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  1. JGC

    Ask Lumi's Tulpas

    Oooh, it's been forever, but I figured I ought to give an update and say that I did speak directly with Jamie's therapist, with her knowing it was me, and all was well. In addition, at our new school we have a new social worker I meet with for 45 minutes weekly, and I have been careful to always be the one meeting with him. He still only knows me as James, but I am there speaking for myself, not pretending to be Jamie. It's really the first person I've had to talk to. It's kinda nice. Hehehe. Imagine finding a therapist as a tulpa. First session: "So, why did you decide to come see me?" "Well, you see, this isn't actually my body, and the guy who lives here is just so unfair to me!" "You think someone else is living in your body?" "No, no, no, I'm living in HIS body! He was here first, I'm only a few years old." - G
  2. I've been thinking about making nice share-able index-card sized graphics about tulpamancy, but omg, 1) would I get ripped apart in-community? 2) How could I avoid pitfalls and weird holes? 3) Anything fitting on an index card is going to be reductionist as hell. And I know people will want to know, how are tulpas made? I don't want an index-card sized graphic being what people are trying to make a tulpa off of. I don't want people sharing a set of 5 graphics and going, "Let's make tulpas." Maybe some things should be hidden, should be only found in longer papers. We don't make quickstart guides for- You know, I thought about that for a second and couldn't think of anything that I wouldn't be able to find a quickstart guide for. You could be clever with a "How Tulpas Are Created" and say stuff like "Tulpamancers use meditative techniques" without going into detail about wtf you're meant to do. -J
  3. You can get it off youtube for a few bucks. It was really good.
  4. I mean... good for the Sentinelese.
  5. Holy shit, do we actually do that with any tribes? Just, keep tabs on them without them knowing? That's some sci-fi shit. I remember reading about how there were some tribes that built mock airways, after seeing supply planes drop off stuff on airways. How do the drones see past the canopy?
  6. Yes, pigs do have hooves. It's about the thick keratin aka hard bottom. It's analogous to fingernails or claws. Hippos and elephants don't have hooves, but rhinos and giraffes do. Animals with hooves are called "ungulates." -J
  7. I think something similar happened to Piñata System (also not exactly a saint.) Their channel got hacked and replaced with a football highlights channel. It took, geez, over a month I want to say, for their videos to be put into a new channel. I'm not sure if subscribers transferred, honestly I think there was a cut of at least ten thousand. Auto-emedding is great on mobile... -J
  8. How often do you reckon people named Frank make "being Frank, I have to say..." puns? I don't know what puns I have for James. It's close enough to "aims". -J
  9. My grandfather's cat lays on the floor like this when he wants attention.
  10. Happy to have you around, Cheryl and Matt. -G