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  1. That's weird, I thought a mother doe might be close by. I have my own folder of images I use as my pfp or art we made of me. Why do you think your tulpa is missing?
  2. I didn't have that experience with college, then again I'm not worried about picking a major. We know it's better to go with Gray's major, and he seems to like the material he's learning.
  3. I didn't go to college for bullies, I went to college to be bullied take English classes.
  4. I assumed that your new thread was just a blog for your system, and for that reason I think it can stay it's own thread. If it's related to tulpamancy progress though, I think it would be better to use your original PR for that and blog about your headmates in the blog thread. If it starts to seem too much like a progress report, I'll let you know and we can work something out.
  5. I don't think there's a meta channel for the tupperbox support server, there's just the one channel for systems to chat in without getting mixed up with roleplayers. As for Tulpa.info, asking if you are a gateway system or not isn't a meta topic, but asking a specific question like "Does anyone else know how to astral project to such and such dimension" would be.
  6. Maybe what made you lucid was your lack of preparedness in the first place? I don't know if you already have a "if caught by surprise" drill memorized or not. Congraulations Lumi, I feel pretty confident you'll get another chance!
  7. Ah, okay. (Pay no attention to the new link in my signature for anyone else who has a hard time reading IPA)
  8. If the tulpapope told me so, I would ignore them. I have the opposite reaction, I can't take the tulpapope seriously Do you pronounce it as "tulpa pope" or "tulpa poh pay"? Either one sounds ridiculous to me, partly because the idea of there being a tulpa pope in the first place is hilarious.
  9. No, I was thinking I'm not going to another country to convert people to being tulpamancers or kill them. Although since you mention that, "almost exact opposite" sounds pretty inaccurate.
  10. I don't think so. A crusader seems to be almost the exact opposite of what we are.
  11. That's impressive Miichu. Oh no, the psychics have spoken... I guess that's what we get for Cat dreaming about Miri... Will Bre dream about something bad happening to us?
  12. In our experience, our mental disorders/conditions autism, anxiety, depression, social anxiety, and mild trauma all universally impact the system. For example, we're all autistic, ADHD, and probably depressed. As another example, I suspect I overreact to difficult life stuff because Cat has hit a point where not-so-stressful things lead to panic attacks. However, I wouldn't say I struggled with Cat's mild trauma in all of the same way. With certain things like past bad experiences or social anxiety, a tulpa can have a mindset and a personality that helps them more easily overcome t
  13. I'm not super familiar with how Gateway Systems are defined or how they operate either. According to Blossom, a definition bot/site, I think Gateway systems helped create (I copied and pasted this definition from a server I was in, I think Blossom has now been deleted) According to what you described and this definition, I think you are more than welcome to call yourself a gateway system. However, I think the main defining trait of a gateway system is having a strong metaphysical understanding of how their system works. If that concept doesn't feel
  14. Dark is glitching for everyone except Lumi. Lumi is a Touhou God prove me wrong.
  15. Sure, no problem! I hate light theme too, but I hate not seeing what was marked as read more... Most of the time.
  16. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can click on the rheme switcher and view the forums in dark mode. The default was switched to light theme because the dark theme was unstable.
  17. I don't know if it would help, but maybe try splitting? If you and Miri are merged like the way Blue and Chrome were, you would just split into Miri and you.
  18. Draw me a doodle of a spoon with a saucy personality
  19. :( Is that centered? In retrospect, left aligned text is annoying.
  20. We need to give Blue and Chrome more time to share these details, but they tried merging and became this strange co-fronting duo. They felt like they shared a wonderland body, and it was really strange because they were switched-out. I think it's definitely a possibility.
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