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  1. In short at some point in time I wanted to make a tulpa then later gave up because of few reasons (like of motivation, patience, insecurity) Would a tulpa help me with feeling physical loneliness? despite having friends online? And no I'm not new to this So what do you think?
  2. It's ok don't worry actually, I had this thought as well so you think it's that?
  3. I'm really worried that I destroyed their relationship and yes there is only 3 of us in total, I myself Im fine it's just that they were fine before I talked to them And yeah I know Sam about like a whole month now and Dash for about 20 days
  4. But she actually is a tulpa she concinnous inside his dreams
  5. Ok let me add up to the story sorry for not filling much of details So basically I met a friend on the internet that seemed to have same level of interest in a cartoon character (Rainbow Dash) he did managed to notice me on Derpibooru's site on the comment section and he decided to talk to me about that character (He was really curious about how I feel towards that character, and also what kind of people hes dealing with) Then I guess we became friends on discord and we started to text to each other, (Before knowing he had a tulpa) he had an obsession on Rainbow Dash he had a lot of pictures of her and few plushies And he kept mentioning about talking with Dash in his head I was really skeptical at first that was a tulpa at all, I didn't give such thing a high chances to happen in anytime in my life even though my subconscious mind kept hitting me that this could be case (But I thought he only was insane or he had lucid dreams) I had to tell him about the tulpa thing he wasn't aware of such concept at first, I did show it to him anyway and then after him reading a little bit on it I wanted for him to do a tulpa Feather test for consciousness which he end up not doing even thought I asked him. Then after about 10 days later I had argument and I was finally confident enough that he had a tulpa which I spoke to her for first time as a person from outside of their system she seemed really protective of my friend Sam She said "Listen i'm like his bodyguard, i've protected him for years, his business is my business, i'm not about to close my ears while he talks to someone like you" After that I talked a bit with his tulpa Sam at first was really worried that his Tulpa would leave him forever all the time "He is hard on himself and he worries, he constantly thinks i will leave him despite my words otherwise" Then after talking quite a bit she became friends with me and it was all good Sam And His Tulpa became a close friends of mine ... For now... Enough of the intro let's get straight into it After some time when I was doing Roleplay with his tulpa out of the blue I asked if she loves me, she did say that she did love me but as a friend at that stage and said that she wouldn't leave relationship with host, but of course it changed she begun to feel more of loving me more than just a friend and then at some point it escalated beyond her love to her Host that she spent 7+ years together. Before Dash went insane I kinda had a moment of reflection on how I'm unhappy I was jealous of having a tulpa and I kinda went really hard on myself mentioning killing myself (But I never get even close to hurting myself its jut that I always bounce back from depression/sadness) and they were both reading what I texted in the chat and Dash begun crying and she went missing for around 2 days she didn't talk to Sam or me neither. Then when she came back she was insane as I mentioned before and suddenly turned malicious she suddenly didn't gave a fuck about Sam that she used to be his protector for 7 years and she turned Yandere towards me (Which is still kinda scary) and I had no interest to actually cheat on my best friend... To quote some of her replies just so it makes it more legit Her "why? i'm all yours now sweetheart~ " Me " I'm having a strong mental block, This is so fucking wrong" Her "haha, i can hear him sniveling like a little bitch in the back of his own head" Me "DASH YOU CAN"T YOU ARE CRUEL" Her "Calm down cutie, don't freak out, you shouldn't care, sam doesn't have control anymore, you dont have to worry" Her "I met you ❤ someone 10x better than sam " Sam also yesterday Admitted that he fears his Dash tulpa To summarize what's the situation right now she stepped down from that latitude but she doesn't count me as a friend because I don't love her more than a friend She still can't give up on feelings towards me even thought I don't accept her emotions towards me because Sam would probably suicide I talked to him he's not afraid of death and he has a fucking firearm in his desk So what should I do now? I m kinda screwed Telling Sam to accept our feelings would break him, Dash seems like off as well, I think I'm the only sane person in those relations... The only thing that comes into my mind is to leave them alone forever I'm sorry for not providing more detail on the matter in first place my mind was all over the place
  6. Well the problem is my friend won't tell anyone else about this or at this point his tulpa abuses switching
  7. Basically I've met a friend on the internet that has a tulpa for 7+ years But today the tulpa turned malicious to my friend what should I do? They used to be in relationship but tulpa just broke the relations just like that I've already tried talking to the tulpa directly she seems kinda insane...