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    Uhh... Hi? My name is Bryan, I'm 15, male, uhhhh... Other stuff(?). My current Tulpa is called Esper, and progress... is coming. I like Puyo Puyo, practice Psionics, writing pointlessly long essays, and other stuff I guess... PM me for beginners tips regarding Puyo Puyo and Psionics, and if you have any (much needed) help with Tulpae(That's how it's spelt, right?). Please and Thank You, have a wonderful day!

    I've got the largest system possibly ever on .info. 16 tulpas.
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  1. no I just meant your post time if anyone's gonna get cancelled it'll be me
  2. I like the environment and all and yeah humans are corrupt sooo.... ecoterrorism in the name of vigilantism?
  3. Spilling blood for the trees isn't what the lorax would've wanted
  4. ofc I do, you underestimate me, and it appears I overestimated you.
  5. english hololive is fine but poki is the scourge of the vtuber community also read the whole thread
  6. what kind of death? I try to spread touhou in the vtuber servers I'm in lol