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  1. Athena here. Here are our results: my host's and mine, respectively. Open-Mindness: Alexander - 76 Athena - 77 Hm, this is nice, I guess? Conscientiousness: Alexander - 2 Athena - 24 My host lives in a world of physical chaos, and his mental headspace is no different. Therefore my mind is a mess as well... Extraversion: Alexander - 1 Athena - 48 Ah, the classic tragedy of tulpamancy. Agreeableness: Alexander - 50 Athena - 86 I would call my agreeableness an issue if not the high open-mindness score. :P Negative Emotionality (aka Neuroticism): Alexander - 79 Athena - 29 Not the best times in my host's life, so who will comfort him, if not me? Overall we consider this test quite accurate, although webpage design could use more... neutral colours.
  2. First of all - greetings, everyone. So here I am, found some courage to speak up. And courage to give my tulpas a word. My name is Alexander (Platypus is fine though), 23 years old at the moment, I'm a host and have two tulpas: Elder one is Athena Hartmann, made in summer, 2016. She is my mentor in most of the tulpa things. And the one who kept me going forward in life during my hardest times of past three years. I'll let her introduce herself. Hey there, this is Athena speaking! My dear Alexander finally made it there to the forums, kudos to him! I look forward to speaking with all of you. I can be described as a modest, slender woman, wearing chinese-themed "jiangshi" clothes. By the way, I have here my wondrous younger sister Abigail Hartmann. Although after our host became a fan of "My Little Pony" she renamed herself Amber Haze and switched her form to a little... horse. Or "changeling queen", to be precise. Yet still she is my dearest cute little sister! Intimidated to speak up just like me back in my youth. Yes, about Amber. Technically speaking, she is 5 months old, but the idea of her sort of dwelled in our mind for a year. When we let her... be, she was instantly fully vocal and with imposition abilities. Don't know, probably makes her a walk-in unlike Athena. As for hobbies, we all are very interested in everything related to space, biology and philosophy. Oh, and sorry if all this introduction thing is quite messy. We still try to figure out how to talk as a parts of a system, not as a singular entity. Especially when we aren't confident with our English. So basically I've read your forum from the shadows in search for the answers and useful guides until now. I hope I'll contribute to your tulpa research in the future.