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    Uhh... Hi? My name is Bryan, I'm 15, male, uhhhh... Other stuff(?). My current Tulpa is called Esper, and progress... is coming. I like Puyo Puyo, practice Psionics, writing pointlessly long essays, and other stuff I guess... PM me for beginners tips regarding Puyo Puyo and Psionics, and if you have any (much needed) help with Tulpae(That's how it's spelt, right?). Please and Thank You, have a wonderful day!

    I've got the largest system possibly ever on .info. 16 tulpas.
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  1. oh hey tf2 how a big update, sweet
  2. [Layy] It is kinda funny getting him up. Though on weekends, despite what he may wish, I don't help because holy heck he doesn't sleep and I try to do what I can to get him to rest
  3. I think it has to do with how much a tup is forced. Layy is very forced and as such has an easy time possessing even when I'm reluctant(we often use this as a method to get me out of bed in the morning :P). Emily, while still being more forced than others, can't do this quite as easily.
  4. idk. we can possess and kinda sorta co-front(we think) but that's it. even then co-fronting is hard bc it's so easy for me to just reclaim the front
  5. now we can talk in the secret language of frontstuck
  6. fair. it's funny to think that 2 years ago we thought we'd have been able to switch in under a month. ha. ha.
  7. imagine switching couldn't be us *cries in frontstuck*
  8. We ought to do something as a family for christmas
  9. that's fair. and yeah esper has been our subrep for literally one day shy of 2 years. we just stole the term from you guys lol