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  1. Added quote to include context. If you would like to see the original thread, please go here. -Ranger No, traumatic switching and tulpamantic switching are really different. I don't want to go into detail here because it would derail the thread. Derailing or not, if you make an allegation, it is subject to challenge. Triggered switching in multiple systems is different from intentional switching in tulpamantic systems, yes, and I assume that is what you are talking about. However, this is primarily a difference between triggered switching a
  2. Vesper: Remember all the times I've said that I experience all bodily sensations just as vividly and intently while switched out as while switched in? The body has a cold and there is no escape. Mortal bodies are awful. If you don't hear from us for a while, we've gone back to bed. (Twenty percent of cases of the common cold are caused by coronaviruses. But don't confuse ordinary coronaviruses with COVID-19.) Iris: Oddly enough, we feel much better when I switch in. This may be a product of my general stoicism or because I am better at filtering and rejectin
  3. My headmates were created by acting them out physically, so they formed right at the front. We were switching accidentally before we knew anything about tulpamancy. So that part isn't odd to me, especially in light of the existence of Montgomerian walk-ins. Based only on their personal reports, my ex-wife and her new wife are both Montgomerian walk-ins themselves, though I believe invented memories and integration of alters play a significant role in at least those cases. Do you want your original around? Or are you comfortable with him fading into you? If you identify
  4. Maybe. Do you remember clearly what they were like? You can use that memory as a basis for forcing them. Were they very developed? If so, you may have some apologizing to do, and some explaining why you'll be a better host this time, before they accept you back. If not, you could start over, almost as if with a new tulpa, but working from the same foundations. -Ember
  5. Your situation sounds a bit like the occult singleton idea of a walk-in, where a new person replaces the old instead of joining them: https://web.archive.org/web/20150403090428/http://healing.about.com/u/sty/spirituality/Walk-In-Soul-Stories/ So, yes, apparently. Though as a psychological plural community, we know that a brain can support many people, that it is hard to eliminate a person utterly, and that people can suddenly show up again after years of inactivity. It also reminds me a little of a common story among transwomen, where they intentionally crea
  6. I haven't heard of that before. Thanks, I'll look into it. I don't really care for the boarding school genre as such or books with teenage protagonists in general, but beggars can't be choosers. I am most specifically interested in fiction involving a society of vampires like me, who feed directly and harmlessly from mortals, who become vampires through invitation and informed consent, who are rarely evil, and who do not regard mortals as inferiors. -Vesper
  7. Vesper: Probably my favourite movie that I've seen since coming to this world is Vampire Academy. My host and I have put a lot of effort into finding films that portray vampires positively. Hardly any do, aside from the occasional 'lone renegade vampire hero'. So seeing an entire society of vampires that are not monsters was very affirming. Iris: One of my favorite movies I've seen in this world was Labyrinth, which reminded me strongly of home in a good way, as one of the only humans growing up in the fae realms. But I was much more powerfully affected by Won't You Be My Neighbor?
  8. From my years of in-person interaction with several traumagenic multiple systems, including eight years of marriage to two alters of a traumagenic system, I can attest that their experiences have a great deal in common with the experiences of soulbonding and tulpamantic systems. I believe that the scientific study of late onset nontraumagenic plurality could do a great deal to advance treatment of the undesirable components of early onset traumagenic plurality, which has been held back for decades by a large number of false assumptions. Established multiple systems will sometimes c
  9. It's useful to make a clean distinction between the circumstances where you parrot and the ones where you don't. My headmates are accidentally awakened roleplaying characters. In their games, I parroted them with great length and intensity, though from a position of deep immersion, guided by who I knew them to be. I also parroted them while writing followup stories and diary entries in first person from their perspective. But in ordinary life, away from the game context, I never parroted them. So when they started talking to me unprompted, outside of games, with awareness of both their lives a
  10. Welcome, Coaster. That sort of thing tends to happen to writers -- partly pre-existing headmates present themselves when the writer starts studying tulpamancy. Within the first couple of days they may already have strong vocality or some idea of personality or form that they tell you instead of you telling them. You might want to check out the beginning of Bear's PR for a similar situation: https://community.tulpa.info/topic/14400-bears-angels/ Thinking several thoughts at the same time is incredibly useful for tulpamancy. Sounds like you're coming in well prepared.
  11. When she is able to tell you herself, there is a definite chance that she won't have any deeper insight into the experience than you do. I generally haven't. The best thing I can tell you is to be open to the possibility that it was her and to the possibility of similar and better experiences continuing to happen. -Vesper
  12. Congratulations, Ravii! Sounds like you're doing well. Excitement is good. Having fun is a wonderful encouragement to keep going. A lot of tulpas have reported doing things outside the awareness of the host and the front. It's best to accept such things uncritically, in case belief is a component of having the experience. It's a wonderful, remarkable thing when it happens, even though it doesn't in any way get the host off the hook for making time to spend with their tulpas. It may be how young systems are. You're developing new skills as well, remem
  13. 1) What is is like for your system to have an empty front? What leaving the front empty is more like than anything else is co-fronting. For both states, we can't tell who is fronting. The incredibly close partnership between the fronter and the front is disrupted. The physical senses still broadcast, the seat of consciousness is still clearly present, and there is clearly only one of them, even if no one is sitting in it. Forcing feels just like, and assumedly actually is, one switched out partner forcing another switched out partner -- which is to say, more sluggish an
  14. Ember: Not strictly an SB term, Ranger. The earliest relevant definition of "walk-in", introduced in mystical/New Age circles in 1979, was a new soul that comes into a body to replace an earlier soul and live out the remainder of their life. By 1994, multiples had adopted it for any new person that comes into the mind unbidden, without requiring anyone to leave. SBers picked up the term from multiples sometime after they organized in 1998. Tulpamancers picked it up from both multiples and SBers in 2015, eventually coming to prefer it over their earlier "insta-tulpa". A walk-in coul
  15. One way or another, having experiences is the best way to develop as a person. For created headmates, experiences that are very different from those of the host are particularly valuable. If physical world opportunities are limited and switching is off the table, fictional experiences may be your best bet. Live stories in the mindscape, write stories to keep or share, roleplay online if there isn't anyone to do it with locally. I was very reluctant to switch until I tried it and immediately found that there were things I enjoyed doing in the physical world. I think it is a good thing f
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