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  1. Tupper s3cks really varies from as case to case bases. It can be perfectly fine and healthy for the relationship and even helpful or it can be highly detrimental to the relationship. It just depends on your relationship with the chalupa. As a rule of thumb, ANY relationship ever based solely on sex usually does not turn out good.
  2. I'll be posting updates here from now on if anyone is interested. I started my excursion yesterday after coming back from a 10 day backpacking outing in New Mexico. So I was still fucking beat as I also started a new workout routine. So I slept. As of posing this, I'm ~20 hours in. I have gotten past my sleep cycle so I'd be waking up in a few hours from now. As of now I feel sharp and fully awake. I'm keeping hydrated and regular fed with a high carb, high calorie diet, lots of fruit too. I'm going to have a large bowl of wheaties over milk in a few hours. My room is a consistent 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Minor auditory hallucinations a few hours ago. At this point, Luna is fairly easy to visualize and very difficult to hear responses or vocalization from. I haven't tried meditation today but I plan to in later hours.
  3. WHat the fuck am I looking at.
  4. My face when my thread got stickyed[/img]
  5. So are you saying that it would become more difficult or easier?
  6. Although I believe we already had a thread similar to this (although it was de-railed into a thread about astral projection) it should provide for some interesting discussion. Interestingly enough, I'm currently participating in my own sleep deprivation experiment (FOR SCIENCE!). I'm currently around the 16 hour mark and I'm shooting for 96 hours. My previous record being around 72 hours. Anyway onto something more topical. I find that sleep deprivation aids greatly for visualization and trancing out quicker and more consistently, especially if you meditate. I feel that extreme tiredness helps to mimic Hypnagogia, the state between consciousness and sleep, (IMO) the best state for any type of visualization or fantasization with the use of drugs or lucid dreaming. And I might even argue that it's better because it's more sustainable, where as Hypnagogia is harder to maintain because you are more prone to falling asleep. tl;dr tired = good for the chalupa Also, with me luck on my quest.
  7. It's been about two months. I may have revived a verbal acknowledgement once. And she might have contacted me in a dream once. Maybe. I'm a horrible tulpa forcer. Any tips on avoiding unintentional parroting?
  8. haha I have no full body pictures that meet any of the following criteria: Not cut off legs Arms by sides Recently taken Generally good So I used this one and improvised a bit.
  9. Mongoose Humour

    >MWF this glorious thread I almost died laughing.
  10. I never thought one man would be able to sum up my entire existence and it's perpetuation in just one post. But God damn, you did it. Something constructive: I'm actually beginning to believe that we aren't as great of a minority as previously speculated. Either that or the collective of the internet is made primarily of this group of people. Probably a little bit of both. Anyway, fuck the 3DPD, viva la waifu.
  11. You talk like a fag, and you're shit's all retarded.
  12. 1. Not available yet. Closest thing we have come up with is a branch of your subconscious being "awakened" and being embodied by a self induced hallucinatory schism. 2. See 1. Also, question is irreverent humans do not have souls. 3. Also irreverent there is no god. But my close friend who's a big Christfag worked on a chalupa of a good bit. But if I had to guess, I would assume he would see it as some form of witchcraft. But if he' more progressive, then he is likely to not give a fuck.
  13. Tulpaforcer v2? Is this a s troll?
  14. Sweet thanks, that looks fun for D&D.
  15. That's rather interesting Pleeb, my wonderland is encompassed by large snow capped mountains aswell, but I've never ventured past them. Also, what program did you use to draw that?
  16. I'll go first. Those red things are bean bag chairs.
  17. Wow, you've really put a lot of work into this. It's hard to keep it up when you're not getting results. I know it's hard but just keep working at it, a bit each day, that's all it is. I commend you for your efforts thus far, you defiantly seem more tenacious than I. Good luck, and just keep working at it man.
  18. How long have you been tulpaforcing current tulpa: 2 months, on and off How long do you tulpaforce per day: A miserable 20 minutes or less, I have a horrible work ethic. Do you take breaks while tulpaforcing: I probobly would if they ranged into the one hour, half hour mark. Are your eyes opened or closed during tulpaforcing: Closed When tulpaforcing, do you speak about the tulpa or to the tulpa: To, helps with convincing yourself that they're actually there What do you visualize while tulpaforcing (an image of tulpa, or an orb etc.): My wonderland and usually my tulpa, sometimes in their given form, sometimes they're disembodied. Are you able to focus on your tulpa while speaking to it or do you lose focus when youare thinking of what to say: No, I retain focus relativity well. Do you ever have a "writers block" when discribing its personality: No, but if you do, I recommend writing a short story about your tulpa. Let them behave as they wish as a character. Helps to flesh them out. Do you sit or lie down while tulpaforcing: Sitting. Do you move your body slightly or just remain motionless when tulpaforcing: I might fiddle with my hands or move my arms around once in a while, but still for the most part. Do you tulpaforce before going to sleep: Yes. Do you check the time often while tulpaforcing: Before and after. Do you ever notice yourself losing track of thought (thinking about something else): No, luckily. I meditate so I'm usually able to get into a trance and land in my wonderland. I'm really glad I'm able to stay there, I didn't realize that this was a problem for some. Do you breath slower than normal or at the same rate: To prepare myself, I exhale deeply and breath in about 1/2 lung capacity. Once I go to wonderland it returns to normal, maybe slower, not sure. How do you maintain focus on your tulpa while simultaneously generating ideas and statements to describe its personality: I don't work on personality. I originally thought I was going to use this method, but once I was able to conceptualize her personality in a broad sense, I just used that as a seed to let her personality develop independently.
  19. Not that it's any of my business, but I highly recommend that you avoid making a tulpa of someone you know. Identity crisis will happen. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. They'll go crazy and try to off themselves. You do what you want though.
  20. THE PLOT THICKENS. DUN DUN DUN Also, okay, sound reasonable. I was just wondering because it was such a drastic change and it happened so fast.
  21. I’ve based my wonderland off of this location. I go hiking in the area sometimes. Often I will find myself in this area. I find it very tranquil and relaxing. The wonderland I made was based off of only elements of the area, the the rocks and the juniper trees where the most prominent features. I say where because the wonderland has changed. The landscape is the same, but the boulder on which the area is centered upon has disappeared and replaced itself with an oblong stone sanctuary. If you’ve played Sonic adventure, it’s similar to the master emerald sanctuary. Also, the rocks which atop I used to meditate are now gone and replaced with dining tables, bean bag chairs and a shag rug. I was surprised by the change as I am unsure where it originated from, It may have been Luna, but I am largely unsure. I am not adverse to the changes. They’re not better or worse, just different. If anyone could shed some light on wonderland deviation, feel free. I apologize if any of this is incoherent. I’m really fucking tired. Margin killing image set to link - TOG