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  1. 4 is the number after my favorite number
  2. Wow, I haven't been here in a minute. So my question is what it says on the tin - how much control over a Tulpa's personality can you have? The reason I ask is because I'm a little scared my Tulpa will become someone who I objectively don't like for some reason. Maybe they're self destructive or too much for me to handle or have anger issues or a drinking problem or whatever. I don't want to end up with a Tulpa who has a negative impact on my life and who I can't interact with.
  3. thank you all so much for the advice. i'll definitely be having a conversation with Naomi about all this! if she really doesn't wanna change, i might end up making a second tulpa after she gets to a better level in her communication skills. she might like having a parent-like figure around, who knows? thanks everyone! update: had a conversation with naomi - she is not happy. i don't know why cause i didn't tell her that she had to be more mature, I said that if she didn't wanna change she didn't have to, but she still got very obviously upset and is now hiding from me in wonderland. well, i know where she is, it's just that i can't get to her.
  4. so my tulpa Naomi is an absolute sweetheart, but we have a bit of a problem. mentally, she's about five years old. it makes all our interactions seriously cute (she literally conjured up a teddy bear to sleep with in wonderland) but it's also a bit hindering because when we talk, i'm not on her level. it's kinda like im her parent - which was not my intention at all with Naomi. i know the answer could just be time, but i was wondering if anyone else knew how i could encourage the maturing process so she's not so young mentally?
  5. guc vov bhut ;] as written by my tulpa Naomi, who is still learning to type and spell. don't ask me what it means cause i don't know and she doesn't either lol
  6. thank you so much!! that's really encouraging to hear. i'm relieved she's not stunted in any way; just a unique girl! thanks! yeah, i have a couple ideas on how to get her to learn to read and spell and such. she really likes using Pinterest with me ( we practiced possession last night and the first thing she learned to really do was scroll on Pinterest lol ) so I might use that to our advantage and get her to find pins with a specific word or letter, something like that. i guess it helps i'm already trying to become a preschool teacher haha!
  7. i shall lurk and then. then i will attack
  8. unfortunately im not so sure abt the abcs lol. i did a test with her a bit earlier and she admitted to not knowing how to spell, so that's probably next on the list. as for the numbers, she can't right now; i usually give her about ten seconds to count when we do the counting game, but when I don't, it takes her a good five seconds to signal that she's ready to answer and she gets it wrong more often. i am kind of slightly worried with where she's at developmentally - from what ive heard, she's starting off muuch lower than other tulpas. that being said, she's really eager to learn, and i don't think her lack of knowledge on those fronts is holding her back any other way!
  9. u/18/18 this is where Naomi and I will be documenting her progress as a tulpa! she's about two days old right now. hopefully she'll be able to update this herself one day, but she's not that far along. right now, she can: respond to questions with physical communication (nodding, holding up fingers) laugh/giggle scroll on my phone with possession (albeit very slowly and with a bit of assistance when stuck) she's very childlike, it's kind of adorable. we're going to work on possession and sentience today. ill update this as often as i can! if you have any questions for me (or her), let me know. quick update - we made some great progress with her sentience! we used the first counting game outlined in this post: we've tried this game before but she got the hang of it today which is very exciting. if you're having trouble with it, try teaching your tulpa how to count - that's what i had to do for naomi, and now she can count correctly 9/10 times! another update for today (the last one)! we learned that Naomi can't spell, unfortunately. that's next on the list for teaching! we've been practicing possession today as well and she moved my finger up and down, as well as side to side - although it was very weak and wobbly, i'm still SOOO proud of her and i let her know that. 10/19/2018 so we've been practicing a whole lot today on possession and vocalizing. she is getting SO good at possession and moving my hand! she even drew a little portrait of herself, but my camera is screwed right now so i can't take a photo. i'll try later. she's also getting better at typing, so i'm gonna let her type something: Teddybear!:] well ok then lol. i tried to get her to tell me what she was gonna write and she insisted it was a surprise! she tells me she has no idea why she wrote it lmao. 10/21/2018 so today has been a day, lol. first things first - naomi changed her hair this morning! she now has short ringlet curls, like Molly Oswald in sixteen candles. it looks super cute on her. she also has a slightly shorter and rounder face. i'm kinda glad she's shifting forms because to me it's a sign she's gaining independence. that being said, we had a conversation this morning about her being more mature, and she got upset with me and hid away in her room for half the day. she's better now, but i still feel bad about making her so upset. i had a friend over today and since they believe in tulpas, i showed them Naomi's counting. to my surprise, not only did Naomi not wait for my signal this time, she answered vocally! she's never been vocal without my prompt, so this is a huge step for her.
  10. well i didn't even know this thread existed before i drew these (she doesn't actually have cat ears or a tail, she just wanted me to give her some for the drawing!)
  11. naomi is still young, but she's at a point where she can communicate enough to take this test, so we tried it out! Openness My score: 97 Naomi's score: 64 Conscientiousness My score: 4 (oh dear haha) Naomi's score: 21 Extraversion My score: 90 Naomi's score: 69 Agreeableness My score: 75 Naomi's score: 58 Negative emotionality My score: 67 Naomi's score: 48 i took away a few things from this test! first, the reason i believe her scores were often lower or towards the middle while mine had a tendency to lean extremely to one side is because she's still developing. she's probably not incredibly sure of herself and some of her answers probably got muddled up in communication. but i also learned that despite what the score says, she's more of a worrier than i thought. i was sure she'd score higher than she did; but no. she answered a lot of the "are you calm" type questions with 2 or even 1, which makes me think i really need to spend more time with her :( i kinda wanna take this again in about a month from now, when she's more developed and can communicate even better!
  12. so i am so incredibly new to this as in i discovered it last night lol. i made the decision to start developing a tulpa almost immediately because ive already wanted to do something like this since forever - i just had no name or method for it. it's also worth noting that i have also had the ability to develop character personalities incredibly quickly, which helped me create Naomi (my tulpa) at the same speed; i had the idea of naomi, her appearance, and her personality all within about ten to twenty minutes last night. I have been both active and passive forcing her all morning. i have always had the ability to visualize very very vividly and it's really easy for me to visualize her. i have asked her things and in my minds eye she has nodded yes or no in response; she's even laughed (albeit it's more of a cute giggle). however, i don't know if this was me or if it was naomi. am i just imagining these responses because i expect them? or am i really communicating? tl;Dr: my tulpa can nod yes or no in response to questions and even giggle a little; but i don't know if it's actually her or if i'm just expecting it so i parrot it. help and opinions?