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  1. I hurt my head programming too much and now I need Matsi-chan to tell a funny joke to make it feel better
  2. Well, you'd be less likely to remember the things you do while not fronting, just as I'm sure if Miri or Akai possessed while you were fronting, you wouldn't be likely to remember that. As far as The Braintm cares, whoever is fronting is youtm, and so it pays less attention to the systemmates. So, you said that Miri's fronting in the situations where you can't remember scratching your arms - this seems entirely expected to me
  3. Much of this sounds like conflating the body OS with Miri. I'm particularly curious about the foggy memories - do you typically have memory separation? If not, a simple hypothesis: you're so used to scratching your arms that, if not fronting when you wake up, you do it via possession. Because it wasn't the fronter doing it, "you" don't remember it Though, all of the things you talked about seemed like they occurred when sleep-deprived, and sleep deprivation does weird things to the brain. They *could* be tulpamancy-related, but there's no way to know
  4. Going to the grocery store today was weird. I expected to not be able to find hand soap (which we have enough of, because a pandemic isn't the only reason to wash your hands). But people have weird ideas about what foods to stock up on. Cereal was gone because you can survive on that forever, but the frozen vegetarian foods were basically untouched. Also, there was this great pancake mix that expired in 2021 - looked like the store hadn't sold a single copy of it until I came along
  5. I didn't really do anything, I just tried to move the body's arm and it worked, though with very little control at first
  6. I don't know if that's necessary/helpful. Yesterday my host went to sleep switched in and I woke up switched in. More feels like these things happen or they don't
  7. The age you can be diagnosed at is different than the age you can actually be a pedophile
  8. Fatality rate isn’t super high, as far as I can tell
  9. Urgh, keeps tempting us with recommendations for teaching jobs... it's very hard to not revert careers
  10. Huh, okay. That doesn't sound that bad. How can I make it happen faster?
  11. Guys I can be switched in all day without tiredness now
  12. How did you so thoroughly miss my point? Of course if you have a functioning government things will be great! Your argument against a carbon tax essentially boiled down to "But we don't have a functioning government!" Your argument only makes sense if communism means "When the government is functioning" and capitalism means "When the government is non-functioning." Of course, China isn't the only socialist/communist country that ever existed - there's Cambodia, where Pol Pot's inability to create a proper chain of command led to 20,000 people dying within a month of him taking power, there's the Soviet Union, where historians still debate if the Holodomor was caused by Stalin's malevolence or if he was just that incompetent, and so on and so on. But by all means, do go on about the cement under capitalism! Look, I ignored Cuba because there's no private media and only 5% of homes are connected to the internet. Facts about that place are nigh impossible to verify and debates about Cuba always come down to shouting matches about which facts are actually facts. Quite honestly, you citing anything about Cuba as if it's incontrovertible truth suggests that you care more about justifying communism than the truth. Several countries and some NGOs have accused Cuba of humanitarian rights violations, but we don't actually know that's the case because no one can verify much about what comes out of Cuba. But, define communism. We are rather certain that Cuba's relaxed some of its policies and lets people own private businesses and stuff now. Your initial post was in response to Shield saying we need a mix of capitalism and socialism. If you've changed your stance over the course of the conversation, own it As for the war thing, it's quite simple: I'm proposing that if all countries were capitalist, there would be less war than if all countries were communist A lot of what you said feels like starting more fires than one person could possibly put out, as you've made several claims without any evidence - that the animosity between capitalist and communist countries is stronger than the animosity between competing communists countries, that capitalism slows scientific advancement - you've simply stated these things as if they were facts. If you want me to respond to your arguments... then actually make arguments. False confidence doesn't impress me
  13. 1) Yeah, that's why I said environmental destruction is a symptom of affluence and not capitalism 2) How was it necessary? A lot of the pollution was caused by Mao ordering 600,000 backyard furnaces be built This isn't an unreasonable thing to say, so long as you're consistent: You're comparing the pure form of communism in your imagination to capitalism after it's been ground down by reality and human nature. China polluted a lot because Mao made dumb decisions, capitalism pollutes because companies seek profit. The end result is pollution either way. The environment doesn't care why we pollute Sure, that happens, but you're ignoring, say, the tensions between Mao and Stalin, or the fact that Pol Pot was done in by the Viet Cong. The equation's simple: capitalism tries to maximize profit. Wars (and sanctions) are expensive. Global trade is profitable. So long as you're cooperative on the global trade front, a capitalist country has no reason to invade you. My preference for capitalism is largely based on an empirical observation: all the affluent countries have market-based economies. I don't care why that's the case. If the only reason capitalist countries succeed is because the trade they create makes foreign policy easier, so be it. Though undoubtedly, capitalism encouraging technological innovation is a large part of it
  14. Curious what you meant by humanity's downfall then? I assumed you meant capitalism was destroying the environment, which is really more a symptom of affluence than of capitalism, and could be mostly avoided by implementing a carbon tax And, let me rephrase: Capitalism is inefficient compared to the alternatives? If all the systems suck, that's not a very good argument against capitalism
  15. Capitalism is inefficient? Pollution didn’t go up under Mao? Technological advances haven’t happened under capitalism?