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  1. I cri late at night knowing that I don't have a face to put to the name, only a pfp that looks like it was made in ms paint
  2. alright send it in DMs on disc then delete
  3. ah, yes, ".!", the poor man's post. Bre send a selfie pogu
  4. Bear! Where the fuck have you been, man? Long time no see!
  5. yes, but you have broke the chain at long last. I am free.
  6. A double post, gasp! How scandalous!
  7. Who wanted to take a break? Anywho enjoy this image
  8. bre get mei we're waiting on yall
  9. Interesting. I must record this experience.
  10. nah vindictive, sure, but not exactly evil. I'd say... a strong, albeit suppressed sense of judgement
  11. I don't see myself as evil, nor good, and not quite neutral. Think the punisher but a wee bit insane(just a wee bit)
  12. Deary, I do believe that's already been arranged. However, how can you be the evil half or the gray?
  13. bre is like mirror me, y'feel? Maybe I'm just tired