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  1. When I worked with kids, my co-workers provided way more stress than the kids... but it'll depend on the specifics of the job. I can't imagine having a teacher:student ration of 1:30 like they do in some schools
  2. Well, most of these things come down to definitions. When we talk about things being programmed, we're usually talking about computers, which most people agree don't have qualia. So in that sense, I'd be more than a little hesitant to say humans (and animals, as there's evidence that they have qualia) are programmed. But if we mean humans follow a set of predictable rules - If (self.isAngry()) { punchFaceOf(targetOfIre()); } - looks like a predictable rule to me, so long as we accept that isAngry() can be defined. Of course, the rules humans follow would be 100000x more complex than this, but that just means you'd have to be really really smart in order to predict human behavior. It doesn't mean the rules aren't there As for free will, this guy did a better job of summing up my thoughts than me
  3. If that's the case, asking people in the context of a tulpamancy community is a waste of time. If a therapist gave this to me, my responses would depend heavily on whether or not I'm comfortable telling my therapist about tulpas. If it was on an anonymous survey given to the general population, I'd answer yes to a lot of questions on the basis of my plurality. But here, it's about subject/experimenter expectations. I thought the questions were about pathological psychosis and not about tulpas (whether or not tulpas are technically a form of psychosis, it's much harder to argue that they are pathological). So I said "Nope, no weird sensations of other people being around me!" because that's the answer I thought I wanted, and not because it's how I actually felt. Inasmuch as this survey will tell us anything, it tells us that tulpamancers know they are outside the norm, which you didn't need a survey to establish.
  4. When you're conducting a survey like that, you don't want to test how people interpret your questions. A rewording is in order (I'd have said some of this in the thread, but Lumi's comment seemed sufficient for the time being)
  5. I took that survey as well... definitely felt like the questions were written by someone who didn't know what imposition is. Well, they usually try to stick to a rigid set of questions to ensure the validity of the measure, but even so. Tulpamancers definitely blur the line for what is and isn't a hallucination
  6. Do you mean you want to develop second position, or spend more time on tulpa-specific things?
  7. Lumi suggested that this topic was better suited for BQ than LOTPW, so here we are! Many switching systems report that when they first start switching, the tulpa feels incredibly tired after a few hours of switching in. This fatigue can almost entirely be eliminated by having the tulpa switch out, and seems to reset after a good night's sleep. However, many switching systems work up to the point where the tulpa can switch for a whole day without becoming tired. My question is: how long does this take? How much switching practice do you need before switching-related fatigue disappears? After less than two week's practice, Cornelia was able to switch from about 7:30 to 5:30, though she got tired wayyyy before she switched out. My guess is that getting yourself to six hours without tiredness can be done in a couple of weeks, but getting it up to a full day could be a matter of months
  8. [Felicity] Banned for not mentioning how delicious jellyfish are!
  9. I’m too lazy to do the requisite research to confirm this, but I’m willing to bet there’s at least one state where you only need to pass an exam instead of having a degree
  10. “Need” is a strong word. I thought you needed a degree to be a software engineer until I got a job as a software engineer. Even if you want an academic job, there are cases of people skipping undergrad and going straight to grad school (which is actually useful)
  11. There’s salt on the road but no snow on the trees
  12. [Felicity] I appreciate that the migration let me win at this game, but the old forum is just better edit: exhibit A is having to switch accounts every single time I reopen my browser
  13. Lumi Felicity just made me watch that bee video a second time and she'll probably make me watch it a third time before the night is over. You've officially ruined my life
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