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  1. yeah that's fair, I'll stop before things get iffy in a jiffy
  2. is that required? fine, I'll try-- why would it make someone uncomfortable if teenagers were talking about their sexuality, casually or seriously? to my understanding, unless you're being a creep or weirdo about it, most people don't give a damn.
  3. Imma have to disagree with you on that one chief
  4. that's fair wait, bre not wanting to make people uncomfortable? since when?!
  5. no, I fancy myself a bit of a sub too. nice to know you're finally admitting it
  6. of course you were, you're such a sub
  7. that didn't stop me from taking your roblox gf's
  8. phooey, I'll take your virginity then
  9. isn't it alwa-- no, wait, no it isn't always.
  10. idk lol check the leaderboard
  11. he's really bad at this whole "post last" thing
  12. there's a rule against double posting
  13. my singlet friend is allegedly gonna post here