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  1. [Misha]Next Century! [Ashley] yeah, see ya in 90 years suckas!
  2. What about R1C15 as a nickname? It's like R2D2, but with Cat and her 15 shades of Grey. Actually that makes a good system name. We need something other than "Cat's System"
  3. Misha

    Ashley's Lounge

    Still up as of now, maybe Pleeb will give us a one hour warning or something?
  4. We have ents in the racoon-girl forest, most of them don't talk, but Old Man Oak Tree (OMOT) does so others might too. The racoov girls don't talk either though.
  5. Mhm, now that she's finally picked her form amongst her many. It has stuck too, which is great!
  6. It's your fantasy, go wild, why not?
  7. You've never seen Joy with her bear, it's all smiles. [bear] she makes me stay in extra fluffy bear form... [Joy] Floof!
  8. Little Joy Joy... oh she just gave me a dirty look.
  9. Why deny your nature? [Hidden] https://i.gyazo.com/b7f280d17b768013bc015d88705fc749.jpg[/img] [/hidden]
  10. Banned for telling the truth. Isn't that against demon code? Edit: Not you Matsie
  11. I don't think so? People still have lots of guns.
  12. Misha

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    [Misha]You can only find 1/4 off ones in your closit, but you find something even more precious. [Hidden] [/hidden] [Ashley] I wish they remade that game in fully realistic 3D
  13. Banned for cute canceling demon
  14. Banned for being 1/4 Giant Space Hamster