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  1. She figured it out too easily...
  2. Oakland had zero police killings in 2017 and 1 police killing in 2018, for which the involved officers were fired. Looking around, you'll see a variety of opinions on why that is, but there is academic research on some of the policies they've implemented (one of which is to make more laws restricting police use of force. Duh). The bitter pill to swallow is that democracy might actually be contributing to police brutality, which is a lot more popular than most people realize: although it certainly doesn't help that people focus on dead-end solutions, like body cameras, that have been shown to have literally no effect ACAB is an exaggeration. Not only is police brutality heavily district-based, many good cops feel unable to oppose the bad cops in their department, who may very well be in a higher position than them. Resisting can mean you don't get back up when you need it to not die, and so it might be better to do a little good here and there than die without accomplishing anything. But all that's small consolation to the people who are harmed by bad cops, and I certainly understand the sentiment
  3. UF left out that I was switched in when he made that post, and I was proxying him. Would a bad tulpa let their host do that?
  4. I'd love it if we got an end to qualified immunity or police unions, but the protestors have been so bad at organizing/actually stating any demands that I'm not holding my breath for any real change to come about, save for Donald Trump declaring Antifa a terrorist organization
  5. The AI is saving all tulpamancers so it can learn more about the human brain. No one else gets an exception
  6. Who's to say my AI would do a bad job of ruling the world?
  7. Only if I didn't want that to happen
  8. I'd love it if I was that good of a programmer
  9. I've been working on the AI for our game basically since I learned switching and it's still not done yet. Someone help me
  10. Did you drink it more than 12 hours before trying to go to sleep?
  11. Lack of coffee is usually the best explanation
  12. I hurt my head programming too much and now I need Matsi-chan to tell a funny joke to make it feel better
  13. Well, you'd be less likely to remember the things you do while not fronting, just as I'm sure if Miri or Akai possessed while you were fronting, you wouldn't be likely to remember that. As far as The Braintm cares, whoever is fronting is youtm, and so it pays less attention to the systemmates. So, you said that Miri's fronting in the situations where you can't remember scratching your arms - this seems entirely expected to me