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    I have two tulpas, both of them intentional.

    Akai: she was created somewhere in the first months of 2015, based off an original character I had, don't remember when she became sentient, we set up August 1st as her birthday even though that date has nothing to do with her.

    She's a 5'6 tall girl (looks like a 19-20 years old) with red hair, blue eyes and fox ears and tail. You may see drawings of her in anime style, because that's what I draw the most but she looks like a real girl in my mind. She's joyful, lovely and a sweet girl who's been always there for me. Completely vocal and developed.

    My other tulpa is Mirichu and she has her own account so her bio is there.

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  1. Person 1: I wish there was a way I could do all these crazy things that I can't irl Person 2: what about lucid dreami- Person 1: no In a nutshell.
  2. Idk lucid dreams are pretty fun.
  3. Except when you can make it feel like real life, then it's fun.
  4. How many Brelooms do you have?
  5. If you want to dream about your tulpas, they need to be the ones wiggling the fingers or else it won't work.
  6. The final trick is drinking 2 gallons of orange juice and eating 10 bananas before bed. You also need to combine WBTB with WILD and MILD after 5 hours of sleep, all while listening to binaural beats. Don't forget to use one of those lucid dreaming apps that make random noises in the middle of the night in case everything else fails.
  7. This one on Reddit gave us really good results, it's really simple Yeah I remember talking about FILD with you. Edit: eh why
  8. https://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/wake-back-to-bed.html The one about waking up in the middle of the night and doing something for a while to wake up yourself mentally. I'd have sworn you guys talked about trying it once.
  9. WBTB only works after 1-2 hours of being awake. We try to eat something in the middle of the night so the brain thinks it's time to wake up.
  10. We drink orange juice pretty often and nothing, not even through placebo. WILD ftw