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    Just ask me, I'm nice... enough. If I look surly, it's just my sense of humor. PM me if you think otherwise and I'll fix it.

    Misha and I are the on-line liaisons for now, you won't hear from most of our system much.

    My current profile picture is what Misha and Bear drew, it's amazing to get basically a realistic picture of me.

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  1. Ashley

    Ashley's Lounge

    In case anyone is interested, here's Episode 20 of Three Sisters Play. Three Sisters Get Surprised by a Rogue Bear, Episode 20 Bear snuck up on Gwen and took control of her craft, kicking her out of front, then nearly crashed it. He was scolded and stayed in watcher position the rest of the game (in time out).
  2. Ashley

    Ashley's Lounge

    Well the forum is migrating as early as tomorrow and it's going to take until the 1st or so, so that means we won't see anyone until next year as soon as that starts. We'll be here till the end because Bear's only working one job thru the 30th anyway. Though the hours are still long because why not? (Bear logic) Misha is still on Reddit u/MishaShyBear and Joy checks her Discord @Joy#3071 on, Tulpa Central, and Tulpa Chat Otherwise, goodbye till then.
  3. Banned for crimes against Christmas
  4. [Ashley] What about Raspberry Pi? [Misha] yum!
  5. Ashley

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    Yeah, or something. I wish my previous wish comes true, I only play hardcore.
  6. No, it's bone in. [Hidden][/img] [/hidden]
  7. Snailey has an Adamantium shell and he's the size of a football so he's not so easily eaten, not even by a bear. Merry Christmas!
  8. Ashley

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    [Ashley] There was a mixup, instead of obligatory, the word was replaced by mandatory. Sorry Fellie, due to a clerk's error, you're going to the Angel Reeducation Center on Crematoria Tripple Max Penitentiary. We'll see you just before 2030! [Misha] I wish I had mercy for quarter demons.
  9. Banning Santa for not being giving enough
  10. Ashley

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    You have sentient dolphins, that all say stupid and ignorant things incessantly. I wish Fellie would understand karma.
  11. Ashley

    [Game] Break-a-wish

    [Ashley] You do, as a jellyfish. Though you can keep your memories and consiousness, you live in complete darkness floating aimlessly until you die... which means forever. I wish the life of a jellyfish was better. [Joy] it's not, it just isn't ever going to be.
  12. Banned for watching a random video.