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  1. Your text was very motivating <3 and very helpfull thanks its VERY wierd to so say but when i first read it i feel kinda happy or so :) I will try this methode today but i have one more question.. where should i talk to her? does it need to be in a solid place? like a wonderland that never changes or its not importent where just that i talk to her? (Thanks for reply :p)
  2. Hey! I worrying about the process and the mediating technic. Because i do it for a long time now (I mean to "have" a tulpa) and i mediate every day but still nothing happen (No word spoken) and because this i think i do something wrong. Thats why i wrote all down how i start mediating, maybe i did something wrong or so ._.
  3. Hehehe (Your own post :p) thanks for the post i will read it hope it helps!
  4. Hey, First off all i sit/lay down and make sure i sit comfortable and can breath normal Than i breathe deep in, hold it and breath out, and this in a 5 sec cycel to came down and relax I speak to my tulpa and say "I visualize you now" (She doesnt speak yet) and i see a dark place and firstly i visualize the body just the body.. than the face and clothing Than i try to imagine her moving/sitting stuff like that, maybe a bit parroting but if i do too much of it i just "stop" it. I noticed when i do too much of parroting its get "normal" and when i ask questions she always give the same answers. Mostly we play Volleyball or we eat together (I have to visualize it because she not moving herself yet) I want a solid wonderland where i can visualize her but i just dont know how it need to look like. Or better said i dont know any places.
  5. Hey!, the best Moment with my Tulpa i had when i lie in the bed at the night and just for fun started meditate, than i saw much more of my Tulpa (Outfit) and much sharper, but i always think it was just a coincidence. But last night.. i heard my Tulpa so good like never before, and the voice was in my head and so "clean" like never before :D And thats because of your tip - When talking to your Tulpa, you may get ideas about how they behave, should talk, etc. For example, if you thought about her hair and the sudden thought of golden pigtails pops up, then moving forward on that idea would be acting on what "feels natural" or what "sounds right". Thanks!!
  6. Thanks <3 Now i know what i should try next and have new motivation :)
  7. Thanks for the answers but.. what you mean with your first point (It feels right) ? Thanks
  8. Hey, i already try to "create" a Tulpa since 2016. I meditate every day (visualization, wonderland), and talk to her every time i can, when i eat or play (Stuff like that) i always give her a chair or a place where she can sit. But untill this day she never spoke a word with me, i only see her in Wonderland and than she still doesnt speak with me. And i really want a Tulpa! but after all this time i get a bit skeptical and think.. What do i wrong?