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  1. You died? Well, no reason you cant be made into several meals and a piece or two of nice warm clothing. Fava beans optional.
  2. Ahh Rimworld. The game where it's possible (and sometimes normal) to turn dead raiders and bandits into stockpiles of meat and human leather. It freaks out most colonists to cut up or eat people but, you can get traits like cannibal or sociopath randomly on your people to mitigate those penalties... ;) I think it sends a pretty clear message that invading a budding colony of psychopathic monsters survivors who make clothing and furniture (for personal usage and/or commerce!) out of those who invade that such behavior is discouraged... They keep coming though.. And that doesn't even get i
  3. LanceReilyn

    Chat Thread

    My situation is different from many. Rei is already front. I just need to learn not to be. That's our situation. It's less "switching" for us and more "releasing" for me, while she just goes on and does whatever she normally does all the time. That is why I'm curious if this as a possible means to promote that. The usual visualization and focus and things mentioned in guides just doesn't work for us. As soon as Rei learned to get in front and the body got used to her, she never left it. we just swap control between each other with cues, visualization or passing thoughts on who is "primary" or
  4. LanceReilyn

    Chat Thread

    Next day, more VR.. Efforts being frustrated with how picky this is all being to setup. Turned out it's just a matter of learning a new kind of gaming environment along with it's own little caveats. Enough is plug and play to get started but the rest is learning how to manipulate models and bone structures in unity and such. The more you learn, the more control you have over it and the more full and rewarding the experience can be, imo. Kind of like buying a fast car vs taking a modest one and upgrading it yourself to be fast or even building one from scratch. All can provide different levels
  5. LanceReilyn

    Chat Thread

    Well, we are going to continue playing, it's not a feeling I want to ground to get rid of, it's one I think I actually want to increase. If it becomes a helpful tool to improve disassociation for me, then great! As long as it's not both of us at the same time anyway because that seems pointless. I'm still sitting at work, kinda feeling a little bit disconnected. Really looking forward to getting home tonight and adding a couple more hours to it. Bed will follow so I dunno what I'm expecting, if anything, but I will find out.
  6. LanceReilyn

