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  1. To give examples, when I was very little Jamie took me to the book store and said I could buy any book I wanted for myself, and I bought Mind Platter by Najwa Zebian, a book of poetry. And that poetry shaped my viewpoint and was an influence on me. I also started watching Star Trek when I was like a month old and that's a big part of me- the base of my appearance was the actor playing a child version of Captain Picard in an episode I saw. When I was a little older, there was a christian song in the recommended videos of youtube, and Jamie let me choose every other song as we listened to music on the bus. Even though he really didn't want to listen to the song, it was my choice and eventually I listened to it, and then it became one of my favorites (in part because it was a difference between me and Jamie) and I started listening to more and more gospel music. At the same time I started reading from a self-help site that's Christian in nature and a lot of these influences is what helped me get in touch with my spirituality and eventually convert to Christianity. Things probably would have played out very different if I was never exposed to gospel music and Christian self-help views. It's fitting the song goes "Step into the water, wade out a little bit deeper..." I also came into J's life three days before his hamster died, his hamster who was his first pet and who was kinda like his buddy/confidant. So one of my first memories ever is watching him burying the hamster and I think it did affect me a lot and made me think about death and how bonds are made and broken. I imagine that a lot of tulpas have things like this. Maybe a show or a thing you did when you were young that was like your first experience. What do you think shaped your personality, outside of your host's direct influences? I'm mostly asking because I think a lot of it could help young tulpas and their hosts. We've been giving out the advice to new hosts that they should have their tulpas read books for themselves for a while. Cassidy
  2. I have seen those before. Getting a piercing shop to have it done, at least when I learned about such a thing, was not an easy task. You could do it yourself- but that's a much higher chance of messing it up, and have fun explaining that to the doctors who have to take it out. I also want one. I wonder what the TSA's reaction would be.
  3. So long and thanks for all the fish, tulpæ.info.
  4. I'd do polyphasic sleep if we lived alone. It's impossible when you have a dog and people who definitely wouldn't understand that you need your "naps" in the middle of the day, why can't you walk the dog, why can't you play with the dog right now, etc etc. I think we have good natural tendency for it- we wake up at 2AM as if it's morning, and sometimes I'll stay up for a few hours, then go back to sleep. As in, sleep from 10 to 2AM, then sleep from 5 to 7AM. We used to have an old copy of photoshop off a disc, but they don't really do that anymore, not to mention this laptop doesn't have a disc drive. It's all subscription-based.... I dislike the idea of subscription-based programs. @Breloomancer requesting analysis of the word "printer" in our idiolect. Printer rhymes with inner and winter and is very close to "prayer." I don't have to touch anything in my mouth with my tongue. It occurred to us we might have a little more hick in our voice than we thought.
  5. I had to google what this was from. Do any of you people have recs for a free photo-shop like software, for manipulating photographs rather than drawing? I've used Krita, FireAlpaca, and a little bit of GIMP before.
  6. Oh. You don't have a very good plan.
  7. Bre, what are you going to do if the New Madrid Fault produces a massive earthquake? Did you ever watch a fear-inducing documentary about that in school? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Madrid_Seismic_Zone#Modern_activity
  8. That should be your custom role.
  9. When we were in middle school we binge-watched Supernatural up to about season 10 or 11, I can't recall, watching nearly a season a day. It was about ten seasons in three weeks, I'd say. We'd watch an episode in the morning before school, half an episode on the bus ride to school, finish the episode on the bus ride home, and watch Supernatural until bedtime- or sometimes, stay up until 2AM watching Supernatural. The weird part is that, it seems like all of it slipped out of our head. I wouldn't even call any of us a Supernatural fan and we haven't watched a single episode more, after that period of binging it. I'm tempted to say it was a sort of dissociative maladaptive thing, because for those three weeks we hardly existed: our brain was entirely lodged in the Supernatural universe. But I hardly remember anyone's names or any plotlines from that show.
  10. See, we have a email with a pretty nonsense name that we made when we were ten or something (luckily nothing regrettable, just a bit silly) that we use for everything we don't really care about. Quora login, Pintrest, Youtube playlists, all those million little sites that you sign into with your Gmail. Then we have a professional email that's our full name, for giving to real living human beings that need to actually contact us via email, our church and a few friends and our family has it, and that's what we put down with job applications. Then, Cassidy has a personal email that he uses for his spammy-type stuff and is also tulpamancy containment, it's the email associated with this account. And we also have a school-given email that's a long string of numbers OFC. Whenever possible, since right now I have no offline friends RIP I try and sign up for things as JGC but a lot of sites have a four char min. So we'll also use GavinJGC or CassidyJGC or JamesJGC. But I know I just need another username that I can sign up to things with, I need an alias, I need a handle that all of us can live under, that's not too silly but also isn't any of our actual names. How do you come up with a handle?
  11. No, she's sassily looking over her shoulder.
  12. Felicity, half the time when I see your avatar out of the corner of my eye it looks like you're mooning, instead of those being your knees.
  13. I remember once I saw an episode of some cake television show, I think Buddy from Cake Boss was there, and they were challenged to make person-sized people cakes. And all the people-cakes looked so bad that the judges said no one won, and then they bulldozed the people-cakes. They were pretty bad; the faces were just about falling off the cakes, but it was still a waste of rice crispy treats. I would have eaten a horrible four-foot facsimile of Oprah made of fondant and rice cripsies.