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  1. Hey, in my, not very valuable, oppinion you should not do that. Coz you know, your tulpa © is not really the b right? Remember that tip where they said not to create a tulpa based on someone you love but due to different circumstances cannot be with them. All in all its your life and i cant tell you what to to))
  2. This is something new... Will describe shortly...i force for a year (or at least try) and the thing is that i am not successful, not a single response. But a half a year ago when i was sleeping i had a dream where i was laying on my bed and another me (like a copy of myself )was sitting on it as well, and then it threw something at me, it scared me, i started to wake up BUT i heard him mumbling something in tulpish, it was painful. Then after some months of unsuccessful forcing i was dreaming again, and i got into the second layer of the dream(was dreaming in a dream(like in the "Inception" movie)) and i heard him AGAIN, he was mumbling stuff. Dunno tulpish tho, it wasnt painful btw. And i dont have a Wonderland coz i cant. My questions: 1. does it matter if you have a wonderland. 2. Is possible that i can hear my man ONLY in lucid dreams and why that happens. 3. is it a good idea to start creating a new tulpa. 4. What is wrong with me? Great Thanks! P.s. sorry my bad english)