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    Ashley and I are here to help! Bear is our system plushie ^^. Some of our other systemmates may say hi too.


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  1. Yes, please don't worry about developing DID from this, all indications are that you need significant childhood trauma before the age of 12. Also hi! ♡
  2. [Misha] 121! Another Ember? There was an Ember here not too long ago. Nice to meet you. ♡
  3. [Bear] take this in total, it applies here though it's speaks about posession and switching. It's a copy of something we posted in reddit. [Ashley] When you are fronting while doing things you've never done before, you are training the body, so those things will feel like you even when you do them later. This also explains why you're slowly associating to the BodyOS quirks and they're being more painted with your essence so to speak. It all makes perfect sense to us.
  4. [Misha] Definitely hot lol! ♡ [Bear] Don't mind her, and yes Ashley also likes Desmond's look. He's like a male version of Gwen actually, she's elf-like. [Bear] I've been doing 5-3 sleep which means I sleep 5 at night and 3 in a nap later and it's really awesome because the nap has way better dreams and hypnagogic/hypnopompic. You know that super sleepy time when you can barely keep your eyes open, it happens like some sort of pavlovian response when it's nap time, lol. You know that feeling on a Saturday morning when you can sleep in? That's the feeling I get every day after my nap. I love it. I can actually skip the nap a few times week and I'm never tired otherwise. Those morning naps almost always have a dream with someone in my system. It's been several days straight. This morning I asked Misha to visit me and I did see her in my dream it was so anti-climactic because she was just there like any friend would be and I didn't think anything of it, oof.
  5. Welcome Siri and company!
  6. Oops! [Bear] oh great, now I can only edit in pink...
  7. That's good for touchpad! Still cute too.
  8. Oh! Happy birthday! We remember when you were born!
  9. Welcome and we're glad to have you! Feel free to play any of the forum word games and we'll be there ♡.
  10. Snailey can wrap his head around pretty much anything.
  11. [Misha] you missed it. Too bad we can't just print out mindspace images. At least I got a hug. [Ashley] more like a grope, and she hogged him too, so I couldn't do anything. [SheShe] Ren was so happy for like 15 seconds.