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  1. This is what I've written on a thread on 4chan, asking for questions. A user mentioned "tulpaforcers" and a "wonderland." That eventually led me here. I'd simply just like some insight as to if this is the right place to be, and if so, could someone provide some advice? "When I was little I used to have a kind of "dream world" id go to when I slept, just something that was always there, it was like some kind of lucid reoccurring dream where I can still recall some of the places id go to, it was like an extended mix between the two towns I grew up in, and when I went into buildings, it was like the real versions of the buildings but with extra doors that would lead to more, with the same architecture and all that, there were these ant hill things that if I got too close all the bugs that lived in them would very slowly chase me anywhere I went, i could even run and jump really high and slowly kind of glide back down, when i remember some of the places i used to go to and think about them for too long, i get very emotional and even almost had a panic attack once (the real, actual crappy kind) because of it. the thing is that i havent gone back to that place proper for years now. I put a bay leaf under my pillow because i heard that it encourages "prophetic dreams", well i keep having dreams about really bad shit happening to cats, like one where i stumbled across a bloody pile of newborn kittens with some alive and most dead, another one i had where i found my lost childhood cat but she was beaten horribly and i brought her to the vet and she died, i looked this up in some dream books and found that in a way im losing the kind of mind that gave me the dreams i had when i was little id love nothing more than to go back to that dream place but im scared that ive lost it forever, any insight on how i could bring this back would be extremely helpful."
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