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    Uhh... Hi? My name is Bryan, I'm 14, male, uhhhh... Other stuff(?). My current Tulpa is called Esper, and progress... is coming. I like Puyo Puyo, practice Psionics, writing pointlessly long essays, and other stuff I guess... PM me for beginners tips regarding Puyo Puyo and Psionics, and if you have any (much needed) help with Tulpae(That's how it's spelt, right?). Please and Thank You, have a wonderful day!

    I've got the largest system possibly ever on .info. 16 tulpas.
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  2. here not 100% explicit this is just testing the waters
  3. I could post porn here and no one would see it
  4. there is legit more than 5 posts in a minute help
  5. if you respond to this you're gay
  6. /shrug Janey: Give us more digi charat and we'll leave forever
  7. ik lol. part of me thinks it was a typo on the script