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    Hi everyone and welcome to our profile!

    I (Wondrous Fairy) am a really old tulpamancer (past 40!) whose the host of a system of nine tulpas. If you're wondering who they are, here's a handy topic on our blog that introduces them: https://fouredgedsword.blogspot.com/2020/01/curtain-call.html

    We have an extensive set of inner worlds that all do their own thing independent of us. Some of our tulpas live in those worlds and originate from them, while a fair portion of our tulpas live in the castle in our main world. On our blog, we all chronicle our lives as they are in both worlds along with guides, interviews, AMAs, etc.

    So, if any of that sounds interesting, come on in!: https://fouredgedsword.blogspot.com

    //Wondrous Fairy

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  1. Following up on another lead, me and my SO Niky's system found ourselves involved in something that was a bit over our heads... This also marks the first time that we've really put our RPG system to the test. The results... well they're cautiously positive!
  2. Also, here's some tinkering with the Heroforge models for some of our systems tulpas.
  3. Following up on a new lead by Charlie, we again find ourselves going into the inner world for yet another adventure in the dark hotel world.
  4. As some of you know, the tulpas in our system live almost exclusively in the inner world. Sometimes though, I get calls from them patched through the system. In this instance, it resulted in quite the adventure with Charlie, one of our newest tulpas in our system.
  5. Thanks! It's been quite the journey for everyone involved 😄
  6. This Sunday marked the 25th Anniversary of us being a system. So, naturally I wrote a blog post about it and our journey from there, to here. Comments are always appreciated 😄
  7. Another day, another summit meeting. This time we discussed a weird dream that keeps jumping from system member to system member. We also discuss the magical "Anything Cupboard" and whether or not to keep it.
  8. Bear was originally a small teddy bear I had as a child. When my ex failed to return him after we broke up, I mourned the loss of the thing and moved on with my life. My ex and me also shared a macrocosm copy of my IRL apartment, where we created a fox called Steve who was just a character we joked around about. Cue several months later and Steve shows up and not only is she fully aware of everything, but she also talked! With her, she had Bear, or rather a living, breathing entity based off the idea of the original teddy bear. So yeah, he stands maybe a foot tall (30 ish cm). But, he's got sharp teeth and he's got claws (which he rarely shows off in the inner world since he's an outspoken pacifist). Anyways, soon enough it became apparent that they wouldn't feel at home in the castle unless they had a small den to retire to. So I made them one with a long tunnel that connects to the kitchen. And yes, the best way to wake those two up is to simply make brunch around noon and wait for either of them to pop their heads out of the hole in the wall. Since they're both nocturnal, you'd be hard pressed to see them around the castle after six PM, since then they're most likely out and up to no good in some of our worlds 😄
  9. We gave Jeanette, the evil feline a human body, what could POSSIBLY go wrong with that? https://fouredgedsword.blogspot.com/2020/07/jeanettes-transformation.html
  10. New castle needs an inauguration party right? https://fouredgedsword.blogspot.com/2020/06/the-weekend-party.html
  11. New update on Castle Odylfius.. it's now feature complete: https://imgur.com/a/Z2JtwIb Hope you all enjoy! 😄
  12. Well, I do write a lot about inner worlds on our blog, so basically if you click the "World building" tag you'll find everything pertaining to that 😄
  13. Hi everyone and welcome to our update thread! So, let's start off with a basic introduction of our systems members. Our system has been public for about four years or so and during those four years a lot has happened to say the least! We grew from two members nine (ten with me, the host included) and since we have a very extensive set of inner worlds, they too grew on their own in both size and numbers. To manage all of this, I implemented a hub "world" which is basically an infinite corridor with doors leading to and from each world. After that, content management became a thing and so to have some hope of controlling this big system, I created an AI that I call Sarah. Sarah is housed in a satellite and is present with a copy in each of the worlds at the same time. If you want your own copy of that satellite, here's the sales pitch for it: Introducing the Argos 9001 OSMS Satellite System Ever felt like you couldn't handle having lots of macrocosms and entities in them? Ever ran into the problems of worlds bleeding into each other? Are you just simply tired of being the administrator as a host? Well fret no longer, Wondrous Fairy Laboratories is happy to present the next step in inner world management, The Argos 9001 Omnipresent Satellite Management System! (Argos 9001 OSMS for short) Argos OSMS 9001 comes with the following features: Fully customizable AI persona interface that supports tactile, auditory and visual input and feedback and more, you imagine it, you get it! Choose between an infinite amount of personas, ranging from such hits as "Happy Animé Girl" or our customer favorite "Mean Military Guy" or the less favored "Wise Old Man" or maybe even the plot-tastic "Mary Sue" persona. If you can imagine it, our Argos 9001 technology can bring it to life! Only one Argos copy needed, our infini-world technology gets copies of it orbiting all your worlds at once. Shielded with our amazing Atlas Power Plate ´93 edition, best of it's kind. Also comes with a fully customizable integrated surveillance array, ever wondered what happens in your world before you got there? Fret not, Argos 9001 keeps tabs on everything down to the subatomic layer. Why ask yourself "whodunit?" when the answer is to simply check the data for yourself? Comes bundled with an easy to use access system for all worlds and entities. Pesky pirate world keeps invading your ninja world? Well that stops today! The Argos 9001 easily makes the phrase "world's apart" a reality! Now you can see customized access for any and all entities to any of your macrocosms on either a type basis or a individual level. Customized rule sets also exist for tulpa abilities, does your dragon tulpa want less realism? Not a problem, Argos 9001 supports multiple levels of tulpa access, giving them everything from full god powers to no powers at all. One size never fit all, so why bother trying to make it work that way? And speaking of rule sets, the Argos 9001 comes preloaded with a global rule set system, making it easy for you as a host to set any global rules that you wish to apply to all of your worlds. Rule sets can also be narrowed down per world if you wish as well. Again, our customers minds are the limit! You think it, The Argos makes into inner world reality for you! So don't wait until the cows come home, make a bargain today and pick up your package for the low low price of your immortal soul and descendants for all time. Operators are standing by! With that out of the way, I can say Sarah has been invaluable over the years since she works as sort of buffer between me and the inner worlds. Rather than decide what happens, we simply use Sarah as a sort of interface to the subconscious, thereby having it still create all the content. And yes, having a lot of inner worlds is difficult, so writing most of it down helps with the memory of it too. Anyways, as it so happens, I'm also compiling a sort of "World Guide" to our inner worlds where I describe each world and it's culture as closely as possible. But that's incredibly slow work and will most likely result in an actual book that'll act as a primer to everything. But, four years of content is hard to put into one post, so I'll update you all with what I've been up to lately as a host, namely the act of turning our beautiful castle in our main world into an actual reality rather than a concept with a few rooms. Last week I posted A tour of Castle Odylfius where I detailed the main floor plan mockups and detailed some rooms in glorious MSpaint. However, I also ended up running out of time, so yesterday, I posted an update detailing the few rooms I missed out on before along with some screenshots from a Minecraft version I started on too. Also, to finish off this post with a bit of a personal tint, here's a snapshot of what everyone is doing in our inner world right now: Mech: Is currently sitting in front of his computer in the main world's Castle. He appears to be playing Borderlands 2. Circe: Is at The Beach where she's currently receiving a drink from her favorite bartender Josh. Jane: Is apparently in a VR simulation, doing martial arts sparring. Mirror: Doing dishes in the tavern she lives in along with Thor. Thor: Is taking a cold bath in a frozen lake, they have a shower you know? Steve/Bear: Both are sleeping in their shared den. Jeanette: Is walking down the castle hallway, stopping every few steps to listen, I think she's hunting for rats. Which would be cute, if she wasn't a feline the size of a Cheetah. Charlie: Is currently taking orders from a young couple in the restaurant at the hotel he works in. Stay tuned!
  14. Me and Mech have been puzzling about it for quite some time about what the nature of this all could be. We started out with basic brain chemistry and realized halfway that science doesn't understand jack shit. Sure, we can explain some of the mechanics, but that doesn't really correlate to any useful info on behavior does it? So we changed the focus and delved into something we do know a lot about, psychology. Over the years, our observations seem to confirm that tulpas are just projections that are animated by the subconscious. But mid-way through that realization, I also had a more scary idea.. that my own idea of self was in fact just another projection. After I got over the initial shock, I realized that it does seem to fit with most of the reactions and interactions between us in the system and the inner world. After all, one of us has some sort of idea and sometimes it does reflect into the things that the inner world does on it's own too. But, until science has given this a serious pass, this is all up in the air, but that's the best theory we have so far.
  15. For our system it was me getting my heart broken and disassociating emotionally and realizing just how many obvious signs I'd missed that the girl I'd been into was into someone else. I realized there was an edge to be had here, so I created Mech as a way to attempt to speak directly to my logical side. Now, two plus decades later, I can safely say that this all snowballed pretty damn hard.