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    I just want to share art, have fun, encourage others and learn - In that order.

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  1. I am getting 5-6 hours max and not at all tired. I also keep waking up sweaty, What's going on? Backfired.
  2. the cheesecake I'm used to is actually pie, but cheesepie sounds awful.
  3. It's okay as pies go. I like it better than apple. My favorite is cheesecake tho
  4. Filet mignon wrapped in bacon with some top notch stuffing and baked beans. Apple pie, cherry pie, and pumpkin pie, all made from scratch. All of which made by grandma.
  5. A thoughtform can be considered a tulpa if they have: Independent thought Independent emotions They can be more accurately considered an alter if when they present, you have amnesia. They can't block your emotions, but there are switching positions if they switch with you, where you won't have emotional responses.
  6. This is probably something you should decide, do you want a tulpa? If this is organically happening on it's own, that's not really tulpamancy, but it doesn't mean you don't have tulpas or other thoughtforms. Do they feel like imaginary friends? Separate entities? Do they feel independent?
  7. Best: Sapphire the fox girl Worst: Opal the nearsighted sloth girl Theme: nsfw