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  1. Of course! I just woke up and am 2 hours late from work due to drinking until 6 am. I'll say the tides pointed the way.
  2. -24c and enough snow to gift away to the more unfortunate.
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    Chat Thread

    i've been working on recording guitar music and infinite bedroom projects mostly involved with various approaches towards ambient-influenced post-metal i seem to remain obsessed with, but it's a type of composition i still cannot seem to master due to a complexity involved with having infinite guitar layers and overall textural composition and how every guitar riff could have practically various infinite variations and you'll supposed to choose where they evolve even doing mathcore (dillinger escape plan style) or some other manic apeshit that evolves practically everywhere tonally is kind of easier as if it's prog you can approach with a completely punk attitude and not be fancily obsessed with motifs or something but the thing; hardware recording DOES suck ass, there's something drastic i'd need to change about my workflow and method of composition, or simply perhaps the attitude. there's system crashes, an infinite amount of projects consisting of 1 or 2 ideas that never go finished and irregularity whether to keep doing the composing part in midi or record demo tracks summing up to a hundred which i'll be then even more unlikely to rerecord ever again at least my new guitar tuning is fun it's an ISIS-influenced 6-string tuning FFA#D#GC, low F bass register fat monolithic chords and creatively unconventional and totally not mainstream and loop stations are the most important things i've ever used and all this trouble is a sign i should really focus on starting an 8-track "moderate black metal"-act with lyricism about working on sundays and craving after your neighbour's property
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    host sad over ex

    Ex's and past friends, said friends acting in fashions you realize you could expect from just about any of your friends who don't pay enough conscious attention to what their set of values is and having a potential to work based on a habitual instinct of whenever they can benefit and acting recklessly based on that.... don't associate with dumb people, if you really have an instinct no matter how paranoid it feels on how they might act you have an excelllent chance of most likely being right follow them and their life discreetly and observe their actions; it's not just a question of not being able to sense them thoughts, these kinds of people aren't that fashionably complex like in a soap opera, what you see is exactly what you know about them and nothing more lies beneath that; just TRY and you see what i mean, it might carry a stigma that you're intruding into people's privacy, and for no reason whatsoever, whatever they wish to hide you have most likely guessed it already if there's any sense in me relating my experiences to yours and also i mostly suggest binge drinking, intravenous drugs, and other similar habits as the perfect temporary forever solutions to life's dilemmas, ruining your life just on your OWN has a certain kind of special pride compared to social issues like these which realy have none, and as a more constructive suggestion tehre's always the fresh renewal of social circles; but there's always a certain sacred geometry to how forms of drama ensue, but when you leartn from experience, you learn to recognize these phenomenons on time, and learn to prevent the negative mark that could be born there, destroy the entire picture, and fuck up dignity on antagonists involved
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    Chat Thread

    the best thing to do on a wednesday is an intense chemical wedding and be a fucking sloth who has made his inner dialogue comfortably incomprehensible pay consideration to this fact
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    Ask Yuki

    is the house at pooh corner a good manga or the 2.0 rebuild
  7. every wish fulfillment sociosexual neurosis tends to be taken so far from the world
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    i've been in service which causes a lack of activity, but it's been approximately 4-5 months since bubbo went MIA, time to grieve. life is a life of fucks.
  9. Nothing because it poses no relevance whatsoever. My current state poses relevance however. I'm drunk, admirably drunk, which is a state you should perpetually maintain during autumn/winter above the arctic circle. I can BARELY fucking STAND which means, i'm in the ground control of my personal new jerusalem, which means i should continue and drink more!
  10. Best sides of snow; 1) Snow reflects whatever miniscule light exists now up north - somewhat less dark than autumn. 2) Walking on fresh snow creates a therapeutic ASMR-esque sound. 3) I will likely drink less because it's fatal to lose consciousness outside during winter. 4) Cold is more convenient than hot regarding how to dress, and -35c and downwards is almost poetic in the sense how everything stands still and you have to breathe air that feels hostile towards life. This however looks like a familiar view which i could count as one of the downsides. In fact, so familiar it's exactly like my town so let's meet up for NON-RECREATIONAL DRUG USAGI.
  11. any alcoholics here? how you're doing? do you lose memory often? daily routines? i do this because i've lost control of this shit for real. more and more often i lose my memory or wake up in my own vomit or with having shat or pissed my own pants. tried to quit once, after two days just started seeing things and feeling so anxious, had to start drinking so hard i lost an entire week of memory. idk, probably have to tread this path as much as any else.
  12. the fuck, i was sober for 3 days just this week, but this is pretty cool as well it's hard to troll even ironically when this is my life and _real life_
  13. damn i'm in a great christmas-anticipation condition! yesterday i had good experiences with peripheral imposition after drinking 3 bottles of wine, have a good evening-