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  1. Wow, banned for admitting it! We've gotta keep the positivity train going!
  2. Yeah, your opinion (which aligns with the truth)
  3. A true monster, one the likes of which I've never seen in this line of work before
  4. You spent it all on rare Pokemon Go finds?
  5. Banned because I like ig, I simply don't have the heart to ban him and you'll just need to faqqing respect that
  6. I legit panicked and thought I was locked into mobile view on the ol desktop
  7. Dammit Bear you're supposed to lie and say pure skill! I feel like we've talked about this before
  8. Hmm, I don't feel that logic actually follows, how'd you get it right anyways?
  9. A much easier choice! Banned for making it too easy this time. You can't let me slack off!
  10. I don't know why you would jump to that explanation just because it's true
  11. Which one is it??? Is it something, or am I banned???