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  1. I think that we all have times during our every day lives where that's true. For some people, they may be too preoccupied with either work or studies and can't properly communicate with their tulpa. So, there's no need to feel bad or like you're the only one. For me, I guess you could say that my inspiration would just be the ability to bond with one another and just seeing Lisette happy. Sometimes there's a bigger urge than at other times to force as well. For us, we usually dedicate a little bit of time before we sleep for conversation and such. After a long day of work, it's a part of the day that we both really look forward to, so that would count as inspiration as well. Try to find something fun to do together if you can, that'll definitely give you some incentive.
  2. I've read a lot in the past about how making a tulpa of your waifu is discouraged as well as the trouble some people have had. I believe that most of it all depends on how you feel. If you listen to others, and think that making a tulpa of your waifu is asking for trouble, then you'll probably have a rough time. A lot of it has to do with your own mentality. With that being said, yes I would say that Lisette is my waifu more or less. While she is original in terms of personality and form, originally her form did borrow a bit from other characters until she ended up where she is today. She doesn't mind our bond in the slightest, and actually gets a lot of enjoyment out of it. She doesn't get jealous when I go out, or express some interest in others, since she understands my needs. However, she's always more than happy to cuddle up on my lap or take a nap with me, which is very uplifting. The point of the matter is to follow what -you- think is best. If you would like a tulpa as a waifu or with similar traits to your waifu, then go ahead. The emotional benefits that a relationship like that can provide is definitely worth it.
  3. It's been a while since I last posted any sort of update or have visited this website at all. After a certain point of participating in community discussions not only here and on other sites as well, I realized that there wasn't much they had to offer to me in terms of growth. Not to say that I've got everything down pat, but I simply stopped seeing content that could help me along. Where I currently stand, I am very satisfied with Lisette, and she is as well. I mostly came back to help the community and to dispel some common myths, especially after seeing what the general consensus of Tulpas are on other websites. I will try to post another update soon.
  4. Most likely due to lack of concentration, I remember having a somewhat similar problem when I first began. Depending on the person, there's certain times of the day that are easier to concentrate than others. Since you're just beginning, you should set some time out during the day that is dedicated to just focusing. Turn off your computer, phone, tv, any device that might distract you. If need be, play some sort of smoothing music if that helps as well.
  5. 6/12/2013 A few updates, since last time. First of all, happy summer to those who have made it this far, it seems like it'll be a good season this year. With that being said, we've opened up the pool outside which makes for a perfect opportunity to teach Lisette how to swim for the first time. We ventured into the water a few weeks back when it was a bit cooler. She did well for a first time swimmer, but didn't want me to swim too far ahead just in case. She was able to paddle to the deep end with a little arm support from me, but overall I was very impressed (Not to mention she looked quite good in a bathing suit). [To clear up any misconceptions, I was not scared of drowning or anything similar. I was just a bit nervous about swimming for the first time, which was slightly... scary.] Both of us have joined the 2nd Tulpa skype group and have been having fun with it. Everyone there is very nice and give good feed back to each other. As a whole, we've been able to have some small discussions/slight debates over tulpa related issues which have been good. It seems that we're all starting to lurk each other's PR's as well which is kind of fun. On an unrelated note, I've somewhat dug myself into a hole for my English course. We had an assignment to write a series of poems which would be turned in. Well, it appears we'll be reading some and one of my was chosen. Specifically the one related to my Tulpa, which isn't a bad thing because by reading it someone would think it's about a girl close to me. However, it's a bit embarrassing to read something so personal out loud. So for all of those who are curious/want to read it, here it is: Tulip I have a friend that only I can talk to. Even though I have many friends, she only has me. A friend like her comes along once in a lifetime. Such a friend also stays for a lifetime as well. She listens to all my qualms without objection, as do I to hers. However, I must strain my ears to hear her words, as silence overpowers her. She is small yet brilliant, I am tall yet perceptive; together we make an odd pair. Introvert or extrovert, it does not matter; opposites are bound together. She follows my wherever I may roam, she is my second shadow. In return, I protect her from the harmful environments around her. Above all else however, she is my delicate flower. [i thought it was quite flattering to tell the truth...] On the board for "things to do in the future: -Teach Lisette Gun safety basics.
