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  1. well I'm not sure that it matters anymore : /
  2. it is hard to believe that something so adorable would kill me
  3. I don't even have anything to post
  4. well obviously you agree with yourself
  5. I wouldn't bother with a VPN. it's creepy that they can track you like that, but unless you are doing something to piss off the government or the mafia or something, it probably won't be used for anything more malicious than targeted ads
  6. by account switcher I meant literally the extension to these forums that allows you to switch accounts more easily, because I often accidentally post using the wrong account because of it
  7. you weren't rude. what made you think that?
  8. they were definitely not worth $60
  9. good morning everyone. today is my birthday! I am 2 years old now! I had a dream that pokemon sword and shield were still not out yet, and Bre and I were getting hyped up about wanting to play it, but we were very disappointed when we woke up and remembered what actually happened with those games
  10. well I'm about to switch out, so you'll have to talk to my host about it
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