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  1. If you plan on reading all of it you'll probably want to put aside some time. That said, thanks for reading what you have, it's nice to know I didn't make the reintroduction for no reason. I typically do my own thing nowadays while the community remains for the most part in it's loop of beginners. There really is only so much you can gain from reading the first weeks of beginners and seeing the same questions asked over and over. The problem lies in what comes next. That's the question, what do you do after you make it through all of the beginners problems. Detailed content all but drops of
  2. Change If I stop and look at Noah I can see how much he's changed. The way I visualize him, the things he says, his attitude, interests, how often and for how long he is present. A lot of it is pretty subtle but today I recieved a wake up call that highlighted how much he has changed. Noah's image is based on a boy named Marcus. When we begun the pair of them were the same age, I don't know much about Marcus but I assume in mid 2012 (when I created Noah) he was 12-13. That means he is now 14-15...(assuming I guessed his age correctly). Today I came across a recent image of him, and he's chan
  3. What an unusual take on what I guess is a rather common theme. For some reason I'm picturing a kid hearing that song and simply taking it at face value. One of the best things about kids is they don't read into things, you tell a story about a man dancing with bears and that's exactly what you get. None of this overcomplicated adult business. Of course we're all stuck with the various meanings, especially the ones appliciable to tulpa. Fortunately for us we understand that others probably won't want anything to do with the idea before we start. I doubt there are many out there who have crea
  4. Welcome to interaction with others. Tulpa are different for everyone, some will have lots while others like myself tread carefully to only have one. That said I've created plenty of characters like you have for all manner of writing exercises. Giovanni sounds like he might be a really interesting tulpa. Drawing inspiration from other sources can certainly help speed along the process but it makes diviation a little more difficult should you ever grow bored of the setting. Good luck to you, remember, you only get out what you put in.
  5. In the past I've had trouble coming up with things to talk about. Today I don't have that problem. Ghost Visualization is a tricky thing, I've spent countless hours working on it indirectly while interacting with Noah and I'm still a long way from where I'd like to be. But, I can be satisifed with where I am right now. From the moment I wake up Noah is there. I sleep in a single bed but I have no intention of making Noah sleep on the floor so I visualize an alternative. In my visualization the bed is a double, or, should I choose to, a second bed sits beside mine. If I can make the effort t
  6. Hi, you've certainly done a lot of thinking about the whole process. It's nice to see. It's not often I see someone who's venture into tulpa is shrouded with such great apprehension. Your caution has allowed you to explore aspects of this process others don't even consider. Morality is a tricky subject and it's especially difficult to consider the rights of someone (or something if you prefer) that isn't yet fully realized. You're right that we don't truly understand tulpa, as a relatively new (to this audience) and subjective process there is still a lot for us to learn. Some learn by thin
  7. That's about it, if only there were some sort of comprehensive guide that everyone had to read before starting.... but where would the fun in that be? I don't think I noticed it so much when I first started, but now, everyone seems to have really complicated lives full of issues they are struggling with. That isn't necessarily a bad thing, we learn through experiences and when those experiences are troubling the potential to learn is great. Then there is me, who from day one has led a highly consistent life free of trouble or in fact any dilemma beyond deciding which day to go to the sup
  8. Hi Sushi, yeah I still remember you, I hope you sorted out all your problems with that GF of yours because I know you have a lot of enthusiasm for the subject of tulpa. You also kinda lead me on to another subject I can discuss and one I'm noticing quite a bit in the younger members who are showing up. That is... Keeping your tulpa a secret It's a sad truth we have to deal with, that most people aren't receptive to the idea of a tulpa. And that's fair enough. On paper a tulpa sounds crazy. It is quickly classified among an array of conditions that would warrent a trip to the counsellor.
  9. People still talk about tulpa online? I look away for a while and when I look again I don't recognize any of the faces. In my experience people stick around the forums for a little while then leave either to continue working with their tulpa on their own, or, to do something else because they gave up on the idea. Both are valid and everyone has their reasons. Then there is me, who is still here after two years. A lot of things have changed but at the same time they haven't. It's a little sad but at the same time I'm glad. Each new face is an opportunity for something new to be brought to th
  10. That's a really interesting exercise. I haven't heard of anyone doing anything similar, at least not being aware of it. Like any form of training I expect you'll get more from it if you continue practicing. Getting used to your tulpa is key and this exercise could help you do that. Getting over the idea of puppeting is a key stage of development. In the beginning most tulpa don't resist or in your case a very passive way of ignoring it. Keep an eye out for resistance. My own tulpa hasn't been puppeted for years and if I try it on him now he actively resists to the point I could never really
  11. The whole intrusive thoughts discussion comes up all the time. People think of stuff all the time and it's not always pretty or desirable. If you don't like it then don't pay it any mind, building a tulpa from a collection a stray thoughts you don't like can only end badly. Remember that the tulpa is a part of you mind, your will is it's will and it should turn out to be something you are happy with. Unless you're secretly a masochist. Toying with forms is progress. By this point it sounds like you want your tulpa to be male, it's a good starting point and if it sticks it puts you in that m
  12. You probably already noticed that there aren't a lot of people here who are in the same stage of their life as you. I've only heard from a couple of people who have both a tulpa and are married and I don't think I've ever heard from someone who decided to create a tulpa when they already have children. I find it a little odd, not in a bad way, and it leads me to ask. What interested you in the idea of creating a tulpa and why did you decide to proceed? Already you're having experiences with your tulpa. Enjoying moments and finding things that bring joy are one of the greatest reasons to
  13. Welcome to the forums. Knowing where you stand before you start is a powerful position to be in, I do hope you can find something in the tulpa process that gets you out of the stagnation you're feeling. The silver orb is a pretty common placeholder but at least you've got a name now that you've sat down and spent some time with the idea. One little piece of advice. You might have noticed that a lot of people give up pretty quickly. You need to find a way to make sure that doesn't happen to you. Don't make it a chore to spend time with your tulpa just because you have to. If you decide th
  14. So far so good. Everything takes time and getting used to your tulpa is probably going to take a lot of it. Don't worry if your experiences seem pale in comparison to those of others. Not everyone wants to fill their lives with drama and having a tulpa doesn't mean you need to have lots of profound moments to write about. I often compare the process to an actual relationship with a physical person. They take time and not all of them work out. To everyone outside of the relationship it may appear mundane and commonplace. You have to decide how much your tulpa means to you and find ways
  15. Still alive I tend to lurk most of the time nowadays. I keep an eye on those people who seem to be having interesting experiences with their tulpa through their progress logs but I won't be the first to admit that for the most part the forums are just an endless cycle of the same questions and people who just don't quite get it. My favorite part of having a tulpa is when something different comes up. Something that puts Noah on the spot or gets him really thinking or interacting with the world, be it in an imaginary way. The other day I was thinking about the dog I'd like to own. I don't k
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