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  1. Oops, Ranger this is a misunderstanding, I'm sorry. The PMs with you were always intended to be the three of us- I'm talking about something else. Basically asmask wants to talk, but not post publicly. Hence the PMs with you and him and me, and now other PMing. Ninja'd: Thanks :3p
  2. I'll post what Gavin said when Reguile asked the same: "There are already quite a few threads. Several people have expressed to me their desires to talk, but in private. People are turned off in general from talking about it in public on the forum nowadays, things would get into loops and you could expect certain people to come and attack you point-blank and sort of break the conversation. The small-group format will hopefully allow for more productive conversation. Tis the nature of things." Reguile asked if it was related to Ranger's thread, and Gavin said "Yes. Asmask, who has a forum account, didn't want to post his response publicly, so us and him and Ranger started PMing, and now [we want] to make a bigger PM group."
  3. Bre you should post your thoughts re: the PM group Also if anyone would like to be added to the current small PM group about parallel processing I can add you.
  4. Is anyone interested in joining a PM group to discuss parallel processing in a private, small-group manner? Respond here or PM us @JGC. (Bumping this thread by putting this here: it's tangentially related, and because of the new forum software, it's hard to find this thread and people might not have even known it existed.)
  5. I feel proud. I taught the dog to heel. He hadn't been understanding the difference between "I want you to sit" and "I want you to come to me and sit." I would whistle and he would sit down wherever he was. He was taught "Release" to stop sitting, and that has been his "come here" command for a long time because, well, have to go to you to get the food from doing tricks. But he won't do that unless he was already doing tricks/sitting, so it doesn't work for "Dog who isn't doing what he's supposed to be doing, come here." Ninja'd: Cat tail, maybe not, but YES, people do make makeshift labs and cook anabolic steroids. And we have pretty okay robot tails, and they'll only get better. That one isn't actually robotic, just articulated like those wooden snakes.
  6. Why does the dog run around rubbing his ears on the carpet with his ass in the air, and why does he especially like to do it on any piece of lint, scrap of paper, or god-forbid dead bug or old puke stain he finds? The cat is on my lap and she's watching him and making that deep-throated unhappy cat murmur noise.
  7. Did y'all ever do fundraisers where it was a dollar for a foot of tape, and then all the strips of tape were used to tape the principal to the wall, and at the end they'd kick a stool out from under her and see if she stayed stuck on the wall?
  8. Maybe this is like how before you get a tattoo, they say to draw it on or put a temp one in the same place for a few weeks to see what it's like. You should superglue a magnet of the caliber they insert to your finger, I know it's not the same but it would be something. Be careful with superglue though. I'm a little worried about infections, but I would do something like that.
  9. Bone, sed mi ne sure we're meant to have conversation in non-english here.