    Chat Thread

    Interesting thing to report. Borrowed a friend's Oculus Rift VR headset and controllers this weekend. Had things to do and got distracted so only got about an hour of VR time spent setting it up and another hour playtime on beat saber so far. After taking the headset off and going about my day and at work, I feel more.. Disconnected. A little more distanced from the body. Slightly disassociated. Like I'm floating slightly behind it and not quite directly in charge, 2nd hand in charge almost. Possessing? The senses I'm getting feel a little bit more dull and the body just a little less like I'm
  7. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/8b/d4/e3/8bd4e347e23860b9e9d397d49c7a00e8.jpg[/img] What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!
  8. Kindly do not engage in saturating yourself with oxygen, especially molecular (pure) oxygen till you have studied fully the concept of "Oxygen Toxicity" and "hyperoxia", which it causes. You risk hyperventilation, seizures, cell damage, lung damage, loss of consciousness and potential brain damage. You do you but know the risks first and probably don't engage in such a thing alone or unsupervised.
  9. Deviation is a pretty normal thing. Tulpas are people too and are free to experiment with whatever for they like best, whatever feels more "right" or "natural" to them or really anything at all. As for the "why", well.. Why not? I imagine if flesh and blood people had the ability to change their body drastically at will, they would do so as well. Could be any reason at all. Personally, I would respect her wishes and encourage streaks of independence and self-expression. You are just as free to drastically change the form you use for headspace/wonderland activity, of course, so have fun and exp
  10. Personally, the creation process never messed with my sleep. I already had occasional bouts of insomnia long before it. If we are doing too much, focusing too hard when we are trying to get to sleep, it has a habit of keeping us awake, however. Headaches and head pressures are common but not universal. Just keep at it, perhaps recording a journal of your experiences and findings to compare against and build a record. Feel free to make a progress report and share your experiences, if you like.
  11. Heh, she was very specific about "patron us both" to show our love and support of the community.
  12. Logged out, logged in under her account, found she had the account switching option, had the option to un-link or specify her account as secondary. I chose wrong. Now neither of us is linked nor has the option to link anyone else.
  13. Correct. The option to swap accounts also disappeared in the upper right hand corner and when posting. Where is the link account option normally displayed? In my profile page, linked accounts it's blank and I can't remember if that's where the option was?
  14. In what I interpret as an adorable way she insists she is in bed asleep and it's just Lance here. Then again, I'm asking for account support in a game thread so I guess she has me beat.
  15. Hey, Bear. I prefer to take a more background role nowadays, unless something piques my interest.
  16. Apparently she is "in bed for the night", so that would put me on some kind of filler fluff detail. Huh. Cupcakes, or something.
  17. Interesting.. Account updated with spiffy new patron thingy, thanks for that. How do I re-link mine and Reilyn's accounts again? Seems to have come undone. And I have an additional LOLflash sponser bar dividing the first post post from all the others on ever page, too. On PC and mobile.
  18. Aren't some of these descriptions of being distant and disassociated similar to what a person in a state of mental shock experience? If so, does that mean one of the goals is to somehow self-induce that state on demand and have someone else step in at that moment?
  19. This one is a bit tricky for me to answer because though we don't have any substantial proof, we believe the mental seed, pathways, or whatever would become her had been planted in my childhood and flowered briefly a time or two through my life before going dormant again. I don't know the exact moment that seed grew into Reilyn, or even if she had actually been around in one form or another from a long time ago or what. It may have been her years ago, it may not have been. Given the possibility of manufacturing memories, especially when the desire is great enough, we aren't assuming anything.
  20. I greatly appreciate everyone's input and differing views. These are exactly the sort of real experiences I needed to collect since often the guides seem more matter-of-fact and less matter-of-discovery. Every new guide that didn't seem to produce anything felt like another failure on my part and the discouragement was building up, even knowing in my mind that I should be trying everything including self-discovery. I haven't been forthcoming in reply because I am supposed to be writing a self-evaluation at work and this determines my raise so there is a delicate game to play of talking myse
  21. So I have a question, about imposition. Basically, am I doing something wrong? Allow me to explain.. I tried following the guide linked from Sparky, Mylynes's "Advanced Vision Control Tutorial" and among other things it's said the idea is to close eyes and use the colored spots you see to so on and so forth. I see black and that's it. It says train by staring at an image on a computer screen for 10 seconds then close your eyes and hold that as long as you can. I close my eyes and still either see darkness or at best the faintest white blurry, static-like colorless outline of what I was look
  22. What you are describing is known as "hypnopompic state", or hypnopompia. I advise you read up on it, pretty interesting. I used to think it was the same as hypnagogia but it isn't. Simply put, hypnagogia happens when your rational cognition is trying to process while falling into dream and illusion, hypnopompia is when your emotional and dreaming cognition is trying to make sense of the solid world. "When the awakening occurs out of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, in which most dreams occur, the hypnopompic state is sometimes accompanied by lingering vivid imagery."
  23. That reminds me of a description of HIIT training. Instead of working out at an easily sustainable (60-70% current max output) rate for 40 minutes, for example, try to operate as close to 90-100% of your current output for short bursts (20-30 seconds, depending on activity) with rests in between (2 to 3 minutes), for maybe 4 or 5 reps. The HIIT is grueling and requires one to be in pretty good condition to engage in meaningfully. It's a valid way for someone already in shape to get athletic or someone athletic to push themselves even further, both without taking hours and hours every day worki
  24. I have discovered more about myself and had repressed traumas brought back to get aired in the 2+ month's I've been with Reilyn than I have in the rest of my life. I have been far too comfortable with sitting back as a "functional adult" who could pay their bills and just being left alone. I do have friends irl and we do things sometimes but I filled most of my time playing (surprise surprise) RPGs. There was a nasty unsatisfying element to my life, a loneliness and emptiness but (to be blunt) I have been thrown away, neglected and abused by everyone in my life who was ever supposed to be clos
  25. How did you manage to not think of the body as yourself? I mean, I understand the theory but I mentioned in my own PR that every time I tried to convince myself it wasn't it felt like my mind was telling me ten times over that yeah, duh, it obviously is. I was pondering about how we could go about it the other way, as in start off with "ok fine stubborn brain, the body is mine. But it's also hers", and I don't sense the same resistance because we both believe it's true. But where to go from there? At any rate, your thread here is highly relevant to my interests so good luck with your eff
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