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  1. *wistfully thinks of my laptop crashing while rendering things in Blender*
  2. You're supposed to add "In the back of a car" to the end.
  3. Guess the song Not me playing, it's a program https://voca.ro/1nThmucjfxGr
  4. Jamie

    Ask Lumi's Tulpas

    Hah, in my household the entire issue is that our cat is a boss and the dog is afraid of her and she actively chases him around the house and attacks him when he's just doing normal dog things (that are completely barbaric to cat standards). He's taller and bigger than her but it doesn't matter to him- she's scary. I would not have a rabbit around her, because she would attack it in a heartbeat. You said it, sister... Reminded me of this.
  5. Jamie

    Ask Lumi's Tulpas

    I would start with just one, I would love and dote on and cherish it, and the vet we see is a farm vet and I know he takes rabbits because I have seen them in carriers in the lobby. Assuming I live in the same area in the future. "Rabbits are in the same bracket as far as money and time as a smedium size dog, not like a mouse or hamster" has been scorched into my head and it hurts me to see the rabbits in the little tiny cages at the pet store while even the cats on display have the whole cat box setup. Even the guinea pigs have some big massive tank run setup, I don't know why they can't have something like that for the rabbits. Really I think the decision in the future would be if I want dogs or rabbits, because I don't think it would be feasible to house both at once without having actual acreage to make absolutely sure a dog doesn't get those rabbits because they sure would. Thanks for your blessing. It's just something I've been thinking about.
  6. Jamie

    Ask Lumi's Tulpas

    Opinions on angora rabbits? I have always said I wanted a pair of ferrets when I was older but I increasingly am fantasizing that I'll get an angora rabbit or two, chiefly because I am [literally] a spinster and the idea of being able to harvest around 3/4th a pound of fiber a year from a rabbit is amazing. I don't mean now, in my trailer home with a cat and a dog; I just mean in the general future. I was trying to google "Do angora rabbits make good pets?" but I googled "Do angora rabbits make good friends?" instead. PETA apparently says it's bad because shearing them is distressing, and I don't doubt that in more industrial applications angora rabbits are mistreated or abused, but, like... I really don't think it's horrible, I watch videos of these homesteaders or handspinners and the rabbit is just sitting there completely not caring. General rabbit-as-pet comments welcomed as well.
  7. I'll hold off on sharing my lists of archived threads and webpages of note from 2012-2014 right now but I have one.
  8. It's simple: are you trans or res? Gee, I don't know..... I almost linked Korn's Twisted Transistor but I figured that... wasn't quite the right vibe. Still been rocking Beastie Boys lately. I'm going to go watch a movie and then the sequel.
  9. I called it a refractory period lmao.
  10. I see. and Bre, that's a pt good summary of emotions. I agree they are physical. Not everyone has the same, pardon, refractory period though. I can bawl my eyes out and then walk out the door and feel fine and brush it all off. I've said many times that getting angry for me is like trying to fill up a colander. It all drains out of me so quickly. I guess LSD is the sort of thing you might only need to try once, or a few times in one's entire life.
  11. Bre, haven't you only had LSD the once?
  12. Wait, so are you going to get to front for any fun and relaxing activities? All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy. Take it from me when I say, that's a good way to emotionally decondition someone. I dunno, I'm only talking on the order of months though. If you're meaning like a long weekend or two weeks more like, then I'm sorry for coming off a little strong lol. Sometimes Gavin handles things for two or three days to give me a break. Sometimes Gavin handles nothing for two or three days to give himself a break. "The one who gets to have fun and enjoy life" and "The one who does everything else" is a stick with quite the short end.
  13. Was that healthy the first time, and will it be the second? I guess it's not my place to judge. The times of life years ago I let Gavin be in the "host role" I don't regret because I think I would have died otherwise and it's possible Gavin wouldn't have been as impactful on my life (leading to his continued existence today) if it hadn't happened. But there's a lot I could get into about how it wasn't too productive in terms of un-screwing my screwed-up shit. Honestly I'm not going to whine about the original fronting though. Just the idea of "long breaks." I've decided my answer to "Are you trans?" is going to be "What's a trans?" from now on. If they can't tell me I won't tell them. Unless we're at the Social Security Office. I like my body too. The culture hoists up this eternal gender dysphoria demon as a way to stay eternally victimized and insist that society needs to bend around them because they can't help themselves. It is a mental illness like anything else, like a depression more than anything. I'm freaking cured! Took six years, but I really couldn't consider myself to have disorderly or distressing levels of gender dysphoria nowadays. I'm pretty close to identifying as straight but I'm not sure if I want to yet.