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  1. I asked this to my system, and the responses were... varied. Irix, our resident tough guy and the self-proclaimed "Protector" of our system, responded by giving me a rather gentle and actually quite soothing back massage. Mind you this man is easily over six feet tall, refuses to wear a shirt regardless of the weather and he's hot enough (figuratively AND literally) to turn an indoor pool into a sauna. I'm not exactly at liberty to discuss what Lily responded with in a public setting, but considering she's the shy one out of the trio it was certainly surprising... to say the very least. Kiara did a vanishing act, and as I started typing this post she popped up out of nowhere to bop Irix on the head. That's surprising because usually it comes with absurd sound effects and name-calling toward our tall half-dragon instead of her just making train noises for a full thirty seconds after. I'm actually still trying to actively process the myriad of sights I've born witness to over the last two minutes or so.
  2. Thanks to the wonders of medicine I've been diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum for a few months now, though I'm supposedly so high-functioning that there's only a few things that give it away for me. That said, my ADHD is something I've known about for years, and it's part of the reason why I'm just happy with where my tulpas are at right now. The difficulty focusing for extended periods of time is partly something that Irix helps out with a fair bit, since he's always there to help make sure I'm on track with what I actually need to be focusing on at the time, but when it comes to other things my mind just kind of runs off the rails. Like meditation, for example. I love meditating, but anything over five minutes is a pain to push for because I start getting antsy and my focus slips off onto who-knows-what. I know I've got some signs leaning to Schizophrenia, and chronic depression just sort of runs in the family at this point, but as of yet there's not enough when it comes to those two to really say I have them.
  3. Hello all! My name is Drae. I've been dabbling about in matters of Tulpa-centered natures for about a year now, and finally decided to make an account on this forum to get some much needed interaction going so that my trio of lovelies don't get too terribly bored. There's not too terribly much to say here, other then that the trio and I are more then happy to talk if anyone wants to (except maybe Lily, but she'll warm up to you guys eventually). I can be found stalking around on Discord when I'm not here, so feel free to ask for that or whatever.