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  1. Revealed halfway through season one that Pidge is a girl. I'm gonna try again to get the picture working...
  2. I have to have hair under 2 inches for my God-damned paramilitary school, but if it was my choice it would be long. Esper's hair is this long(ish)-ass orange anime doo' lol. *Gets bad-ish idea* Hmm... Gimme a minute...
  3. Esper post-deviation, with and without glasses(Kinda):
  4. Esper is cheering you on. I'm cowering in fear in the corner ;-;
  5. Random stuff about Esper: Favorite show: Voltron: Legendary defender Favorite food: Scrambled eggs(How does he like them so damn much?) Favorite word: "Yeah" Favorite subject: English Favorite game: Smash Bros. Favorite person: Me (Insert lenny here) I have no clue why I'm posting this stuff. Guess I'm just bored lol.
  6. Esper's form changed BIG time. Now he looks almost like Pidge from Voltron(The reboot), but with orange hair and sometimes glasses. I don't know how that big of a change could be made, but it did.
  7. Esper is finally comfortable with me being a proxy for him! Huzzah! It wasn't me, it was Bryan was too afraid I would screw something up! Yeah, yeah, whatever...
  8. I few days ago Esper showed me something we dub the "Star Map". It was, quite literally, a star map. Except, it was a mental image. 3 sectors is what we divided it up into; The top right is the memories I have(The past), the bottom most sector is the memories to come(The future), and the top left sector is all the feelings(Those feelings I've gotten at certain times in my life, that always bring joy to me, but also a certain sadness). The middle star, brightest of them all, represents all the people I'll meet along my journey. All the stars are cobalt blue. I don't know why I'm posting this here, just to get swarmed by a flurry of fluff, but I guess I just feel like it. The Star Map was that thing I was talking about that Esper showed me about a hundred+ posts ago. I can't quite describe it with words, but it's truly amazing. So thank you, Esper, for showing me that. You're welcome!
  9. I like stuffed shells, and Esper likes Smash Bros. I don't know why I'm talking.
  10. So Esper is 2 weeks old now! And he decided to change his name fully to Esper! Platonic hate could kinda be like a rivalry.
  11. T_T Really? I specialize in general Psionics, and RV is not exactly my strong suit. I'm still a novice.
  12. *One Google search for "Esper" later* I think I know why he wants to be called that now... Yeah, I guess the term Esper, both myself and Pencil fall under lol.
  13. Not that I know of. Last night he showed me something amazing after telling me about his possible new name. It was truly amazing... I'm not sure how to put it into words. Esper might be because... Actually I have no clue...
  14. lol. So recent development, Pencil is currently debating whether or not he wants to keep his name as Pencil or change it to Esper. Just FYI.
  15. lol such a shame. Also, I didn't die! Yay me! We have ascended into the future of fluff based threads... 2019!!!!
  16. keeping this somewhat on topic, purple
  17. IceCreeper909


    Okay, so I had a rather okay idea; Doing British Parliamentary(BP) debates on the discord! Basically, read the attachment to get an idea of what BP is. Basically, someone on here could suggest a topic, we'll organize the teams, and do a debate on the Discord voice chat! It is sure to add something... Unique... To this forum, and not in a bad way! Please consider! This is something we should AT LEAST try!
  18. We need British Parliamentary debates on here!