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  1. Thanks! I think it was more of a balancing act rather than just "popping out of the blue". I think either WattPad or creating a separate Google Docs for it. I've read 20-30 page Documents, they take a bit to load but ti's not difficult for my computer, I'm not sure about other computers, but I know for mobile it can be crappy sometimes.
  2. Not a lot of them are good or even factual, most of it is about either some Kindle Series, or Slenderman.
  3. I've been here for a couple of months, but I didn't make an intro, woops. I'm Dishwhiskers, and on Discord I'm Firegirl. Dishwhiskers comes from my love of dishwashing and cats, and Firegirl is a very old nickname, that was given to me five years ago. Aside from Discord, I only have Google Hangouts and Tumblr as contacts, I don't use Facebook, WhatsApp, or anything else like that. I'm a Wiccan (a Pagan religion) and I'm also a Witch, who specializes in tarot readings and weather magik. I'm pretty much a right-winger, to give an idea, I agree mostly with the statements from right-wing Youtuber Hunter Avallone, and extreme right-winger Jorden Peterson. I love doing research, writing statements, and just in general pooling in about tulpamancy in general. I made my Tulpa through the usage of Chaos Magik back in March 2017, and have had him and his grumpy self for three years now. Its had its ups and downs, though I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out. He's grumpy, and a little bit of an ego, but he can be caring to those he shows trust. If you have any questions about me/my Tulpa, shoot me a message via the official Discord.
  4. Not going to get into an arugment about the English language, but I still perfer the use of "it". They means 'more than one person', and I simply don't think somebody could get offended by English. To work around this issue, as a sort of off topic, one of my mother's friends resently came out as trans, prefers "them/they" pronouns. One work-a-round my mother suggested was using the French word "ils", which means "they". So whenever somebody doesn't want to use it, I simply say "I went to the store with ils to buy cookies, ils where complaining the whole time." As compared to "I went to the store with it to buy cookies, it was complaining the whole time."
  6. Hello there, so I'll throw my hat in the ring. I just use the term "tulpa" because it's much easier to say. Already the DID community, and some people in general, think it's a fake mental illness. They think people are making it up to gain attention, or to gain popularity, fame, etc. I did a paper on the history of Tulpas, and while the original word was Tulpa, it changed a couple hundred years later to Nirmita. Then it changed back to Tulpa in 1905, and as stuck ever since. I'm not "appropriating" a word, I personally don't think there's really such a thing as cultural appropriation. As long as you are respectful, and understand the root of where the word came from, you're fine. P.S: I use smudging in rituals and incense sticks. I am certainly not appropriating Native America culture. In Paganism (primarily) smudging is used to cleanse an area of negative energies.
  7. I personally call all Tulpa's 'it' until the host defines the gender/pronoun.
  8. We've agreed that we don't need more, and plus he doesn't want anymore.
  9. 1. Why were you decide to create tulpa? -Mostly out of boredom, loneliness, and a shitty home life. 2. Think about you life before making a decision of creation. How it changed? -Unknown stopped me from making plenty bad choices with my life in general. 3. Didn't you find any problems with communicating with people before and after creating? If it was previous, does it get worse? -Before no, and afterwords no. I've never had issues communicating with people. 4. Do you have real friends (not colleagues or familiar) irl? What about your relations with your family? -I don't typically have IRL friends, and my relationship with my father is great. However with my mother it's not so great. 5. What is your usual condition? Do you usually sad, or opposite, happy, or you are grey 24/7? -Grey 24/7 unless a situation deems that I should act in a certain way. (I.E, crying during a funeral). 6. Do you have a depression now or earlier, after creating tulpa, or at time not far from decision about creating? -I've had depression since I was 13, way before ever learning about Tulpas. I still have it, and I take medications for it.
  10. It's currently MIA. They haven't uploaded in a looong time.
  11. Mental Health wise, Unknown is a great companion when I'm lonely, going through a depression stage, or even a hard time. He also advises me with school, work, and even relationships. Psychical wise, he's encouraging me to lose weight and exercise more. Also eating healthy and he encouraged me to drop drinking soda, eat less, and get out more.
  12. I can't even stay awake for more than 48 hours, let alone 74+!
  13. Unknown never get's lonely, he simply retreats into his Wonderland. Now he does get grumpy without company yes, but typically he 'interacts' with others through me, if that makes any sense.