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    I'm nice, I won't bite.

    Ashley and I are here to help! Bear is our system plushie ^^. Some of our other systemmates may say hi too.


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  1. Misha

    Ashley's Lounge

    https://ashleybearhome.wordpress.com/2020/12/16/three-sisters-and-a-thrumbonian-play-rimworld-queen-of-the-north/ More than ever, I feel like we really understand how to play together and enjoy ourselves as a system. It used to be it didn't feel like I was getting enough attention unless Bear was with me alone, now we have so much fun as a group in games like this, thinking about strategies, weighing moral implications vs survival, and complimenting each others' personalities that we have some real bonding time together. I love them so much! ♡
  2. [Misha] Looks like our Gwen. Cute cute cute ♡
  3. Awesome! We're getting time off too, which is crazy.
  4. [Misha] animals are always welcome here! ♡
  5. [Misha] I love wonderland and don't want to front, but I'm far from inactive. I hope you all work this out. ♡
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