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  1. It's sad to see you leave, your PR is one of the few I always enjoy reading. I wish you two all the best and hope that you will achieve whatever you want, but seeing all the dedication and commitment you put into this, I have no doubt that you will achieve your aims. :)
  2. Happy late birthday, Noah! I guess it might be too personal, but I'll ask anyway: Since Noah is around, have you noticed any strong changes in your own personality and way of thinking? Either everyone thinks like that at some point or there really are only relatively few people who think that way. I personally have heard such things so many times by now on the internet that I start to believe that everyone deems himself superior. And get well soon!
  3. My first tulpa is female, as am I. No actual reason for that decision.
  4. Nice to see that you have a PR, I'll keep an eye on it! Are you going to let your tulpa choose her form, or do you already have one for her?
  5. 1) Never got any headaches. 2) No idea... 3) Two weeks (to both sentience and being vocal) 4) I only did narration and parroting/puppeting, and tried to keep this up over the course of the whole day.
  6. I have tulpae who are based on some of my OCs, and they are fine with it. All of my tulpae enjoy the freedom they have since they are not bound to things like gravity etc, some have given me a lot of advice or information about the OC they are based on, and most of them have by now changed quite a bit from what they were originally based on. What you did (telling him he's free to change and is not that character) is the best you can do, so don't worry about what could happen.
  7. Well, based on my occasional normal dreams in which I am Neila, I also came to the conclusion that I may be so used to Neila that being her is not unusual enough to make me lucid. However, there has been a time where I actually identified myself (a lot) with Neila, but that was before I made her a tulpa, back when she was only an original character that I daydreamed about a lot.
  8. Might be a bit late for an answer to this, but yes, I can second that it is possible for a tulpa to fall in love with another one.
  9. Question here for everyone with multiple tulpa: Have you recognized/experienced that your tulpa has changed in any way directly after you made a second (or additional) tulpa? I'm asking this because I noticed that at least two of my tulpa have changed significantly (personality-wise) after others joined, and now I'm wondering if this happened to others as well...
  10. Although it has been a few weeks since this experiment, I'm wondering what happened to your orb-battery-thingy. Have you used it repeatedly to improve your focus, or have you discovered anything new about it?
  11. That really depends on the relation you have with your tulpa and what their personality is like. For example, when I didn't pay attention to my tulpae for, I think it was 2-3 weeks, one was incredibly mad at me while the others were just very slightly upset or didn't care about it at all. If he's mad, try your best to explain your reasons for neglecting him so long to him, and you should be fine. :)
  12. That last bit sounds much better than almost everything I've read in your progress report so far. I made that mistake quite a few times before, asking or rather telling, almost commanding my tulpae to do something where I was too lazy to do it myself and simply expected them to do that without much questioning, because, after all, I'm the creator and they're just my tulpae right? They've told me off a lot when such things happened, and I've learned from that. Treat your tulpa the same way you want to be treated by others. Good luck with you and your tulpae!
  13. 1.) I didn't really think about what I actually wanted them to be, but they all are friends/aides now. 2.) Gan: We are all based upon fictional OCs, knew it from the outset, and are completely fine with it. 3.) The only thing I can think of is that I tend to forget/ignore my tulpae when I get especially busy, which resulted in a quarrel between me and Gan in the past, but we've been able to resolve that problem pretty fast. 4.) Neila: I didn't...There was a lot of narrating and a bit of puppeting, she just waited until I said my first words, and from then on, it was easy. 5.) Not really. 6.) Gan: I'm repeating what others said, but don't ignore or even forget them, and don't treat them like a robot or something that will always be there when you want it to and wants to talk when you want to. Respect their feelings. Sheela: Have faith in yourself and your tulpa, don't doubt their sentience! (As we've had to learn this the hard way...) Kubiku: Additionally to what Gan said, respect their personality. Don't push your tulpa in a direction it doesn't want to go, and be careful if you ever want to try and get your tulpa out of his or her comfort zone.
  14. Although they can be done in a matter of seconds, we had some fun with these two: this and http://tulpa.info/forums/Thread-Experiment-just-for-fun There are also some guides about visualization and concentration around, like these: concentration and visualization.
  15. Definitely possible, I'd say it's a good thing that your visualizations are getting more complex on their own. Don't worry, even if you forced any alterations on her, she can still change her form later on whenever she wants.