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    I'm nice, I won't bite.

    Ashley and I are here to help! Bear is our system plushie ^^. Some of our other systemmates may say hi too.


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  1. I posted this from SheShe's account. Edit: still can't switch authors after the fact though.
  2. It says, "Hug your headmate" in ancient cuneiform.
  3. 4c 6f 76 65 20 79 6f 75 72 20 68 6f 73 74 20 e299a1
  4. Misha

    Ashley's Lounge

    That's my burden to bear then. Remember the topic: Gush about something extraordinary that your headmate did with you, that was either amazing imposition that one time out of nowhere, or a perfect dream, a hypnagogic vision that knocked your socks off, a memorable conversation, or just a fun time in mindspace that stands out.
  5. This makes me want to find our inspiration pictures for our works. That should be fun to look back. Mine was really lucky to find becaus it looks a lot like me, we used it on discord for a while.
  6. I'll have to represent color since Shield's not around.
  7. [Misha] Honestly, even getting the smile right is impressive, ooo and the hair too. That's remarkably similar to one of SheShe's references in terms of the pose of the original. Very cute! ♡ We welcome you to the elite group of people who care enough to put up a pfp. [Ashley] Now you made us want to change our pfps to be more like that style and less like pogs. -.-
  8. Sometimes just not talking about it for a while helps. At least it did in Bear's experience. If you're talking about depression all day it's hard to do anything else.
  9. Puppies are cute, who doesn't love puppies, unless you're allergic or something. Edit: @ClianthaMiura That timing was pretty insane. Lol
  10. I wonder if this works? Edit: Yay! ♡♡
  11. Someone on reddit threw out the idea that she could be a median subsystem. Source She was intentionally made from other fully independent members, but there are definitely similarities here. We're obviously not OSDD or DID, I don't like that tie in, but roughly speaking the description here is similar.
  12. Is there a way to see the score on this game anymore? I mean total posts.
  13. Anyone ever ponder dark matter and dark energy models? We've been playing with ideas. What's your take on it?