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  1. That's what you've been trying to tell us all along???
  2. "Breloomancer" and "pizza machine" are both nouns. It all makes sense now!
  3. Not to me! I know it describes someone who never lets you keep any treasure for yourself!
  4. Banned because as impressive a banner as you were, ultimately, all you did was hang from a wall
  5. Wait, if they’re uncontacted, how do we know they haven’t played Minecraft? A ha!
  6. So my system contains the only people in the world who have never played Minecraft?
  7. Well Srn's a mod so he should have no problem trolololol
  8. Okay but I can't make a computer in minecraft
  9. It’s true, we all got Nintendo switches for Christmas!!
  10. Oh yeah that was insensitive of me. Banned for pointing it out tho
  11. Mebbe it’s more like a cat since it’s both a germ and not a germ