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  1. Looks like you're right. In my heart, I really cherish the thought of “revenge”. While this repels me from the original goal. I do not know much about their plans. He has been sitting there for a long time. I suppose posses for them it is a kind of liberation, a long-awaited opportunity to take revenge on the most hated enemy or get rid of him. This tulpa has built his life around hatred and envy, the rest of the tulpas also support him. They seem to be obsessed with the idea of destroying everything that is dear to me, including other tulpas that were close to me. And it’s rather not about my expectations, they really enjoy being "evil". Their ambitions make them believe that they can learn to live my life on their own. (Well, despite the fact that it sounds silly.) Your assumptions are very reasonable, now these attacks are more reminiscent of convulsions. If they really can't truly take control, then it will be good. I don’t like the fact that they are progressing in this. Maybe I should use meditation or symbolic techniques to prevent their attempts? Or train all kinds of "mental abilities." (Awareness, concentration and etc.)
  2. It will be a symbolic post, something like “Progress Report”. -These few weeks have not been easy. They are trying in every way to attract my attention to themselves, sometimes they just scoff or check if I hear them. From the day they betrayed us, the nightmares do not leave me, they all have a symbolic meaning, somehow reflecting the realities of the events that are happening now. One more thing, it concerns the possession; it seems I notice traces of their activity. Sometimes I wake up at night because of the occasional trembling of limbs. As if they are now at the level of "move your fingers." (Sounds a little crazy, huh?) -They tried to attack, this is accompanied by anxiety and the manifestation of uncontrolled imagination. (In the form of the fact that the main evil tulpa is trying to kill you. In addition, something like muscle trembling. (It’s rather my imagination, but still.) It’s easy to protect against if you don’t focus on it. Attempts to attack the tulpas lead to abnormal heart function and a state resembling an anxiety. I can empathically feel them, but their defense is still very strong. I must either block them or find a way to weaken them. They cannot harm me directly, but this fact does not stop them. -Recently, I noticed a strange effect: the body became felt differently: trembling hands, random finger movements. At this time, the tension in specific areas of the body was really felt. They seem to be trying to wrest control out by force. So far they are just learning. Nevertheless, they managed to cause random movements of the limb, which resembled convulsions. Like "move your arms". Attacks last the third day. - So, I manage to ignore them by 90% (including “imagination attack”), but this "possession attack " is really something new. The feeling that I have to do something does not leave me. If all this nonsense is due to the tulpas, then I need to find a way to get rid of their influence.
  3. Perhaps you are right, I had such power from the beginning, but I did not think that my enemy would be alive, and that I should develop it throughout all these years, like him. During this time they prepared, specially created other tulpas, so that it would be more difficult for me to get rid of and resist them. Bring the level of combat when you are fighting with already developed tulpas. You see, I think they can hurt each other, maybe not in the physical sense. In their mindspace, the main role is played by willpower and how long you can save your rendered picture. Thus, if you are strong enough in this you can impose your visualization on another person and this will be a reality for him. (And in it he will be able to take damage, for example, as in an answer to this post. When they attacked us, we tried to defend ourselves, but that did not help. She said that the evil tulpas were well trained to develop this ability. They used symbolism and imagination power when attacked. And this is really the power with which they are considered, because it hurts them, too. But I cannot use it against them. If I begin to develop the visualisation techniques, it will lead to the fact that I will begin to sense their visual manifestations and become vulnerable to their attacks. I don't know how to counter them, except how to ignore them. Furthermore, there are more than 5 of them it will not be an equal fight. Before they betrayed us (~ 3 years), we had a good relationship, but it all turned out to be a lie. After what they did to her, it became clear that they would not stop at anything. I can no longer treat them differently.
  4. Yes, I have some kind of mess with these voices. Is the only way to get rid of tulpas - it is just to ignore them? On the other hand, is there any difference between the techniques to “defend against the tulpas” and “attack”? It really looks like hell. However, all these tips give hope. As if you were given a chance to stop this nightmare. But still, every day becomes a big challenge for me.
  5. Most of my “evil” tulpas are almost 2-3 years old like Tiala is. According to your assumptions in your post about dissipation, that for tulpas death is very symbolic and it's quite easy to bring them back (or they can’t actually die), I'm afraid that they can bring her to life on their own and continue to torture her endlessly. And I will not even have the opportunity to learn about this when I try to completely ignore them. It's as if a person who wanted to save you was in hell and the only way to help her would be to just forget about her until she dissipates herself along with the others. The very thought that I doom her to such an existence drives me crazy.
