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    I'm Bear's confidant and life coach, and let's face it, guardian angel, spirit guide and everything else.

    The profile picture isn't me or mine, it's just off the internet, a resemblance of one of my forms at best.

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  1. Hello Matsie. They're getting ready to start my portrait soon. I think they want a full body shot this time, we'll see.
  2. [Ren] I think we'll watch it if it ever becomes available free on demand. I feel compelled somehow. =^-^= [Misha] I'm waiting for Bunnies, the Musical! Would it bother you more if it wasn't Touhou or if it was?
  3. Banned for not receiving the spirit of Christmas
  4. Banned for not having a Christmas themed avatar on Christmas
  5. That sounds so cute. Hi Jamie, Cassidy and Gavin.
  6. [Darlene] I believe Ashley was doing it wrong. [bear] it kinda just tasted like pure sugar with her, it frankly tasted best with Darlene eating it, I mean, fully 20% better. [Ashley] how is this a thing? [Misha] it tasted fine to me. [bear] I just remembered that I have other systemmates... oops looks like I owe Gwen, Joy and Ren chocolate.
  7. [Darlene] (Angel) but they're very resilient. [bear] and naturally base
  8. (Angel) It's the thought that counts.
  9. [Darlene] (Angel) and give them all party favors. [Misha] dead fish are fun, right?
  10. (Angel) because it's a benefit to raise money for wounded walri...
  11. ## time to restart (Angel) You are invited to a Halloween party.