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  1. tulpish is a language despite not being an actual language. it's a method of communication that is painfully simply yet excruciatingly elaborate all at once
  2. why does that feel like a crappy copy-pasta
  3. Get yourself a woman like Nora Night
  4. yo I was describing LOTPW to a friend and I just realized it sounds cult-y Edit: YOOOO I thought I was gonna get ninja'd and I WAS RIGHT! thanks for saving me, bre
  5. Shield I hope you die a painful, elongated death, tortured by yours truly, cheese grader in hand. No romo all the homo
  6. Bre I hope you die in a fire, no homo
  7. aNd WoUlDn'T iT bE nIcE tO lIvE tOgEtHeR
  8. christ I knew you like language but holy shit. but it's cute to be so passionate about something