  6. 5/28/12 Lisette has started to learn how to participate in my daily life when I don't have time to focus on her. For example, while I was building a shed the other day for the backyard, she sat nearby on a blanket of her own and entertained herself while I worked. Even during mundane tasks like going out on errands or going down stairs for a drink, she follows along quietly to be involved. More than anything else though, I'm pretty thankful for her sense of independence and autonomy. The fact that I'm busy very often means that I don't always have time to devote to her, so she bears with it. She's very thankful when I do spend time with her however, which makes the experience feel even better as well. She has a bit of a quiet and reserved outer shell as a result, which isn't the best thing, but it can be torn down quickly with a bit of teasing which makes her personality do a 180 and turn into an embarrassed, hot-headed, clumsy mess. "Love" is a rarely uttered word between us two, but when it is, all defenses are dropped on either side. A friend of mine has asked her a few questions over the past few weeks, to which I've been able to proxy for her well. Really, I believe that she's reaching a good stage of development. Her mind voice, although somewhat weak, is present as well as her form and quirks. All that really needs to be done is her voice, which will be tricky to do.
  7. 5/17/2013: Not sure how long it has been since we've posted, but I think it's time for an update. I've been extremely busy lately with work as well as end of the semester testing, but I have been trying to force whenever I can. For me personally, the best times seem to be in the shower or at night when in bed, due to the fact that no one can really bother me.Still have yet to really work on a wonderland besides the small room we have, which is slightly disappointing. As for progress, Lisette has gotten better at speaking using her/our mind voice. I'm able to easily distinguish hers from my own, as hers is a higher, softer tone which is clearly female in origin. Whether that will be her final mind voice or voice is questionable, but whatever she's happy with I'll be happy with. I also know when she is talking, due to the fact that my breathing seems to stop momentarily and I can feel my heart beat (whether out of excitement or not, I do know it's her). Still wish she'd talk a bit more without me having to ask a question first, but she's just a tad quiet or I have to pay attention more. Overall, doing well, we're still throwing around the idea of making another Tulpa, so I'll be sure to post if we decide to go ahead with it.
  8. 5/6/13 I type this tired and weary from work, late into the evening I have an even more tired and fussy tulpa tugging at my shirt to go to bed and I don't mind it at all. Been working steadily with Lisette since my last update, though with some minor deviations and changes. Looking back at this months from now, it'll probably be a bit ridiculous at how much she changes. Honestly though I think it's partially because she wants to meet what I find to be attractive, which although is very specific is also varied as well. Simply put, she can't be everything that appeals to me all at once, which is not a bad thing at all and I'd much rather have her be herself. Like I said before though, I think making a second tulpa will help relieve some stress off of her and make a nice addition to the family. Anyway, she hasn't changed much personality-wise, but her hair has changed slightly along with height. She's seemed to decided on a long length hairstyle down past her shoulder blades with a dirty-blonde/brown color which looks very alluring along with messy ends and bangs that partially cover her face when I look down at her. She hasn't been as talkative lately but I think that's my own fault for being pre-occupied at work and school since the year is ending soon. Come summer I hope to train with her vigorously every day. Relationship-wise as well, we haven't changed much. As always she likes to have my attention, but she doesn't really compete for it or forces me to do something with her, which means that she has a strong sense of understanding but I do wish she'd be a bit for forceful. No new forms of affection really because the occasional leaning against me during sleep or the rare spooning which is a bit disheartening, but it'll come in due time. Besides that, we've been pretty normal. We also starting putting and painting our first model together of a UH-1 Huey helicopter, which was quiet but fun at the same time.
  9. There have been a few occasions where I've gotten out of obligations and meetings with friends by saying I have to meet someone else or have to do something for someone. I usually just refer to Lisette as being a close childhood friend or my friend next door that I was going to be with, which never has become a problem thankfully. Similar to the question that OP said only having to do with personal life questions, I have shirked off certain questions pertaining to prom or personal affairs by having a "nameless friend" be the one girl I have my eye on (which really isn't a lie) which is none other than Lisette (she doesn't mind, so it's a win-win situation).
