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  1. In my dream last night I was talking to a dream character about lucid dreams and that somehow didn't trigger me to reality check dsdkagslhfdgkj
  2. I certainly had doubts when I first started - and why wouldn't I? Very, very few people were raised thinking that plurality was a thing, and when people do find out about it, it's usually because they heard about DID in an abnormal psych class. Under these circumstances, it would actually be concerning if you didn't start off your tulpamancy journey with at least a few doubts. However, I think most of my doubts nowadays are just passing/intrusive thoughts Obnoxiously, my mind is a very clever skepticism machine, but I also think a lot of that skepticism doesn't stand up to scrutiny. For example, let's consider a skeptical theory: "Your tulpas are not fully autonomous beings - your subconscious controls them as a way to improve your mental health." Now wait! Cornelia has very high expectations for me, and as a result, is sometimes harsh to me. Is that theory invalidated? No! Not yet! Cornelia can be rather blunt and rude, but that means it feels better when I meet her expectations and she praises me. Couldn't that be my subconscious playing some sort of long game, and calculating what is best for me? And that skeptical thought might seem compelling on the surface - yet, let's think about what is being claimed. My subconscious being impulsively hedonistic would be understandable. Presumably, it's tapped into my emotions, and has learned, through trial and error, what feels good, at least in the moment. So it's already a bit silly to suggest it's planning how to maximize my well-being. But that's not all we need for this skeptical thought to hold weight. My subconscious also needs to be intelligent enough to calculate an acceptable ratio of praise to disappointment. Furthermore, I have all these skeptical thoughts after the fact, which means my subconscious is doing this without doing anything that could alert conscious-me to what's going on. At this point, my subconscious is so close to sentience that it was silly to call it my subconscious. So I don't think that skeptical thought it as damning as it first sounded How do we assign our thoughts? Our ideal is that anyone can just say "That wasn't me!" even if it most definitely did sound like them. That's easier said than done, and we often do take intrusive thoughts more personally. It's definitely something we're still working on
  3. Is it common for tulpamancers to use reference pictures when making their tulpas' forms? I never did that. I guess I cheated with Kanade-chan by basing her off of a real person, but when I finally did see H-san again, I realized I had actually forgotten a lot of details about how she looks For Cornelia and Felicity, I certainly came up with their base form, but they both modified it. Cornelia added in horns, Felicity made her hair significantly longer... hell, even Kanade-chan looks like a modified H-san now, as she's basically only kept her hair When I'm trying to get better at visualization, I do use this as a reference picture for Felicity: It doesn't look too much like her, but I would note that I actually did some searching before settling on this one! Ultimately, I only use it when I'm feeling bad about how realistic Felicity's wonderland form is. There's just a certain way human eyes/skin/noses/etc look, so it doesn't matter if this is a perfect match for Felicity or not, so long as I can make her look more realistic without significantly altering her base appearance
  4. Also, CVS doesn't sell tests that tell you if your tulpa is done or not
  5. This is what I'm most interested in hearing you elaborate on. Felicity's merging/un-merging is basically instantaneous, so she could, in theory, have a conversation with Kanade-chan or Cornelia by doing that repeatedly. That was my first theory when hearing about your situation, but what you're saying here seems to contradict it I would note that it's not significant that your constituents experience fronting as you. The same thing happens with Kanade-chan and Cornelia when they're merged, and Felicity is a "normal" merge
  6. We have gotten pretty good at second position, so I'm not sure that'd be the case. Incidentally, no one in our system seems to be able to go dormant on demand the way Joy can
  7. I once asked Felicity if she'd consider it infidelity on my part if I let Kanade-chan switch in to have a relationship of her own. On the one hand, since she'd be using my body for the lewd parts of the relationship, and since I'd be getting emotional bleed/vicarious enjoyment from that, it certainly seems like a loophole to the whole "no cheating" thing. But, on the other hand, if Kanade-chan did really like someone, would it be fair to say she couldn't have a relationship with them because I'm in a relationship with someone else? We never came up with a solid answer to that question
  8. Being able to talk to the constituents/mergees of a merge is pretty alien to us, but everything else seems to be the same
  9. There are some questions where the answers are hard to find/you'll get conflicting information. There's no community consensus on parallel processing, for instance, so asking questions on that would be more than fair game. Similarly, when Cornelia and I were looking for information on tulpa-merges, we found vanishingly little, resulting in her starting a thread on that. In other words, if you did your research and you still don't know the answer, ask away
  10. I think 6 days for Kanade-chan, then 2 for Cornelia, who I created second. Note that they weren't fully functional at that point, just vocal
  11. I read a few short stories written in second person for college, but I did not like any of those short stories. I think it's a lot like asking why so few people pick things up with their feet instead of their hands. It's just better to pick things up with your hands
  12. If I may interject, Cornelia's said to me that she sometimes finds switching frustrating because she feels like it's easier to change me with mind voice than with switching. I firmly believe there's such a thing as the body OS, and that some problems in your life are caused by said body OS. For such problems, yes, a tulpa fronting for a long period of time could be helpful. But what should be clear by the fact that prolonged fronting didn't fix Miri is that her problems are not in the body OS. They are, well, her problems. I fear that by fronting for so long, you've set yourself up for failure Mind you, it does seem like Miri's problems are severe enough that you probably want to stay as the main fronter (and, if I recall, Miri just does nothing whenever she "fronts"). Yet, as far as I can tell, you, Miichu, are the one who posts on the forum, chats on the discord, chats on the cbox, and does offline stuff. Of course Miri hasn't gotten any better in those circumstances. Maybe just say "Miri will peruse the forum games for 15 minutes a day" and try and influence her with mind voice while she does. That could be a frustratingly slow experience, and I'm certainly not going to guarantee it will work. But it does seem like it'd be more effective than what you're currently doing
  13. So I guess what I was trying would more rightly be described as biphasic. That whole 6 half-hour naps thing sounds nuts to me. I'm not convinced it's a good substitute for 8 hours of sleep straight, especially given the lack of long-term studies on it. I have heard of people doing biphasic sleep occasionally to induce lucid dreams, and while I've toyed with the idea of doing it consistently before, I'm always put off by the fact that I"d be missing out on opportunities to socialize. This isn't the first time I've done it, but - I'm normally only awake for two hours. Today I was awake for four hours, thinking that'd make me more tired and give me a better chance of falling asleep... that didn't work out. Then again, I was being pretty sedentary on my computer. I wonder if I had taken a hike, or done jumping jacks between chapters of Slay the Spire, if things would've gone differently
  14. Hmm... despite how tired I felt for my 4 hours awake, I still struggled to get my polyphasic sleep... well, I gave up about 1.5 hours in because I was hungry, so that certainly didn't help
  15. I just tried that test and it depended on which hand I used