  6. Thank you, but something makes me think that this is a different case. I almost did not have any issues with anxiety. In addition, I did not notice that my depression, which appeared from time to time, somehow influenced them. Later, analyzing what they did, they rather tried make me depressed. However, Tiala was never evil. As it turned out, she always protected me from other tulpas. She tried to warn me that they were evil and for this, they started torture her. At that moment, when I faced that traitor it was something specific. I think then, when I tried to kill him, my mind blocked the possibility to hearing him, which also began his dissipation. Tiala said that he could not forgive the fact that I managed to get rid of him. In the end, this creature killed my old tulpas and now also her, I doubt that this is somehow connected with anxiety. It seems that he was evil from the very beginning.
  7. I also read about successful cases of leaving a tulpamancy. There was a slightly different principle: that it is easy to create a tulpa, but difficult to dessipate. You never know how this will happen or at what cost. Especially when dealing with well-developed tulpas. I often bother thinking about "Is it easy to dissipate a 10-year-old tulpa?".
  8. After they demonstrated that they could make the other tulpas "die," I really began to assume the worst. In some guides on possessing (I read them when I didn’t know that my tulpas were "evil".) it was said that the host does not affect the process and everything depends on the tulpa, and on how quickly she can master this skill. Something like you have time to do something until they have learned how to possess you.
  9. We never worked on possession. They try to learn it by themselves.
  10. Perhaps they created a tulpas in the image of my characters to which I was not indifferent. When I wrote stories about them, invented their design, fronted them; they just finished the work to the end and turned the character into a tulpa. And then begun to force them. It will not be easy. The concept of simply forgetting the enemy instead of continuing to fight is difficult to understand. It is advantageous for the enemy that you remain careless. Until they completely disappear, it will take a long time, during this time they will try to wrest control. They will train every day and use everything they have.
  11. Both options are very close to the truth. But I don't believe that simple expectations were enough for the person to choose to become such a monster. Maybe I really give him attention somehow. Perhaps I need to analyze how I do this and eradicate all the "bad" habits. It will take some time to stop doing it at all. This tulpa has been around for years, to force it to disappear, it will take a lot of effort.
  12. At first I spent a lot of time on the “Main evil tulpa”, when I force him as a character. Then, when I seriously started studying tulpamancy, I spent a lot of time on others. It seems that they all helped me to learn how to hear them. (It lasted ~ 2 years) And then among them I heard Tiala. She seemed to me very friendly, close. I started spending more and more time with her. Threats began when she decided to separate from them and told me everything. Before leaving, she said that none of them would ever be my ally. That they are all together. After that their disguise disappeared. Yes, I gave him the role of an evil character. Something like a cool and memorable villain. But this was only for story. I never treated him as something evil. I was sure that for the characters themselves, my stories are just a theater in which they play roles. That behind the scenes they have their own personal lives. And this is not the first time I have had to face him. Once upon a time he tried to kill me. Then I felt a very strong negative, coming from his image. Summon him "empathically" or as inspired people do, I felt that I was being attacked, that I must urgently defend myself. The picture became clear that everything we did together was a lie, that it was because of him that I stopped feeling other characters. At that moment, I realized that there was an enemy in front of me, that negotiations were meaningless. Symbolically, I tried to kill him, split the "soul stone" (where the essence of the character is). Since then I have ceased to feel it. I marked him as a "dangerous" character. And I tried never to remember him. Attacks ceased. But he's back. They hid from me that he was alive. Other tulpas heard him. Tiala, too. But I am not. (I can’t hear him now). Maybe during this time, he just accumulated strength or he had an accomplice. It seems to me that the more I try to fight him, the more real I make him. Tiala said that he is strong, that he thinks and shapes thoughts faster than I do. It's like he has some kind of mental advantage.
