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    Hi everyone and welcome to our profile!

    I (Wondrous Fairy) am a really old tulpamancer (past 40!) whose the host of a system of nine tulpas. If you're wondering who they are, here's a handy topic on our blog that introduces them: https://fouredgedsword.blogspot.com/2020/01/curtain-call.html

    We have an extensive set of inner worlds that all do their own thing independent of us. Some of our tulpas live in those worlds and originate from them, while a fair portion of our tulpas live in the castle in our main world. On our blog, we all chronicle our lives as they are in both worlds along with guides, interviews, AMAs, etc.

    So, if any of that sounds interesting, come on in!: https://fouredgedsword.blogspot.com

    //Wondrous Fairy

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  1. Here's a small retrospective view of the year gone by, more or less anyway. Thanks to all of you whose followed us through the years. Here's to a better 2021!
  2. After that last time, we decided to give this a go again, so, again we find ourselves in the dark hotel world that we've been exploring for the last half year. This time, we decided to go [back to the castle] to settle the score. As always, questions or comments are definitely appreciated!
  3. Following up on another lead, me and my SO Niky's system found ourselves involved in something that was a bit over our heads... This also marks the first time that we've really put our RPG system to the test. The results... well they're cautiously positive!
  4. Also, here's some tinkering with the Heroforge models for some of our systems tulpas.
  5. Following up on a new lead by Charlie, we again find ourselves going into the inner world for yet another adventure in the dark hotel world.
  6. As some of you know, the tulpas in our system live almost exclusively in the inner world. Sometimes though, I get calls from them patched through the system. In this instance, it resulted in quite the adventure with Charlie, one of our newest tulpas in our system.
  7. Thanks! It's been quite the journey for everyone involved 😄
  8. This Sunday marked the 25th Anniversary of us being a system. So, naturally I wrote a blog post about it and our journey from there, to here. Comments are always appreciated 😄
  9. Another day, another summit meeting. This time we discussed a weird dream that keeps jumping from system member to system member. We also discuss the magical "Anything Cupboard" and whether or not to keep it.
  10. Bear was originally a small teddy bear I had as a child. When my ex failed to return him after we broke up, I mourned the loss of the thing and moved on with my life. My ex and me also shared a macrocosm copy of my IRL apartment, where we created a fox called Steve who was just a character we joked around about. Cue several months later and Steve shows up and not only is she fully aware of everything, but she also talked! With her, she had Bear, or rather a living, breathing entity based off the idea of the original teddy bear. So yeah, he stands maybe a foot tall (30 ish cm). But,
  11. We gave Jeanette, the evil feline a human body, what could POSSIBLY go wrong with that? https://fouredgedsword.blogspot.com/2020/07/jeanettes-transformation.html
  12. New castle needs an inauguration party right? https://fouredgedsword.blogspot.com/2020/06/the-weekend-party.html
  13. New update on Castle Odylfius.. it's now feature complete: https://imgur.com/a/Z2JtwIb Hope you all enjoy! 😄
  14. Well, I do write a lot about inner worlds on our blog, so basically if you click the "World building" tag you'll find everything pertaining to that 😄
  15. Hi everyone and welcome to our update thread! So, let's start off with a basic introduction of our systems members. Our system has been public for about four years or so and during those four years a lot has happened to say the least! We grew from two members nine (ten with me, the host included) and since we have a very extensive set of inner worlds, they too grew on their own in both size and numbers. To manage all of this, I implemented a hub "world" which is basically an infinite corridor with doors leading to and from each world. After that, content management beca
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