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    I just want to share art, have fun, encourage others and learn - In that order.

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  1. 2C ^ there's a 2C here, right there.
  2. Ask @Vos in PM and she'll do it if the new name you want is available. You can't do it, it takes an admin to do it.
  3. Yes, calm down and wait usually. Foe me, I had three, one of them went missing and we had a wonderland at the time already so we had to go searching for her. It was half a day before we found her, asleep in the woods. Like intrusive thoughts, it's some sort of temporary stage.
  4. We're all invited to this one. Though it's a little dry and angsty for a party.
  5. Banned for the spirit in the sky.
  6. This happens at least once for a lot of people. She'll turn up again within a week, but probably within a couple days. Just don't stress about it. The sooner you relax, the sooner she'll return.
  7. That's what I call hypnagogic, it happens a lot for us. Then we don't see you again for a week...
  8. I could write 500 words in 15 minutes. So you're banned for not being verbose, and for having writer's block.
  9. You wouldnot believe the bullshit I had to do to get the center console out of my car. Sheesh. An hour! Now I can put it all back together. 47 minutes later, it's done. So 2 hours and a part purchesed on ebay saved me $730 I think it was worth it. This crazy car, it has an AC duct going to the cupholder. The cup holder is installed from underneath, and to get underneath you have to undo 8 screws and 6 clips, two connectors two panels and the center storage thing. They wanted to charge me $400 for this part and $400 labor. F no.
  10. You're not the guy, so work on tbat reading comprehension by giving us a 500 word book report for the linked book.
  11. She says that, but who's going to take your place, no one's here.