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  1. Does your tulpa like video games? Do they play video games? I can imagine playing multiplayer games with them might be a fun experience, though a difficult one. As a gamer myself, being able to play video games with your tulpas would make them ten times more fun to play, at least, that's what I would think. Does anyone have any stories about video games and their tulpas? What are your tulpas' favorite video games to play? Or do they not like video games? I'm just curious!
  2. At first, I thought Tulpas were just a theory used to explain how Slenderman could come to life. Then I thought that the people making Tulpas were crazy and that they could potentially go wrong and harm you. But now, I see it as a way to make companions that'll last a lifetime, harmful Tulpas aren't actually that common, and the community is full of people that are both completely normal, sane, and intelligent. It's not voodoo magic, but a psychological science, and that's really interesting! I'm glad I no longer think such close minded thoughts, and to have a chance to be a part of it!
  3. The forum gains so many new posters that it overwhelms the server and the site shuts down until they can get a bigger server. I wish that I could fly
  4. Mel screams and throws out a Pokedoll as a distraction to Run Away successfully.
  5. The forests grow in the desert, however such a dramatic change in the environment has detriments to the earth as a whole and global warming goes up by 50% and the animals and bugs that used to live in the deserts are now dying due to the change. My wish is for Cartoon Network to stop playing Teen Titans Go and cancel it already.
  6. Mel, a random bystander, is watching the fight with some interest, but not getting involved and using stealth to hide behind a rock in case things go south.
  7. Hello there! I'm Mel, and I've been interested in Tulpas for quite sometime. At first, I thought it was a very good piece of fiction, something that was just a theory for how a certain entity came to exist. When I found recently that they are real things and that I could potentially have one, that piqued my interest even further. Right now, I have no tulpa. I'm still on the fence about making one. It seems like a tough commitment, like choosing to have a pet or a child. For now, I'd think I would like to just forum lurk here for a bit until I make my decision whether or not to make my own. I'll be sure to post about my journey for it when and if it does happen. I hope we all get along, and that this would be an interesting experience!