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  1. Thank you for the wonderful outline of your take on thought-forms, I personally agree with much that you say here. I've definitely learnt something from this.
  2. Why? I always kinda imagined him as a happy-go-lucky kinda guy.
  3. I've thought of telling my mom, she's generally pretty accepting of these things. Not very sure how'd she react though. My dad wuld never understand, but likely wouldn't say much on it cuz he wants a closer relationship with me. I've told my sister and shes cool with it, she even thought about making one.
  4. I've thought things over, and I'd like to apologise. Mistgod was absolutely right to ignore me, I was unnecessarily harsh to him. While I disagree with what he's saying, I really believe he isn't a dangerous or bad guy. Mistgod, I would be ecstatic if we could move past this. And maybe one day, be friends.
  5. Xifani I absolutely agree with you, I hope Mistgod will.
  6. You personally might be as dangerous as a couch potato, but spreading these violent and barbaric opinions validates other, possibly more aggressive people's similar opinions. Which could cause them to take action on their thoughts, which could spiral into action in the physical world. It's all cause and effect. I honestly don't care if you have violent/barbaric opinions as long as you aren't validating other people who have them. I believe I speak for most of the board when I ask, please don't spread these opinions as if there were no tomorrow. They add nothing to the subject of tulpamancy and just add stigma and negativity to the field.
  7. Rape is a form of projecting power over someone, in a non-consensual sexual manner. By the community consensus of tulpas being sentient real (albeit not physical) beings, having non-consensual sex with them would be rape. I'll say one thing here: I honestly don't care about the opinions of anyone who condones rape, including of a tulpa. But I won't fight you on this matter any further, there's no point. All it would be doing is strengthening your barbaric and cruel beliefs. Maybe one day you'll change. I genuinely hope so, we don't need people like you on this planet. Goodbye and good riddance.
  8. I feel like Mistgod doesn't really believe what he's saying, but is trying to stir controversy for attention. If he really believes these things, I honestly believe he'd be no better than any other rapist or rape condoner. Meanwhile feeding him attention isn't helping things.
  9. Today me and Rava tried out Linkzelda's self hypnosis scripts, in an effort to switch. We got pretty close, but sadly we're still unable. At least we had an incredibly vivid (more so than real life) wonderland session. Every sense was perfectly attuned to the wonderland, even my olfactory (Which I struggle with in particular). So I'm confident we'll switch soon.
  10. Merging them wasn't my choice, it was a personal choice between the two of them because they felt they complemented each other well. We only view Liza as a combination of two tulpas, and not as her own separate person. When Rava and Elizabeth unmerge liza is gone, completely, because she was never an independent being. We've been very careful not to let Liza be anything more than a merge, we don't need or want more tulpas in the system right now.
  11. Sorry for the extremely late reply. They never really lost vocality, their voices were just quieter and hard to discern from my mind voice. Most likely because I was expecting them to feel weak, this resolved itself after a bit of time. Most of the time I just interact them for brief five-ten minute periods, and once or twice a day a 30+ minute session in the wonderland. I'm planning to interact with them more though, just gotta push through my issues with actually doing shit. Despite warnings from several people, over time I've created a distressing total of four other "tulpas" (Although only one was at all sentient), all of these are in stasis now. I don't know why I thought creating more tulpas was a good idea when I struggled to even visit the ones I had. And while I had reasons for each tulpa made, looking back I've realised that none of them were "good" reasons. Just a form of procrastination. I've learnt my lesson and will be sticking with the originals from here on out (besides one, sort of). Out of the various thoughtforms I've created since Rava and Inca, the most interesting and "alive" one has been Elizabeth (or Liz for short). She was based off a character from a tv show called The Blacklist. She was formed with the idea of incorporating part of mine, Rava's, Inca's, and a brief thoughtform's we had personality into one person. Naturally she changed with time and basically came to act as a "Subhost" forcing my other tulpas when I didn't. She and Rava grew closer and eventually merged into "Liza", the name being a merge of their names. So now the tulpa count is back to two, and it will remain that way for at least a year. .. On more exciting news, me and Liza nearly switched yesterday. We started off by trying to disassociate my senses as described in Fuliam's guide, which worked a bit. Liza ended up guiding me through disassociation with her voice, which got us far closer to switching than we've been before. I was almost completely disassociated from the body, but retained a small amount of "control". Liza was unable to switch into the body because of that, even though she was the one in the front. Although we weren't able to switch it was a very pleasant experience. We plan to try again today.
