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  1. Wait, it kinda sounds like it would be interpreted the correct way, not the wrong way! I'm confuzzled as fuck now
  2. I'm glad we all agree that Ice is a motherfucker
  3. What if, and hear me out here, you wait until after you die to pet the wolf?
  4. What the sign is saying is that, if you have no regrets in life, the wolf will let you pet him
  5. Hello, Couguhl and Sierra! Welcome back to the forum! It's good to have another experienced system on here
  6. I was under the impression that heaven was a place where you were free to post in LOTPW without the distractions of the outside world
  7. I wasn't curious as to how many Rangers there were until I saw that post
  8. How are we supposed to believe anything you say if you don't provide photographic evidence?
  9. And I assume none of the wolves were gods
  10. When I heard you carried groceries over the mountain I immediately thought of that scene in Princess Mononoke where Lady Eboshi and the men from Iron Town are carrying a bunch of stuff through the mountains and get attacked by wolves