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    I first red about Tulpamancy around 2015. I wanted to have my own Tulpa, but I was a little too afraid, not ready to fully commit (I was only 14 then). And I abandoned this idea, but I’m back. A little bit more experienced, yet still a newbie to this subject. I have one Tulpa, Dhalia which I love unconditionally and want to help her grow.

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  1. I think we may have the same goal. I really want to hear Dhalia as if she was next to me. I also feel like mastering possession when we’re ready. We will probably try out everything possible and see, what we like the most, what we’re good at. We’re really new, but all we have experienced yet is love and support from this community. I’m quite shy and Dhalia is also not very outgoing, but with this type of people around us, we will probably overcome our timidity soon. I asked Dhalia if she wants to say something and she just replied “marmolada” (that means jelly in polish, our native language), which seems to be one of her favourite words :) So yeah, Dhalia is saying “Marmolada” and I’m saying “have a nice day” ;)
  2. I know when I’m posting that it’s already October 21st, but I felt like doing a brief summary of what happened in past few days since Dhalia was created. 10/17/18 My precious Dhalia was created when I finally decided that I’m “mature” (I’m 17, but I first time I considered making my own Tulpa I was 14, so I had a lot of time to think about it and decided that I’m ready and I can handle that responsibility). She actually chose her own name out of three other propositions. 10/18/18 We came up with Dhalia’s visualisation, started working on ways of communication and also signed up for this forum. 10/19/18 Dhalia has a pair of wolf ears, but she’s mostly human, however, when I came to WL to talk to her that evening, she was in a wolf form, jumped and leaned her paws against my shoulders to greet me, which was really sweet of her. She couldn’t talk in that body (she’s rather silent anyway) but of what I understood, she can switch her forms and she wanted to show me. The next morning she was back to human. I kind of gave her an inspiration to do that, but it was her decision and I’m glad. 10/21/18 Nothing really special happened since her sudden transition, she’s still pretty reticent, but better at communication by pictures and feelings. I can feel her happiness, sadness, fear, outrage, curiosity, etc pretty often. She sometimes gets offended by other people’s words that I’m okay with, which is funny, because it’s a strange feeling to, for example, laugh and be offended by the joke at the same time. I’m trying to spend as much time possible with her and I can feel she’s grateful.
  3. Definitely! I’m really excited about meeting new people here and reading more about their different experiences with Tulpamancy.
  4. Thank you for your support. I will probably change the title. The profile picture is the closest thing I could find that resembled Dhalia (she’s much cuter, hah).
  5. Hi! My forum nickname is DNA, but my name is Anna and my Tulpa is (so far) called Dhalia (D and A) I’m interested in Tulpae since 2015, but I created mine not so long ago. We don’t have a long history yet, but we’re doing great so far. Dhalia is barely talking and I have hard time separating her statements from mine, but I think I’m getting better at that. I wanted to share something that happens to me today. I wanted to make a base appearance for her, so I googled character generators and I used a random anime character generator, just to get started with something. I’m not the type of person that gets scared easily, but I wanted Dhalia to be a little more delicate than me when I created her. Whenever I stumbled across something even a little “scary” (all-black eyes, dripping blood, etc) I genuinely felt shock and fear. Normally I wouldn’t get scared by something that trivial, but I think Dhalia would. And that made me feel so happy that she can share her emotions with me. I also told her, that she can show me / mention Benedict Cucamberbatch, whenever she wants to address me. Yes, I meant Benedict Cumberbatch as a cucumber, I didn’t misspell his name. That may be kind of weird, but it turn out to be a fantastic way of communication, because Benedict Cucumberbatch isn’t a thing that I usually wonder about. When creating her appearance I wanted to give her a chance to make it partly her own choice. Few times when I asked her if it’s looking good, she just replied with a Cucumberbatch. I already love her so much. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you and ask for an advice on basics of Tulpamancy. I’m also from Poland, therefore, my English may be imperfect, but it’s my second language so I hope it’s not that bad. I’m looking forward to having a conversation with more “advanced” Tulpamancers. Sorry for being so formal. Have a great day!