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  1. Consider Yourself Warned. I love this stuff. New siggy.
  2. I also think it looks worse this way. It was brought up that the example posts for the different %s were misleading because Pleeb has a wider monitor. Not sure if there's a way to make everyone happy, though, since I do agree that what looks like a good width on smaller screens was too wide on wide screens.
  3. New goal: Become Several Airplanes. 


    ETA: It's been exactly two years since we joined the forum! :3

    1. asmask


      Gavin is more helicopter-like.

  4. I love this video. They don't stay that little for long. I think that's how it works, unless you mean your average used to be neuroticism/rocky mood.
  5. mental It's gonna be fine though, I live a wild life. Gonna graduate a semester early and hopefully work for that extra semester, then off to a dorm for we three JGC.....
  6. I kept trying to explain to my social worker guy that I don't posit that school will provide me with an education, and he kept getting so confused about it. Does that mean you don't give a shit about your classes? No. Does it mean that you think it's too easy? Well, mostly yeah, but I'm not going to bitch that it's easy. It's not meant for me, it's meant for the lowest common denominator of student. I'd be a lot more frustrated if I felt I was entitled to be educated by school. You learn things for sure- you can't avoid learning things. Part of school is learning to do work in general, rather than any actual subject. But "education" doesn't come from school- that's my own responsibility. And it's good that it's that way, because it means I can control it, while I can't control too much at all what my schooling is like. It's been pretty shit, I was put in a cubby behind a curtain and forgotten about for three years. But it's okay, education-wise, because I'm the type of person who reads textbooks for fun. And in reality, a lot of learning is growing to meet what's demanded of you. Pretty much any job, you'll have to be trained and taught in some fashion.
  7. School's not a distraction, it's the way to get a magic sheet of paper that colleges need. If things were just a little different I would have just gotten my GED and skedaddle to college but it's too late now, I might as well stick with what's going on.
  8. Passion fruit is the same like pineapple in that way I think, it's quite acidic and can burn your mouth a little.
  9. Sleeping is an active task for me. I dunno if this is abnormal, but sleeping is definitely not a log-out activity. I have basal awareness of the passing of time. Sleeping takes hours, it's like the real OP meditation. I enjoy sleeping more than many, if not the majority of tasks, because I enjoy the state of a sleeping mind. I also woke up with some strong thoughts about this biopic I saw on cable TV when I was like twelve. There's a whole genre really of hour-long random documentary things that are nothingburgers, that take like twenty seconds to tell the story, but they milk it out with a cliffhanger every ad break and make it last an hour. I think the best example is the Exploding Whale Carcass story. So they were transporting a whole whale carcass, and it exploded on the truck bed, showering disgusting horrible whale parts just alllllll over the streets. What happened was that gases built up in the digestive system during decomposition until the pressure built up too much, and pop goes the balloon. Okay. That's the story. They made that last an HOUR. So the one I was thinking about was this bridge, and they were really hardlining to make it out as magical or haunted or something, but it didn't even seem like the locals thought it was haunted. It was a bridge that dogs kept jumping off to their death, something crazy like a dozen dogs had jumped off and died in the past decade. I saw the opening and said, you know, that is pretty strange, okay, better watch this. When they finally show this bridge setup, well that's all I need to see. It's one of those bridges with wide concrete sides, so that a dog (or human for that matter) can easily jump up and walk along on the sides of the bride. It's over forest on a steep hill with the bottom of the hill UNDER the bridge. So when you look out from the bridge, it looks like the ground is close, but there's actually a big drop. And it's all bushes and trees and brush, not like a bridge over water. So animals are down in there: a dog hears an animal, and jumps off the bridge thinking it's not a big drop, and drops twenty feet and dies. There are locations where the same things happens to humans, where it looks a lot safer then it is and people end up dead. The difference is when a human dies, they tend to put up signage or railings or things like that. If anything, the documentary should have been about keeping your dog on a leash and that deceptive drops should be labeled more. But it was all about HAUNTED SPOOKY DOG SUICIDE BRIDGE. What? Huh? Need to see what this is about!
  10. I like that quote, Bre. One that I know, don't know the source, is that your own knowledge is the sum of the two friends who walk on either side of you. Aw, most of them aren't really "stupid." The platform makes them seem stupider, and they're mostly just young. When I'm really an adult I'll probably just think of them as children. But I'm a child, I'm among their ranks, and so most of these 12-15yos, I just feel like, what idiots! Haven't they learned what I only just learned in the past few years and months!!!! I think it's a force that propels me to grow-up and relieve myself of childish things. I remember when I was younger, maybe 10 or so, thinking that I wouldn't be like these other adults- I would keep playing with toys. And maybe I am a little bit, because I have some dolls and I have REALLY been eyeing a nice dollhouse for my 18th birthday, but at the same time I see many of the things that people a few years younger than me are into (TikTok, new trends, video games, etc) and go, YUCK! Icky! Disgust has a function. It says "don't do that, that's inappropriate." Did everyone forget about Music.ly?
