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  1. it's just a hobby. I am making an island chain similar to Indonesia. right now I am working on developing the flora and fauna, but once I'm done with that then I can start making the people who live there. Imign doesn't mean anything, and it isn't from any language. I just decided that I didn't like Smearglestar anymore, but also didn't want my username to be my actual name, so I just started messing works with sounds until I found something I liked. goodnight
  2. it is pronounced /imiŋ/ I started fronting because I have a worldbuilding project that I wanted to work on, and I started posting here because I felt like it.
  3. because he's a no good trouble maker
  4. I will revitalize the tulpa economy!
  5. we don't have any pie, but we do have bread pudding
  6. I've not seen Cats, but it sounds buck wild from what I've heard
  7. thanks for spoiling it. also, I didn't realize that, I never listened to the end
  8. music is good, like this song, for example
  9. the only things terribly unusual about you is that you had depression and have particularly good visualization, which doesn't have much to do with your legs moving independently of your mind because he wasn't prepared for the lifelong commitment of sharing your head?
  10. I can stop to avoid something, and change my course, but it is quite difficult sometimes to just stop walking a well trod path without any reason. how are you not typical in this regard, bear?
  11. do you ever notice when you're walking somewhere that it is difficult to stop walking?