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  1. If Bre really wanted to finish that guide, I think he’d stop posting in LOTPW so he would have more time to work on it -Fellie
  2. I hate it when I involuntarily impose Bre double-posting
  3. So how many of you think I'm literally a pickle?
  4. Indefinitely. How long have you been living in those conditions? I guess I was doing the same for my self-quarantine, but I feel bad for all the people who don't have the luxury of working from home
  5. Grocery stores and hospitals will still be accessible... but basically nothing else
  6. So my state announced that people are only to leave their house for necessities from now on
  7. I remembered to buy food for my quarantine, but I did not think to get a spare dream journal, and now mine's almost full...
  8. The key is to not have friends to begin with, so you can't be forced to stay away from them
  9. Ugh, fine, I'll ask for a week long vacation so I can fix the bot
  10. Three months since our last post, huh? Even for me, that's gotta be a record. There's not a whole lot on switching I could say that hasn't been said before. I might touch on that one day, just to confirm what most switching systems already agree on. But I want to talk about merging. See, part of the reason I had Felicity around for a whole week to begin with is because there's just not a whole lot written on merging. I think the Felights are the only other tulpa system that has documented long-term merging, and they don't seem to do that a whole lot anymore. Plus, they got drastically different results from us So, Felicity and I are dating. It started, actually, in her first full week of existence. I never said anything then, because there was still some in-system drama going on. The core of the problem is pretty simple! For Felicity to exist, Cornelia and Kanade-chan have to not exist. Not permanently, mind you! Cornelia and Kanade-chan are still alive. But every hour Felicity exists is an hour my other headmates don't. The every-other-week thing we're doing is a compromise of sorts, as there's not really an ideal solution to our problem. Someone has to not exist. We've thought about things like making a Felicity tulpa, and the risk of botching it and having a tulpa meant to emulate my girlfriend who is not my girlfriend just seems... like something we want to avoid. So, this is just our life now I'd tell people to see this as a cautionary tale - I already experimented with merging, so you don't have to! But I know very few people would listen. Hell, just the other day, I merged with Kanade-chan. Nonetheless, there's a pretty safe way to do this, and that's to not merge for very long. If I hadn't done that week-long merge, I'm 99% certain we wouldn't be in this situation. An hour of merging, just to see what the merge is like, is perfectly fine. It's when you start getting attached to the merge as an individual that you need to be wary Given what I've just laid out, I'm afraid of saying this, but I do think my experiment needs replication. We'll still occasionally have someone say that our merges are completely different from theirs, even suggesting that it's strange for Felicity to be the same person every time. I keep thinking back to our earliest merges, as Felicity just seemed very different personality-wise back then. There's lots of explanations for that, not the least of which is the existential quandary that comes from being a merge. Yet, I can't help but think that it felt a lot like I was forcing a new tulpa. It could be the case that I've "stabilized" the merged by spending time with her so consistently Still, it's dangerous to experiment with this stuff just to find out the answer to that question
  11. You weren't supposed to figure that out so early into the simulation!
  12. Why are you talking like this hasn't happened yet?
  13. Oh whew, looks like my state delayed voting. I don't have to break my quarantine!
  14. Well I didn't get tested, but I have a dry cough and a sore throat. Those could be cold symptoms, but I have close to enough food for a self-quarantine anyways, so better to do that than risk infection someone else