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  1. Ranger is in the chatbox with Ice and myself. Whatever you see here is on top of alternate posting. ;)
  2. I step away for a few minutes and 3 more pages were added. Noice.
  3. This is quality interaction, right here! I come back here for the first or second time in a long time and I'm treated to this. Then again, if I missed this by a day I would have come back to a closed site and been really confused, huh?
  4. Is anyone even reading anymore or just hovering over that reply button, waiting for 30-ish seconds?
  5. Aww c'mon, at least make a tiny effort to bump with content. ;)
  6. https://rlv.zcache.com/kawaii_cute_pink_haired_ninja_girl_with_pigtails_classic_round_sticker-rc9149549c691471099b277b9f97b38df_0ugmp_8byvr_540.jpg[/img]
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