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  1. Tulpa cultural transmission timeline, you may be interested. Although it is written in Chinese.
  2. Yes, but as far as I can tell, members of the tulpa community with a background in the lucid dream community often expect to encounter tulpa in their dreams. As if to serve this need, the Chinese lucid dream community has a concept or technology called "Dream Ghost". I don't know whether foreign lucid dream community with this concept. Dream Ghost is basically thought of as a tulpa clone, except that it appears only in dreams. Because of this concept, the Chinese community and tulpa occasionally interact with lucid dreams. I've been looking forward to seeing a systematic discussion
  3. It is known that the tulpa community's engagement with the lucid dream community took place in 2012, and the/MLP/lucid dream discussion thread became the tulpa discussion thread. Read tulpa.info and occasionally you'll see traces of the lucid dream community. But that's just the context, and I don't know how deeply the two communities interact. One interesting thing I found in the Japanese community was that, almost as in the early days of the English community, the site was split off from the lucid dream community. Members of the lucid dreaming community are occasionally seen in the Chi
  4. I am Zeldashu, the administrator of Chinese community, and have been committed to the development of Chinese community. I hope to join GAT, because I think it is a valuable learning opportunity. I always want to know the review standards and procedures of foreign guide in person. I have been exposed to tulpa for two years, and have a rough understanding of the culture of different tulpa communities and how tulpa's spread in the world occurs. Unfortunately, most of the translated materials in our community are still in 2015. I hope to get in touch with the latest guide in the first time thro
  5. Tulpa.io is the official site of which community? I see the vocabulary content above is very different from /r/tulpa.
  6. Anyone follow up on this post? I wonder if the author's idea is working.
  7. It's instructive, perhaps, to include it in a beginner's tutorial.
  8. 1.According to an old post I checked on Reddit, the original material appears to have been kept at http://tulpae.tk/, but the site seems to need to change DNS to log in. I can't verify it. Do you want an adventure? 2.I should have written privately to the Irish, but as I've been digging through old posts lately, there's been a bit of a time warp. For example, I saw both info and Reddit mentioned that the Irish went to the army. I did find his farewell post (in 2012) and it's interesting to note that the active end of his homepage is 2017. As "modern" you, this aspect can give me a clear sta
  9. The first tulpa guide seems to have been written by FAQ_man and the Irish? I have some questions about their tutorials: 1.How did they write the first tutorial? As far as I know, the 4chan period doesn't even have reference materials. 2.Why are their tutorials generally considered outdated? In what ways is it obsolete?
  10. It's really an exciting time. Congratulations. Is there any way I can follow up on this information? Or are you going to publish through some channels?
  11. We can't go to any Google site. It would be nice if there were other ways to offer downloads.
  12. Does anyone else follow up on this project? The researcher appeared on a video on Youtube, and for some reason, the video was later reposted on the Chinese Internet, and was widely reposted, attracting a lot of new people to our community. So, I want to get more information on that. OK,The author hasn't logged in for five months, so I guess I'll just have to reach out to Samuel Veissiere.
  13. Thank you for your answer. In fact, we know a little bit about tulpa001, and we did a translation relay for it, but unfortunately it's been almost a year now, and we've done less than a third of it. Our content is still at version 3.4. Obviously tulpa001's tutorial is difficult for beginners to read, and the article overall is too looooong. Personally, I think a course like Kiahdaj is the most appropriate in length. For reasons of the Chinese Internet itself, I was temporarily unable to log onto the page of Piano.
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