  11. I do appreciate niceness, but I like to be around smart people. Even if someone is quite an ass, unless they're downright abusive/evil, I'll stick around for smarts/wisdom. I'll try my best to be nice in return to nice people, but it's not a reason to make friends or stick around in my book. In fact I'd almost feel used if someone said they only hang out with me because I'm so nice to them, but that's just me. Cassidy is pretty polar opposite LOL. When I was younger I had the very self-centered fear of, oh no, what do stupid people do in a group without someone who isn't stupid? How will they get their shit done? I had a few teachers who would pair up groups by taking test scores and putting the people who scored highest with those who scored lowest, the idea was that we would "teach" them but ofc it just meant I did all the work and once [NAME REDACTED] smashed all my model buildings under his thumb after I spent A WEEK making them all and then I didn't have anything to turn in and we got an F on that "group" project and the teacher called my mom and then I cried and years later my mom had him as a student and he's a football player now *COUGH* uh, it meant that I ended up with this thinking that "if smart people aren't around, stupid people don't do anything by themselves." Really it's just that I would do the work for them and do it better- if they didn't have a partner who would do that, they would have most likely done the work. Everyone will find themselves in a group work situation where their role is to be moral support or even just to try not to be 100% dead weight, it's just how the world works. Sometimes it's not even "work"- I generally get that feeling when I play video games with people who actually play that game, and I'm just going "how do I- how do I not die, wahh, help me" There was a lot of r/thathappened on the Amino app, and someone married to a Shadow the Hedgehog soulbond I believe. I guess I'm holding a double-standard though. I knew a guy who'd married his tulpa, a pony tulpa nonetheless, and I had a lot of respect for him and his wife, he was rad and she was rad. But I think differently of teen (and perhaps pre-teen) marriage. In-system or otherwise.
  12. Today in, weird visual glitches. It happened twice, I saw this with a post of Bre's earlier and then it happened again today with two people's posts. I wasn't browsing this zoomed out- I just did that to get all the posts in the screencap. It went away upon refreshing.
  13. https://aminoapps.com/c/tulpa/page/blog/easy-tulpa-quiz/k5la_3RFGu604GDgaGow0WYNpQw64j8xn?playQuiz=2 I had a lot of fun with this quiz. We should all move to Amino, right?
  14. Rubicks Boob Salad Master Anyone remember those iCarly t-shirts that they had child slaves produce in their basement, with weird, kinda gen-z slogans on them?
  15. When my mother had a year of college in Costa Rica, her ID said FirstName LastName-LastName, like Karen Morgan-Morgan (made-up name) because it's customary there to have two last names, your mother's and your father's. There's confirmation names. Sometimes middle names are used like a first name. It's not uncommon for someone's first name to be John or James or Robert or George or Arthur something like that (usually named after a father/grandfather) and then have a slightly less common/traditional middle name that they go by. I didn't know my uncle's name is actually my paternal grandfather's name for many many years because he's always gone by his middle name. The AJ I knew wasn't actually a junior but an Arthur John, after I believe his father and uncle.
  16. what do you mean you don't own bags of your own hair?
  17. :< I'm really not a fan. It's kinda looking like New Reddit, I feel like I'm going to scroll into the current community livestream. Or like my addblocker is stopping me from seeing big ol sidebar ads. Maybe I'll get used to it. Or I hear an update is coming to this theme soon besides.
  18. Did.... did the width of the forum just get changed?
  19. Hehehehehe. Reminded me of the time we were all hypnagogic in bed and Cassidy popped up, imposed looking over me in the bed. The first thing I did was look over at the rest of his body, and he wasn't wearing pants. It was actually to-be-expected because it was nighttime and we were all in our sleep clothes, i.e. just shirts and boxers. But it made me laugh really hard and he got embarrassed. I've found a popcorn ceiling is better for inducing that sensory-deprivation boost to visualization and imposition than a white mask, as the Ganzfield tutorials will tell you to do.
  20. >flurry of pings that may stress you Yeah, uhhhh, there's no flurry of pings right now. And for general information, you can mute notifs for specific PM conversations. There's actually a reason why only some of Tewi's system was added- the limit was 10 accounts. Asmask had to ask Pleeb to raise it. It's higher now so feel free to add more people including other in-system accounts if anyone wants for some reason.
  21. It was started Friday but you were added more recently, however Lumi was added Friday. I thought PMs linked across accounts but I honestly don't know, we didn't even have linked accounts on the old forum software. Ninja'd ;_; Asmask felt it was too rough to post in a public thread. He wrote an outline of his views and was looking for private feedback from certain people in the community. I run most of my writings by select people before releasing them to the public on masse. Bear, you're there. Anyone who asks I'll add really. It means no strangers lurking in the conversation seeing the unfinished products.