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    I have two tulpas, both of them intentional.

    Akai: she was created somewhere in the first months of 2015, based off an original character I had, don't remember when she became sentient, we set up August 1st as her birthday even though that date has nothing to do with her.

    She's a 5'6 tall girl (looks like a 19-20 years old) with red hair, blue eyes and fox ears and tail. You may see drawings of her in anime style, because that's what I draw the most but she looks like a real girl in my mind. She's joyful, lovely and a sweet girl who's been always there for me. Completely vocal and developed.

    My other tulpa is Mirichu and she has her own account here: https://community.tulpa.info/profile/14464-mirichu/

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  1. Mirichu helped me with a lof of things just by fronting and facing it together. Like refusing to go outside in fear of facing certain people but if she's fronting I feel much more comfortable and it's not like she's going to let those fears stop her from enjoying life. And Akai was a comfort source for when I was down and still is for the both of us. They both enjoy life a lot but it's actually rubbing off on me so I am also starting to enjoy it too, we're actually doing stuff that years ago would've been so hard for me to do.
  2. I'm the original weeb and they just followed. Although Mirichu is also a pretty big weeb too, Akai is mostly aesthetic.
  3. Yeah, if there's an animal inside. rip account switcher
  4. That was my exact thought process for creating one of my tulpas. I wasn't in a very good mindset and wanted someone else to take over, so I ended up creating a tulpa for that purpose. If you think about it, most reasons behind a tulpa's creation could be considered selfish. But of course, creating a tulpa because you wanted a close friend sounds much better than creating someone to take over your life. It's the way you treat them that really matters, what's the point of creating someone just because you wanted a companion if you're not going to treat them well anyway? Even though I created my tulpa with the sole purpose of being my replacement, I saw and treated her as a person and not just a tool to escape life. From the very beginning, I let her make her decision and asked countless time if she was still okay with it. I never forced her into anything and made sure to let her know that I'd still love her regardless of her decision, if she ever changed her mind. Mirichu: my host also has many negative thoughts and that has only made me want to help her even more. Dealing with them if you have someone else there to see what's going on first-hand is much better than dealing with them alone. Sometimes they're painful but I can't blame someone for things they have no control over. Most tulpas actually want to help their hosts, regardless of the problems they're dealing with. And don't think of yourself as a burden. Sometimes my host thinks she's holding me back and I have to deal with helping her out and at the same, living our life. But in the end it's worth it to see how much you've helped someone and knowing that they'll always see you as someone to trust. Also, sharing your life with someone else is much more rewarding than being alone, even if you think of yourself as a burden. I also agree with what Vesper said about not providing someone with a body of their own. That's even more cruel than just creating a tulpa to take over, in my opinion. And I'm not talking about tulpas who simply don't want anything to do with the outside world. I would't want this life to be taken away from me, even with all the hardships.
  5. EDIT: I did it AGAIN dammit! This is MIRICHU, not Miri. Ugh. Danke! Gotta repay the favor and make the body multilingual.
  6. I always found it suspicious that he was so interested in helping supposed ''dream characters'' he believes to be just him. Kind of made me thought he was just saying those things to get the attention of people who want to believe that.
  7. Did he actually believe in anything of what he said in his past (or present?) craziness?
  8. This is what most people mean by subjective reality. This is the idea I got from reading a shit ton of his stuff. Funny that you mention that, Bre, because when I was obsessed with that (and synchronicities) I read one of your posts that literally was: ''it was bound that someone would experience so many synchronicities that they would end up believing reality is fake and that they're god'' and jesus did it scare the hell out of me.
  9. In many of the articles I read, he talked about it as if reality was truly subjective and you were your own god.
  10. The way he talked about subjective reality in some of his articles though...
  11. So lucid dream nuzlocke version?
  12. Person 1: I wish there was a way I could do all these crazy things that I can't irl Person 2: what about lucid dreami- Person 1: no In a nutshell.
  13. Idk lucid dreams are pretty fun.
  14. Except when you can make it feel like real life, then it's fun.