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    Just ask me, I'm nice... enough. If I look surly, it's just my sense of humor. PM me if you think otherwise and I'll fix it.

    Misha and I are the on-line liaisons for now, you won't hear from most of our system much.

    My current profile picture is what Misha and Bear drew, it's amazing to get basically a realistic picture of me.

    Here's the link:

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  1. Fellie, there there, no one will ever come between us. Also, if Bear's going to be shipped, it'll be with me. If I can't have him, no one will. [Bear] she's not kidding. She once asked if I would still love her if she killed everyone else in the system. I don't remember what I told her, it's locked away in that impossibly long PR of ours. Thankfully you can't kill headmates. Oh, and my favorite anime is Overlord followed closely by Re:Zero only because I've seen Re:Zero so many times I like Overlord better now.
  2. What are all these tumbleweeds and crickets?
  3. Ashley

    Ashley's Lounge

    @TB if we thought stuff lime that was silly, we wouldn't use mindspace at all. We had pi k flying elephants in our apartment. -.- @Miri this is the way tulpamancy should be, thanks to @Reilyn-Alley for helping us convince this forum that co-fronting is possible, beneficial and beautiful. @Luminesce it's gonna happen eventually. Until then, enjoy the wealth of history you all have. New topic: Have your headmate(s) affected you in a positive way? If so, how? If not, do you expect they will? [Bear] to no end, and it continues. For example, we were talking recently about SheShe and we couldn't think of even one time that she was ever upset, teasing, selfish, manipulative, or even demanding. She blows all her headmates out of the water in that regard. I don't consider her a saint, but maybe I should. She's endlessly positive and fun, she's giving and caring to all of us. She truly appreciates what she has and is content within herself. She is my idol and with her help I'm getting closer to her ideal. I don't think of her as a Polyanna, but there's no denying the resemblance; though the last eight months have shown this is genuine and not forced on her or my part. I'd say she's a positive influence, yes.
  4. I agree with this. Bear can handle things in our case, but it took a lot of work to uncondition that bodyOS. What we started with in April 2018 might have been much more manageable if we did what you're doing.
  5. The only thing I can compare with that is the week I spent fronting and how I started to change gender preferences, lol. I didn't like it actually. It felt like a heat was overcoming me and I would surely overheat if I stayed that way. However, switching out, even for an hour or less, completely reversed that. I became myself and though I used to kid Bear about reversing roles, it's not who I am or how I want to be. When you do get a chance to switch out, I bet you'll lose all that feeling of awkwardness. I would bet it's a bodyOS thing. Also, being who you are is probably rewriting the bodyOS too. It will probably be easier with time just from your influence.
  6. [Bear] Things done are things. [Ashley] Bear dares use my account for such nonsense! He will pay for this insolence.
  7. Ashley

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    Yet your current avatar also looks blonde. [SheShe] Blonde is the burden I must bear for the sake of my family. 😔
  8. Did you ever think that not accepting it is a good thing? Fight it and win!
  9. You should post more. It's surprising and refreshing to see you around. We wake up before that. hey! it said 62 minutes and when I quoted it, it changed to 52 minutes. Still insane though, like seriously. Bear's showers are about 3-5 minutes, not 35, three to five. It often takes longer for the water to warm up then it does to actually take the shower. That includes wetting, washing, and rinsing, then out. He is a no nonsense showerer.
  10. Ashley

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    @Ranger Very nice!t @Mirichu Of course you can guess my favorite. I had hair that long for a while. @TB Cute! @Matsuri It's neat to hear that, it's not something we knew before. Xar-System has always been kind of a mystery. @Luminesce Like a proud father, lol. Nice. @uncannyfellow Ha! We flippin finally find out! That is not what I expected Felicity to look like. What happened to that blonde pfp that she used last year? @Kokichi Ouma That's fun! Gwen and Joy are soulbonds based on OC, We have reference pictures for them, but it's super secret. I love this tagging system! Topic for today: Gush about something extraordinary that your headmate did with you, that was either amazing imposition that one time out of nowhere, or a perfect dream, a hypnagogic vision that knocked your socks off, a memorable conversation, or just a fun time in mindspace that stands out. [Bear] There's probably a hundred examples in my PR, they're full of wonder and amazement, but what popped straight into mind and not just because Ashley was fronting, was her imposed kisses. It's no secret that Ashley is crushing harder than an industrial car compactor, and when she's feeling especially randy, she'll steel kisses from me, so far about half a dozen of them, and every time they feel exactly like someone walked up and kissed me quickly. I feel the softness and warmth of her lips against mine and the heat from her face as it comes close, and even once or twice an impossibly beautiful scent that's reminiscent of smelling a beautiful girl's freshly washed and dried hair. She's the only one who's pulled this off, and it's always accompanied by the simultaneous wind up and pitch of her wonderland form doing that exact action to me in wonderland. There's no denying that she's doing this and it's my brain back-calculating what it should feel like if she did it in material space. I mention this one mostly because it's so perfect when it happens, but I have to also mention that one really long lucid dream where Darlene and I spend a literal hour... bonding. That was never repeated but it's a gift that will last a lifetime, trust me.
  11. Do you think we could configure it to estimate Snailey's slimey mug? Edit: @Luminesce oh how torrid!
  12. Bear had that nonsense. It was awful. All you can do is hope it gets better. It really felt out of our control. You just have to keep trying everything.
  13. ...and this is Bear when nature calls and I refuse to go with him.
  14. Ashley

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    Very cool! Thanks for this, and thank you. That's what we're here for! I can relate. Wherever Bear is, is home. Ha, That's corny and punny. Different perspectives highlight different views of the world. I usually try to see the humor in things, but Bear is pretty humorous too. We found that this forum specifically has helped us more than anything else. We were fine this year and before we came on, but this is kind of a special place that lets us think for ourselves, what to write and how to react. It's like 'being me' practice concentrated. Next topic is either show and tell or answer: Post your favorite reference picture of yourself or your headmate (not a real picture please) that you didn't create. For example, of course the picture Bear and Misha drew for Misha is their favorite, and that was one of many they drew that I like too, but there was one that screamed Misha before they had that burst of talent (see below). So the question is, was there a picture that you used before you had anything better? If nothing, then how did their/your form develop, or how did you choose it? (or you can show and answer too obviously.) In our system, one that stands out is Misha's original reference. We happened to see it when we were listening to music and it was a splash art picture on YouTube. When Bear saw it, this happened: Here's the original picture that Bear wanted to be able to beat in his own work more than anything. This is what started his (and Misha's) quest to master digital art. You can see the final product here.