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    I have two tulpas, both of them intentional.

    Akai: she was created somewhere in the first months of 2015, based off an original character I had, don't remember when she became sentient, we set up August 1st as her birthday even though that date has nothing to do with her.

    She's a 5'6 tall girl (looks like a 19-20 years old) with red hair, blue eyes and fox ears and tail. You may see drawings of her in anime style, because that's what I draw the most but she looks like a real girl in my mind. She's joyful, lovely and a sweet girl who's been always there for me. Completely vocal and developed.

    My other tulpa is Mirichu and she has her own account here: https://community.tulpa.info/profile/14464-mirichu/

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  1. Sure, if I feel like I'm gonna enjoy something. And yes lol, Mirichu needs a break, I didn't want a break, I wanted to permaswitch, hence the unholy amount of time I spent not fronting, but a break is a few weeks, she wants to live.
  2. The first one wasn't even supposed to be a break... my tulpa will still front but only for fun and relaxing activities, while I will do the rest. It's just a break from stress, really
  3. I am letting Mirichu take a long break like she let me long ago. Today for me, tomorrow for you, buddy. I had lots of fun making my own Pokémon teams, not the same watching my tulpa doing it all the time haha
  4. Teach me your reality warping powers, master