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  1. We lol'd at this. Just release it in your conlang, then it would be an enigma wrapped in a riddle, and not just an enigmatic riddle.
  2. Our pictures are. DuUuh. [Bear] I see
  3. As it should have been. [Bear] yeah? Hm.
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    Yeah we played that, but Bear likes SE better, he had EGS like four years ago? Maybe longer, in alpha and it was okay, but SE is just a little more brutal and easier to RP in our opinion.
  5. Then you're permanently banned instead for not playing this game enough. (Bear got permanently banned on some obscure sub on Reddit because apparently he corrected a mod. Tbf, the mod was saying all kinds of bullshit and we wouldn't want to be in that sub and would never have found it except this random guy was talkin shit on one of Bear's posts and so he checked out this guy's posts and they were all accusing different people in different subs for being 'in a cult' and 'acting against him'. The cult was something weird we'd never heard of. So Bear said, "Everyone's against you? Think about that a minute." and so on.)
  6. Slipping daily, but still pretty high.
  7. Banned for peeing out your face. Permanently banned for not being active enough on the forums.
  8. Wow, nice going Lucilyn and co!
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    A thing happened... We sort of died like 2 hours in to the first play-through, but we had fun.
  10. Speaking of word games, his favorite catch phrase is "non-abide" which doesn't really make sense in any reasonable context, isn't funny, and is awkward af. [Bear] It will someday.
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    It just started like a week and a half ago, no phone updates, it doesn't matter if it's chrome or not, we reset everything short of rooting/factory resetting the phone, and we're not going to do that just to keep up with LOTPW. I'm sure it'd be worth it if anyone else in the world had an issue in addition to this one phone
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    So, Bear's phone isn't compatible with this site right now. It randomly glitches out and it's near impossible to do anything longer than a one liner without hitting backspace or return, so it will glitch by closing the keyboard and then it will sometimes press the button under the keyboard like "next topic" or the up arrow on mobile, and it will then sometimes lose the post. So it's pretty awful. We're just going to check the forum every so often when Bear's in front of his computer at home (like now) and that's about it for now. Maybe it'll magically fix itself as it magically broke. There's not much activity here anyway, but it pretty much sapped us. We're not lurking on LOTPW anymore either, it's just pages of shitposting mostly, and that's fine except we can't use the phone so we can't keep up. We're here and we can keep up with First one to post to 100 or whatever Someone's thread is, though it's pretty dead anyway.
  13. We know a Clara, so maybe a different Clara?
  14. We're not big on reading the txt walls and shitposting here. We do a lot of skipping. You should feel privileged because Bear has turned into an anti-long post reader and he saw the length and was about to nope, but then decided it was interesting and read it all. The mouthful of peanuts got him interested, ngl. We must know the truth about peanuts. Also, how can you take that and expect it to digest in 30 minutes? Is the pill some sort of fast acting thing? Can it be fully absorbed in the stomach? We're not gastroenterologists here.
  15. [Ashley] Definitely positive thinking [Bear] it was 105 yesterday and today it 74 and cloudy all day
  16. [Ashley] What if 2021 is so bad, this isn't even bad by comparison? [Bear] I'm writing in Alyssa Milano
  17. We met other systems that rotated, so Lumites aren't the only ones.
  18. This is one explanation, but not the only one that fits the data. Or rotate