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    i cant sleep and im sad
  1. I remember, I told my best friend about tulpamancy and stuff. She reacted really nicely, was wondering about my tulpa, and would ask me how he's doing every now and then. Turned out, she has a tulpa, too. I mean, she didn't confirm it, but she says it's kind of an imaginary friend or so. In general, she's very open-minded about these things, so I just slightly mentioned it. As for my family, they might have guessed that something's going on. I occasionally space out and talk to my tulpa out loud. But they're used to it. I don't think they'd take it seriously if I told them, but I don't mind. It's better for them to be in the dark about this part of my life.
  2. Hello there! I've got a bunch of questions once again. For those of you who speak/learn multiple languages, does it affect the conversations with your tulpa somehow? What language do you preferably use? Does it help you improve the skills? Do you hear them differently or does anything seem out of ordinary? Or is it more difficult for a tulpa to speak proper sentences? It was a bit weird for us before, but now we're more or less used to it and don't find any difference (well, it's still much more uncomfortable) between our native language and the target one.
  3. We've not imposed the sent yet, but I'm quite sure it's a mix of cigarettes and perfume.
  4. I filled it in as well. Thanks for the survey btw, it's cool someone's doing a research related to this topic.
  5. Sooo... yes. I finally decided to draw him, and it was so exhausting (I paid too much attention to the details and ALMOST forgot to enjoy the activity), but fun at the same time. I'm pretty much satisfied with this sketch, as it's quite accurate and represents his features well enough. I've actually made two sketches, but the second one was getting on my nerves. There were problems with anatomy and likeness, so I'm not gonna include it. Yep!
  6. Cat_ShadowGriffin, oh, I'm so sorry I haven't answered before! Anyway, thank you a lot for the response. Although this problem definitely takes some time to solve, I feel much less lost now, your message helped me out. At least I know that it's just a delusion, nothing more. We'll keep working on it.
  7. solarchariot, thank you so much! Your response does help me understand the problem a lot more. I think you're right about the internal conflicts, although I never though I had something like that. And, certainly, being aware that imagination's an intimidating thing was necessary for me. I have no idea why I didn't realise that before. Also, I'm definitely going to try out this tool, I'm sure it'll work. Once more, thanks a lot.
  8. Thank you for the reply. I don't really know why I'm so worried about it. Yes, I understand that it must be unexpected things, but when I'm so anxious, I feel like whatever's going to happen will be negative. Well, usually, when I experience something like that, obsessive thoughts happen. For instance, I'm terrified I can die or something along those lines. I get fixated on them, and it feels as if someone (tulpa) is saying them to me, although I'm not sure.
  9. I'm sorry if this kind of question already exists, but I couldn't find any. Generally, I've developed anxiety over my tulpa. I don't even know why, but I just feel scared he might say something bad or act unexpectedly. It feels as if I have no control over my imagination, that if I imagine something, it must happen for real. I cannot get rid of these feelings. It really is inconvenient, as the anxiety just happens all of a sudden, so I have no idea what to do.
  10. It's quite interesting. We've tried it, and the results have been consistent ever since. Unfortunately, I'd not say it's completely matching for us. August seems to have the personality type ISTJ-A, which is partially fitting, but there's some contradiction. I got the INTP-T, that pretty much lives up my expectations and fits well enough. Overall, I guess it's good to look up to this test if you need a pattern of a real personality.
  11. Hi there. It's nice to finally be here! I'll start by saying that I've been aware of tulpas for a year now, so I had enough time to get better at understanding this phenomenon. I wholeheartedly do not like terminology concerning tulpas, but here I am, saying this: I've got one. Although we've had a long break, we try to establish a new contact right now and move along. Also, we just happened to stumble upon this community and have been exploring it ever since.