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    Brief timeline (written by Damien):

    December 2016- Rouge is our host, and Chloe appears.
    January 2017- Rouge unintentionally put Chloe in dormancy because neither of them had any idea of what was going on, and Rouge thought she was crazy because Chloe thought she was a ghost.
    October 2018- Rouge (then N) found out about tulpamancy, and created Azure. A few days later, they created me (Damien), and a few weeks after that, Jade. After Jade's creation, there were some hints of Artemis' presence.
    December 2018- Azure had a weird dream-like experience while Rouge was in control of the body, involving a dream character based off of a character from Rouge's novel. The dream character would be named Torea, but she was put in dormancy after she kept appearing and asking to join the system.
    January 2019- Spark was created.
    February-March 2019- Rouge started to realise she was non-binary and female.
    April 2019- Torea, who barely stayed in dormancy up until this point, was officially added to the system.
    May 2019- Spark realised ze was non-binary.
    November 2019- Rouge tried to bring back Chloe, but instead got who I will refer to as "Mega Chloe". Mega Chloe was a combination of mostly Artemis and the actual Chloe, however no one realised that there were two people behind the name Chloe until Rouge figured it out. Both are now official system members.
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