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  1. Just change the "us" to an "a" and this would hit too close to home
  2. The other day, while I was doing auditory imposition practice, Cornelia decided to tell me all the flaws in the anime I'm currently watching. She made some very good points and I think I'm going to enjoy the rest of the anime less because of her. Plurality was a mistake
  3. I feel like my auditory imposition is at about 90% believability, but that 10% bothers me to no end
  4. I’d more say tulpas are stressful in the same way any social relationship is stressful. But even though everyone knows that friendships and stuff can be stressful, very few people decide to have zero friends because loneliness is worse than stressful, and also friends can help you cope with the stress from other things in your life
  5. It’s cannon now, the tribunal has decided
  6. Well, Tulpa001’s guide is actually the only guide I read before making both Kanade and Cornelia, but I think that speaks to the fact that most new people need to be told to just fucking do it, everything else is commentary
  7. I dislike the term forcing because it doesn’t capture what you’re actually doing to make a tulpa, which is to pay attention to them and talk to them. The number of accidental tulpas out there suggests you don’t even need to see them as real for them to become sentient, you literally just need to talk to them until they talk back
  8. It seems to me that the % of tulpamancers who love their tulpas is much much higher than the % of tulpamancers who love themselves
  9. Feeling inadequate because your tulpa is a better person than you
  10. I don’t want to put words in Bre’s mouth, but most people (not everyone) can simulate a conversation between themselves and a family member/close friend. A good number of tulpamancers think that talking to a young tulpa is like simulating such a conversation, but most people agree that tulpas eventually become more independent than that
  11. No one agrees on what makes a singlet conscious, so figuring out what makes tulpas conscious is nigh impossible. If you’re talking about what a sentient tulpa feels like, that’s a bit easier to answer. I think it comes down to autonomy - the feeling that you aren’t putting effort into your tulpa’s thoughts. But I also think it’s not binary, and we can get a frog in hot water situation where one day, you realize that your tulpa has been sentient for the past two weeks and you didn’t notice until now because it happened so gradually. Of course, a ha moments like Miri’s do happen, they just don’t happen to everyone
  12. You mean... how many head mates can you keep active without them distracting you? It depends on how willing/able those head mates are at doing a guided meditation
  13. That conversation reminded me of happier times, when I could ride my bike to work