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  1. I've just started making my Tulpa Iris and. I'm having trouble keeping my visualization of Iris . I can visualize her decently but Whenever I try to picture her besides being next to me in the real world my perspective will either change and rotate and I'll leave where I am in the wonderland or my mental image of Iris will will warp and rotate at random. Also sometimes random images will just flood my mind. Like I can picture iris in the wonderland with me just as an observer like as if I was watching them on a TV. And I have even more success picturing myself in my wonderland even from first person. But when I try to put us both in it gets incredibly hard to make us both stable. Without my visualization warping or "glitching out". I don't have much of a problem picturing them next to or behind me when I passive force though. Are there any exercises I can do to keep my visualizations more stable. Most of the ones I see are for increasing detail and I've got an acceptable level of detail for now.