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    Uhh... Hi? My name is Bryan, I'm 14, male, uhhhh... Other stuff(?). My current Tulpa is called Esper, and progress... is coming. I like Puyo Puyo, practice Psionics, writing pointlessly long essays, and other stuff I guess... PM me for beginners tips regarding Puyo Puyo and Psionics, and if you have any (much needed) help with Tulpae(That's how it's spelt, right?). Please and Thank You, have a wonderful day!

    I've got the largest system possibly ever on .info. 16 tulpas.
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  1. Wowie, I'm a couple days late! My apologies. I had totally forgotten. So, downsizing has proved to be a significant improvement for our system. Everyone can actually interact with everyone again! Rollin was feeling kinda lonely a couple days back, and was pretty regretful about it all, but he seems to have changed his mind after a few more days. To his point, it's a little sad, not being able to talk to people that you know so well and love so much. I suppose all we can do is try not to think about it, huh? Not too much else to report on, so see y'all later! -Bryan
  2. I've been playing a fuck ton of Orbus VR lately. I started like 4 days ago and already have 50 hours on it. Thank you Rupert. Frick I still need to update our PR. Guess I'll go do that.
  3. I thought I was the only member of your fan club though
  4. Hello, new person. Who might you be?
  5. UwU I doubt the mods would let me link e621
  6. I agree with Miri. I've been playing a lot of Orbus lately. It's fun, exploring massive worlds like that in VR, with a group of people by your side, killing monsters and making memories. Yea I'm a VR enthusiast alright 😂
  7. Trease: Ice climbers are big brain.
  8. Trease: Bre I've gotten better with Joker we need to 1v1 sometime
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