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    I just want to share art, have fun, encourage others and learn - In that order.

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  1. It's a lot like a bunch of friends in a room playing together, there's no difference in memories.
  2. I don't know of any boring and hard tasks
  3. We play games together, like Space Engineers, Rimworld, among others. Usually we each get a character or we strategize together and it has worked remarkably well. We have a lot of fun. It makes these games way more fun than if I just played them alone.
  4. This is fixed with practice, lots and lots of practice. More practice will strengthen the mind's eye muscles Less practice. Unfortunately this has threatened to happen to me especially after hearing really bad news or horror-like scenes and it becomes a mini-nightmare as my mind explores it. We had to dial back the amount of visualization we actually do because it was getting "too real". This isn't unusual though, it affects people with hyperphantasia sometimes. Idk if it can get serious, I've always been able to shake it off, but intrusive thoughts can stick in memory like a bad nightmare. Unlikely. Most people can't do it without so much practice that it gets tedious to the point of boredom. For us, it's not hallucinations, but rather memory alteration that gives us great imposition. The events are sometimes indiscernible from real memories and they have the associated 'good feels' of good memories. (I don't impose bad ones.)
  5. Except when it's an innate system level ability based on a highly creative or trained in other ways, such as authors who report exactly this and so do I. Basically a character becomes active and will do things like mature tulpas do, but more. Though in my experience, they don't steal or do anything without permission. However, actors have reported a tick-like experience where they may momentarily become a character who they are very familiar with. This is unintentional and unexpected, and can feel like the character took control even if the actor never 'talked to' the character as an independent person. I believe the process of forcing is like learning a character and if you played that character for long enough, you are effectively making that character one of your facets. This is relevant to this discussion. I also don't think this has anything to do with occult or spirituality, but that's my opinion.
  6. She's both lauded and criticized for selling her bathtub water after she inked herself. Btw, the rumors of herpes are false. She also makes millions by video chatting with only fans.