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    Brief timeline (written by Damien):

    December 2016- Rouge is our host, and Chloe appears.
    January 2017- Rouge unintentionally put Chloe in dormancy because neither of them had any idea of what was going on, and Rouge thought she was crazy because Chloe thought she was a ghost.
    October 2018- Rouge (then N) found out about tulpamancy, and created Azure. A few days later, they created me (Damien), and a few weeks after that, Jade. After Jade's creation, there were some hints of Artemis' presence.
    December 2018- Azure had a weird dream-like experience while Rouge was in control of the body, involving a dream character based off of a character from Rouge's novel. The dream character would be named Torea, but she was put in dormancy after she kept appearing and asking to join the system.
    January 2019- Spark was created.
    February-March 2019- Rouge started to realise she was non-binary and female.
    April 2019- Torea, who barely stayed in dormancy up until this point, was officially added to the system.
    May 2019- Spark realised ze was non-binary.
    November 2019- Rouge tried to bring back Chloe, but instead got who I will refer to as "Mega Chloe". Mega Chloe was a combination of mostly Artemis and the actual Chloe, however no one realised that there were two people behind the name Chloe until Rouge figured it out. Both are now official system members.
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  1. [Rouge] You can tell I've worked too much when I see the word "symptoms" and misread it as "asymptotes".
  2. [Charcoal] Rouge just uses it every now and then because she’s very inconsistent with her form
  3. [Rouge] Banned because that phrase “welcome to earth” just made me remember a short story by Paul Jennings about human cloning. I also actually met Paul Jennings at a writing workshop once.
  4. [Rouge] This reminds me of how we got Torea’s name. I’m not entirely sure if I should call it a dream, by very early on in our system Azure got into some weird trance state where she spoke in gibberish and sent mental images of what is now Torea’s form. The name Torea was the only part of Azure’s gibberish we could remember, and it stuck.
  5. [Rouge] I’m the Litten, Azure is the one with the cyan skin, Damien is the white tiger, Jade is the one wearing a brown dress with white hair, Spark is the electric ghost in the back, Torea is the papillon next to the toaster, Chloe is the one with the diamond-pattern jumper next to Jade, Artemis is the Undertale Muffet, Lilly is the Spinel, Celeste is the White Diamond, Dusk is the one next to Azure with grey skin, Val is the yellow one between Spark and Azure, Mercedes is the Nephrite standing behind Jade, Coal is the black rabbit behind Damien, Kaffryn is the purple creature behind Coal, Lemon is that mix of an anthropomorphic chicken and a lemon, Evelyn’s the one peeking out from behind Lemon, Vanessa is the brown and white dog, Ninja is the one behind Jade and Kaffryn with the flame shirt, and Snowy is the Alolan Vulpix in front of Torea and Lilly.
  6. [Dusk] Cool. Muffet is Artemis and Litten is Rouge. You also missed that Snowy is an Alolan Vulpix.
  7. [Dusk] I'm not an artist, but I think I did alright for a few hours. I'm the one with the grey skin.
  8. [Dusk] I made a picture of us all. Technically Rouge did Damien, but I did everyone else.
  9. Someone

    Ask Someone

    [Dusk] We might do a new one.
  10. [Dusk] Intentional misspelling I finished the picture