  12. So I guess I'll kick off this first report with some servitor experimentation. Servitor Experimentation We've started working on various servitors (turns out I can simply pop them into existence). The first being an "Idea generator", that churns out ideas for a chosen topic. This is fully functional. The second is a HUD that features.. Tulpa identifier - Identifies who's speaking via color (Crimson for Rava, gold for Inca). Targeting reticle - Will appear as a targeting circle on whatever is the current objective or threat, red for threat, blue for objective. Name display Minimap - A map of the area around me. Hunger bar - Show how hungry I am. Stimulator - Stimulates me to wakefulness. And it will come to include: Time display Energy levels - A bar of my estimated energy Risk gauge - Will estimate how risky an action is. Likelihood of completion gauge (and completion of product gauge) - Will estimate likelihood of completing an objective in a certain frame of time, along with how far along I am in the action. Memory recaller Optical zoom The third servitor is a sort of "drone", which when complete will be a form of autopilot for my body. It will act like me, and follow the specific instructions "Maintain and protect thy body, not to harm others (And to remove itself from my body in circumstances requiring it), and to assume no capability of self-awareness". The fourth servitor is the most important, I call it the "Shock machine". It will zap depressing thoughts or memories out of my mind, and also act as a counter mechanism to the drone for if it goes rogue. Tulpa Progress Me and my tulpas have made little progress over the last couple months (view original post for reasons). But that doesn't mean nothing's happening, me and Rava have slowly fallen in love and are now dating. I'm grateful for her (And Inca) every second, and she may be the only one I'll ever truly love like this.
  13. After a few months of inactivity, I've come back and decided to make a new PR thread. My old one is riddled with my old(ish) mistakes. This new one will detail events more accurately than the old one. I've been somewhat neglectful with my tulpas the past 3 months, not visiting them nearly as much as I used to. But I've been visiting them more lately. I've thought a lot (very guiltily) about what lead to the neglect, but can't seem to come up with anything. I'd like to attribute it to depression, or being distracted, or laziness, but I just don't know. My tulpas are mostly fine, although a lot of the work we had done on getting them their own voices is gone, and only Rava can still possess. They also don't pop in and say hi unless I'm thinking about them. I suspect in a week or two we'll have reversed the adverse effects.
  14. Day 41 Lately I haven't spent nearly enough time with my tulpas due to my depression.. Neither of them were pushy enough to get me to spend time with them, so I ended up creating another thought form that isn't a tulpa. She's being created as a servitor to fit our needs. I also recently got prescribed with Celexa (Citalopram) for treatment of my depression, so hopefully that also helps. I also suspect my depression has been affecting Inca (not Rava though), he's been more withdrawn and less cocky/confident in general. Anyways.. I've been reading a lot about spirituality, religion, and the inner world the past few weeks. A certain one of my tulpas (wishes not to be named) and I have slowly been developing a collection of beliefs that could be called a religion to match our view on life. This has gone very well and has slowly been helping me spend more time with them. We plan to start reading the Christian bible, Quran, Sutras, Tibetan book of the dead, Bhagavad Gita, and the Tao Te Ching for further discovery of spiritual beliefs. Not sure how this'll pan out.. We've also been moving around a lot in-world, our original home was abandoned. As was our second. We now have a third, newer house where the three of us live. Me and Rava also like to hang out in a fourth house we discovered while flying around.
  15. Will do! Good luck on your language learning endeavors!
  16. I haven't updated in a bit because there really wasn't a whole lot to say. Day 26 Today Rava chose a completely distinct voice of her own, instead of using a slightly more feminine version of mine. Her voice seems to be mostly inspired by an actor from the blacklist, Megan Boone (I dunno why). Inca hasn't yet chosen his own voice, but is currently using a slight variant of mine, as Rava did. Also, for quite a while I've been able to know what Rava was wearing before I saw it, but now it's a complete surprise every time. I'm thinking this is a good sign? She previously mostly wore jeans and a grey-ish shirt. For reasons we won't divulge for some time, Inca and me have fervently been practicing switching. So far we haven't made a whole lot of progress, besides me dissociating myself from my body. And lastly.. Me, Rava, and Inca are really getting started on a language learning experiment. Me and Rava are learning French together, while Inca and I are learning German.
  17. I was too lazy to post a status update yesterday, so I'm doings yesterday's and today's. Day 17 Not a whole lot happened for the first few hours of this day.. But Inca had been having a lot of self doubts, and at around 8:00 pm we discovered he had dissipated himself.. Rava hasn't been dealing with it very well. He left a note and everything.. Day 18 We brought Inca back! We found his essence in his home, and reformed him. He's been doing a lot better and doesn't really understand why he dissipated himself, so we may never know.
  18. Wow, these answers have been really helpful! I'll keep what you all said in mind, and I plan to implement a lot of solarchariot's ideas and thoughts in my mindscape. I also plan to take the current "walk-ins" out of stasis and give them their own mindscape, but otherwise not interact with them. I'm not going to keep Raven (he already disappeared), I'm probably going to keep Inca (but I need to investigate his sentience more), and I won't keep any other walk-ins around. Thanks for the replies, we are very grateful!
  19. Thanks for the reply! I'll keep what you say in mind (and I'll stop treating walk-ins as sentient).
  20. Some of you might already know this.. But I have a huge problem with walk-in "tulpas". I get onee very 1-2 days now, and it's way too much for me. I always make sure to place the walk-ins in stasis chambers, but problems are starting to arise. Today we had yet another walk-in tulpa, named Raven. We placed him in a stasis chamber after having a quick conversation with him, and thought that the problem with him was gone, and we were wrong. Within 10 minutes the stasis chamber he was in melted away. He had woken up and went to find me, and asked to talk. I led him back to the house in the mindscape and we talked. He feels really powerful, more so than Rava and much more so than Inca. What should I do with him? How do I stop all the walk-ins?
  21. These are actually really good tips, thank you! We've tried the hiding electronics thing, and it seems to a help a bit. We'll try out the others today!