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    I'm not really a vampire obviously.

    My current profile picture is what Misha and Bear drew, it's amazing to get basically a realistic picture of me.

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  1. Ashley

    Ashley's Lounge

    We take very good care of our robot. Though he doesn't complain when we abuse him either.
  2. Ashley

    Ashley's Lounge

    It's like they know us, lol. u/aeolys
  3. Ashley

    Ashley's Lounge

    Another glorious episode! https://ashleybear.home.blog/2020/12/26/three-sisters-play-rimworld-queen-of-the-north-s1e9/ [Bear] Ashley is so happy she survived to mid-game without dying. You don't want to know how many times she died in previous run-throughs.
  4. Ashley

    Ashley's Lounge

    https://ashleybear.home.blog/2020/12/23/five-sisters-a-bear-and-dave-play-rimworld-queen-of-the-north-s1e8/ We're up to five and who knows how many we'll end up with at this point. The Vanilla game is meant to be played with over a dozen pawns, but the battles get totally ridiculous.
  5. Ashley

    Ashley's Lounge

    https://ashleybearhome.wordpress.com/2020/12/21/four-sisters-a-bear-and-dave-play-rimworld-queen-of-the-north/ Just another day on the rim.
  6. Ashley

    Ashley's Lounge

    I found this picture and it reminded me of good ol' trusty Dave. He saw some action in this last episode that we won't release for a couple days. We're close to upgrading his limbs, then he'll be super Dave!
  7. Ashley

    Ashley's Lounge

    https://ashleybear.home.blog/2020/12/19/three-actual-sisters-and-a-bear-play-rimworld-queen-of-the-north/ Interesting, good progress, and we're all in it now.
  8. Ashley

    Ashley's Lounge

    Sorry about the low res, Reddit doesn't play nice sometimes. I thought these were perfect to show the heart of Rimworld. These are made by u/Aelanna
  9. Thanks for enjoying it! Please link your blog when it's done We chose wordpress.com, it's the free one and it doesn't have a lot of ads, plus you can pick your domain. It's not as powerful as the other wordpress, but it's perfect for what we do. It's really impressive actually in that it's easy to use and has a lot of metrics.
  10. If a picture of a mountain isn't a mountain, than what is it a picture of Miss Smartypants? Of course she says. What does this even say?
  11. It's always a party with ol' Ronnie. In facr, the next T1 I pick up will be Named Ronnie McDonnie
  12. Ashley

    Ashley's Lounge

    https://ashleybear.home.blog/2020/12/15/three-sisters-play-rimworld-queen-of-the-north-s1e3/ It's quiet out on the Rim, too quiet. The kind of quiet that'll make someone go out of their mind.
  13. Welcome aboard, grab a plate, and dig in!
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