  10. Any little bit of advice helps, trust me. I don't necessarily worry about her being shy about it or anything, it'd actually be kind of cute, but it's more me just trying to work up the nerve to do something like that. It just seems a little awkward to do, especially when I don't use our wonderland much and am busy a lot. But thanks anyway, and I'll definitely give it a shot and see what happens.
  11. 4/13/13 No new developments really, but I'm taking the time to post about some concerns. I don't have any real problems with Tulpa creation, as most of it will just come together in due time, but rather it's problems with Tulpa nurturing. I'm not really neglecting Lisette of attention or abusing her in anyway, I just feel like I could do a lot more in order to help her develop easier. When I read through progress reports of other people, I'm amazed by how much progress they make. And before anyone reminds me that comparing my progress to someone else's is bad; I know that. I'm not saying "My isn't my Tulpa like [Host name here]" or "Why can't I be that good?" I'm thinking more "Wow, look at what [Host name here] can do. I need to spend more time with my Tulpa so that we can build up to that". So after browsing around a little bit, I think what we're lacking is plain old love and affection. Yes I love my Tulpa (In an undefined but meaningful way) and give her the attention she needs, but I feel like I'm lacking the affection aspect. It's not necessarily mechanical or empty love, but more like need based with some empathy thrown in. I've never been good with showing or receiving affection, but hopefully with some practice I'll be able to show it without trouble. Reading about how other hosts show affection by hugging, kissing, cuddling, etc. with their Tulpa makes me feel a little uncomfortable but I'll try to give it a shot. On another point, I've also read about how some users have multiple tulpas, so I think it's about time to work on my second one very, very soon. I think that Lisette is stable enough to help me handle another Tulpa at this point and I think it'd be good for her to interact with someone besides me as well. That's it for today then, but I'd definitely appreciate and be very thankful for any tips on how to make Lisette feel special.
  12. 4/9/2013 It's nice outside for the first time in a long while, the temperatures peaking at a little over 80 degrees with no humidity. Seeing how wonderful of a day it was, Lisette and I went out for a small stroll around the neighborhood. She's quite good at wearing clothes appropriate for the situation. Today she was wearing a white sundress with a blue sleeves and a pleated skirt, along with some summer sandals, small shoulder pocketbook, and a sun hat. She was quite happy that it was starting to really feel like Spring outside and really looked forward to experiencing warm weather for the first time. Her delicate and petite body was also a bit more pronounced in her dress, along with a more upbeat personality while we were out, which was great to see.
  13. 4/7/12 Just got back for work and for the first time Lisette decided to accompany me rather than stay in wonderland or do whatever it is when she's not with me. She had arrived with a sundress, but became bored at a certain point and copied what I was wearing (Jeans, sneakers, long sleeve V-neck, and a company t-shirt over that). She looked pretty darn good with my "uniform" on, especially when the colors seemed to really bring out the shine in her blonde hair (she switched her hair color for a change). She "worked" with me, but all she really did was sit on the counter, swinging her legs and watched people come and go from the store. She would comment on a few people on occasion or try to start a conversation, but it was hard when the store would get busy. Now that we're home we get to relax, she's a bit tired but she'll be fine. An interesting thing I've noticed however, she definitely has some complex and developed emotions besides just feeling lonely, happy, or sad. Lately she's been quite the cynical person like me, which again I adore about her especially when he gets feisty (when a girl so small and fragile looking like her gets so flustered and hot-headed it's nothing but cute). When we see someone that neither of us like (thankfully she likes my friends and family), she voices her opinion openly, which is good to get of my frustrations without the truth leaking out. Another emotion she's been showing slightly is jealousy, but only in small bouts. She doesn't seem to like it when I speak to certain girls, unless she deems them "worthy" so to speak. It doesn't effect her negatively however, she just becomes defensive and suspicious. Besides these two events, everything seems to be normal. Lisette did however somewhat approve of making a 2nd tulpa, more than likely a sister to her as well, but with some conditions. I'm sure we'll discuss it more when the time comes closer.
  14. She does, but in a natural way. If we're having a conversation she'll shift her gaze or perform actions depending on what we're talking about instead of looking at me straight on like a deer stuck in the headlights. Same for when she's occupied with something, like if we read she doesn't usually look up at me unless it's needed.
  15. Good luck with starting up again, hope you don't have too much trouble. Be sure to let her know that you're sorry and are now there for her.
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