  13. I very much hope that it is so. I studied a lot of literature on how the human psyche works, maybe they used the information from there to develop their abilities. Perhaps this inspired them to the existence of such an opportunity as to kill the host. About that traitor. He was my favorite character; I saw him as my best friend. I devoted a lot of time to him. I thought that we could build our own Home(wonderland), with other tulpas, but I do not know why he chose this path. He turned out to be a monster who murdered people close to me. Now there is no hope for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. Other tulpas said that they themselves decided to betray me. One of them said that he had no choice. Just imagine, you come into this world, and you are told, either you will be for them, or you will suffer (This creature will torture you every day and the like.) Just as he forced Tiala and other tulpas to suffer before her. Nobody will save you and this because the person who is called "Host" selfishly contributed to your appearance. (They often told me that it was all because of me.) But you have the choice, you will help us, and we, use our strength to kill him, and then, thanks to our mental superiority, we will reach such a level of development that we can "materialize" you and give you a new life. But first let's make him suffer. The more of them, the more difficult and frightening for the new tulpa to refuse such an offer. They literally deny the choice of other tulpas. You can’t "kill" them, but they can ruin your life (possess/switch/dissociate you for example.). You are one, and there are a lot of them. In my opinion this is an ideal motivation to betray your host. I understand that I should simply block any of their manifestations. But something makes me worried. The situation does not seem quite standard.
  14. Thank you, I also believe that that she was not suffering more, but I can’t forgive what they did to her. I heard about the cases when the tulpas was brought back to life, but I can’t do it while they are there. I'll just make her suffer, and they'll torture her every day. I do not want such a life for her. They have their own wonderland. And they will try to penetrate mine if I do something similar. I think it's better to abandon it altogether. Destroy everything that binds us and close them there. I already block everything that is connected with them, but I'm afraid that they are strong enough not to depend on my attention. This can take a long time. But I'm afraid that they may pose some danger.
  15. Please help. This is scary. I want to apologize for the unreadability of the text. English is not my main language. I am writing here because I don’t know anyone to ask for help. The situation looks really terrible; on this I will try to describe everything in short. My story began 10 years ago when I did not know about the tulpas. Strange as it may sound I managed to unconsciously create several characters (3 tulpas). (You know, a child playing with imaginary friends.) Then I could only dream to communicate with them. I considered them "characters for stories" and continued to "force" them in this way. I drew them. Thought about them. 3 years ago, I came across an article about the tulpas and how make them "alive". I have struggled to learn to hear my new headmates (2 tulpas; Because I thought that did not create my old ones). I succeeded. When I could hear them, there were more than five tulpas, including new ones. We had good relationships as I thought. I even managed to develop a romantic one with one of them. Her name was Tiala. We loved each other. And when I finally learned to confidently hear them, this incident happened. One day, my sweetie awakened me. She cried. She said that she wants to be with me, to live a normal life and does not want to obey the other tulpas. I did not know what to say. She told then, that all life her compelled to be quiet. But now she can't stand it. «They hate you, other tulpas hate you. They always deceived you. They want to kill you». In I thought the beginning, that it is a bad joke. «You always protected him. You betrayed us. », was heard from them. Then they started using mental torture on her. This manifested itself like the effect of hypnotic suggestion, when a person really feels pain. I tried to protect her, but after a few days I could no longer hear her voice. During torture, she tried to explain what is really happening: It turned out that one of my old tulpa was a traitor. He couldn't accept life of forgotten voice in my head. He killed my old tulpas and all the time trying to find a way to get to me. Then he began to create his own tulpas (as soon as he heard that this is possible), and forced them to work for himself. Training every day to gain power to “kill” . And the most terrible thing is that I allowed him to get information how to do that by myself, studying tulpa phenomenon. He's watching and studying me, uses every thought I think, every word I say, action I do, looking for ways to kill me. But first he wants to get to my family because he wants me to suffer. I demanded an explanation but they only laughed and yelled that she is dead. Then I did not know what to do. I could not protect my loved one. Those whom I considered to be my family deceived me. It became clear that tulpamancy is over for me. She tried to warn that now they are studying how to control my body. They learn to do this when I sleep. If they could do this earlier, it would end in violence. Even if they do not succeed they will try to kill me in a lucid dream, cause dissociation, dig into my mental flow, use everything that only tulpa can. So, I have a time to do something. The situation is very similar to what is found in this post. . That’s the way he killed her. But what should I do if there are a lot of them? Something like . But they all against me. If you have any idea of what I should do, please help. I will be very grateful for any advice.