmate who goes by the "Subconscious Representative". He feels like a supernatural entity, blending into walls and being able to read things about ourselves we often miss. His personality is inconsistent, kind of going with whatever the state of mind is. Deep down though he cares for our well-being. The biggest thing is he is not a huge fan of the idea of controlling the body. He wants little to no part in that, to the point he's reluctant to talk to others. I highly recommend working on visualization training too. I have a feeling Lucy is going to be more comfortable in wonderland in general and the next step could be focusing on fleshing out the details of Lucy's form and the chapel.
  18. My switching guide grew in "size", but I realized my initial page estimates were over estimates. The completed guide may only be 20 pages. You're definitely ahead of me, I have research and more drafting I need to do.
  19. I'm glad you were able to put some puzzle pieces together! Congratulations! I'm sorry you're sick with Covid, that's awful. You know, I wondered about it with the Felights, and now I'm wondering about it with you guys. Maybe the reason switching isn't working or it took so long to get results is because there's some trauma work that needs to be addressed. I'm not sure why, how, or if this is even on the right track, but it would explain a lot if it turns out to be the case.
  20. From what I heard at least you have a rough draft, right? I don't have that yet.
  21. Also we're in a "competition" to see which of us posts our big dollar guide first. That would add 4-10 years to Bre's release date.
  22. That would be good. I'm hoping I can churn out my switching guide in a reasonable amount of time, and I should clean up the possession guide. I'm not sure why I didn't make a more complete draft of that, I feel like that one I could possibly churn out quickly. I need to post the headpressure guide, but I feel weird about my first guide being a pain imposition guide.
  23. Speaking of things that should never be read... Nah why would I? There's an actual post I made I'm assuming no one read, but not on the forums.
  24. That would be disappointing. Writing explanations designed for your audience is the less accurate but a more effective way to get around this problem. You would explain terminology to a beginner, you would go over why a tulpa could or could not be real to a skeptic. When I write my switching guide, it will include definitions for all things related to bodily control such as fronting, possession, switching. However, I'm not going to explain what a tulpa or forcing is because I'm assuming my reader- someone who is curious about switching now that they have a vocal tulpa- already knows those things.
  25. But what if your guide fails to list every assumption, like the meta ones?