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  1. The Christmas Miracle Key: (try to see if you can figure out who's who, otherwise click here) [Hidden] Clockwise: Ranger Ashley Cat Mirichu Akai Miela Bre Darlene Lumi Flandre Venny Viper Misha Bear Damien Rouge Joy Ren Reilyn-Alley Host formally known as Lance Xar Matsi The rest you can pick out: Sean's fox - the ninja under the table Vos egg - on table The late Brassow bobblehead - on table Picard - on the big screen Also mentioned: Ember-Vesper Virga-Diamond J+G+C+many many more Felight System Zia-Vādin Solarchariot Alternate Link: (it's too big for this forum to host it) No Bears died in the drawing of this picture. [/Hidden][/img]
  2. I'm furry, not a furry unless you count Ren.
  3. Some memes never die eh? (I never actually saw the video in question.)
  4. ## I left my money in my other pants ## [Misha] (he's not wearing pants)
  5. Fur is cool tho. ;-; [Misha] I love fur! [Joy] my bear is furriest bear.
  6. If you're a quarter giant space hamster, then you should actually just have fur everywhere?
  7. You probably don't understand the joke unless you heard about things at the beginning of the internet. Did you? No.
  8. It's not good enough, so banned.
  9. You go to a private school for two reasons. One, it not free, so you filter out da poe kids, and two, they kick troublemakers, so the kids are all 'well spoken' and well behaved.
  10. Oh, we finally know the other half of what Cornelia is!
  11. Grandma, what are you watching on your new computer? [Hidden][/img] [/hidden] I just knew this was going to happen...